Most people are familiar with Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) because it was blasted off almost two decades ago! It represents a platform that consists of PPC. What is PPC? It is a pay-per-click model that enables promoters to pay for various things, like video apMost people are familiar with Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) because it was blasted off almost two decades ago!plications, their service, and products, etc.

As soon as you enter this website, you’ll be able to see various ads on the top of a search engine result page. It hasn’t always been like that. Namely, up until recently, they were place on the side of the webpage.

This just goes to show that your company can easily be spotted if you decide to utilize Google Ads services, however, that’s not the only benefit. Take a look at our reasons that might uncover some info you didn’t know before!

Why Do We Need It?

Attracting new consumers – The main goal of every single company is to gain new customers and those who are familiar with Google and how it works, want to be seen on the first page of this website.

In case these potential buyers are looking for precisely your services, information, products, and other things. They will easily find you if this advertising platform places you on the top of its page.

What to do if you’re just getting start and you’re not as experience as other businesses? Don’t worry. This platform allows you to literally compete with anyone, no matter how long others have been around.

Enormous reach – It’s no secret that Google Ads has a huge reach. According to some information, Google owns around 90 percent of the search market. Since it is the most popular webpage. It’s no surprise that it processes more than 3.5 billion searches every single day!

Even though a lot of these searches have nothing to do with your firm in particular. It is encouraging to know that Google’s reach will help your company by providing it with endless opportunities to build. A certain image, gain an outstanding reputation, as well as recognition.

Platform Offers Numerous Features

It comes with different features – This platform offers numerous features that could be useful for your corporation. Namely, this means that basically, every business owner can find something suitable for them.

Moreover, if you want to utilize only text-based advertisements on Google search results, that’s okay. On the other hand, some people are prone to using Google Maps only, with the purpose of showing the location of their firm.

It’s a shame not to explore more options now that you have that opportunity. If you’re not sure how or when to use something, Omologist can give you some ideas that might simplify things. When it comes to managing your account. As mentioned previously, don’t stick to just one option, when there are multiple at your disposal!

What Else?

Having full control – Before this platform became popular, things were much more complicated when it comes to attracting new customers. You had to spend so much time creating an effective campaign, unlike today.

All of this didn’t require just your time, but also people, money, various resources, etc. Nowadays, with Google Ads, you can reach the same amount of clients, if not more, without spending hours and days doing it.

Your only obligation is to simply purchase advertising space with a software called programmatic advertising and you will be able to launch or terminate any campaign that you’ve previously created. Plus, more people will be reached which is the point of everything.

Keep Track of your clients

Keep track of your clients – You know how when you go to a certain webpage and stay there for a certain period of time. You later keep seeing different ads related to this corporation. In the marketing world, it’s called retargeting and it’s very beneficial for every company.

How does it work? For instance, if a former or potential consumer visited your website. They immediately receive a cookie from a code you’ve placed on the backend of it. After they turn off your page, you can try to bring them back by targeting your advertisement to follow them or either Google Display Networks or Google search.

You will have to give some extra cash for this service. But that wouldn’t be a waste of money, considering the fact. That it will most likely improve your sales. Just think of it this way – those people. Who have enter your website were probably interest in your services or products.

Retargeting is only going to make sure these potential clients run into your company again while your company is still on their mind.

So, is it necessary to have google ads? A simple YES says it all! The reasons we mentioned above showcase just how straightforward and useful this platform is. Anyone who is either just getting start or is currently having issues with its company should reconsider using it to improve the situation.