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How Amazon, NetFlix andSlack are using New Growth Hacks in 2019 to Beat Competitors

Whenit comes to getting ahead with online traction and sales, Amazon, Netflix andSlack continue to outperform the competition at every turn. With high-tech solutionsand products, we can understand this dominance but at the same time, there ismuch more to the rise of these companies than meets the eye.

Incase you might be wondering, I refer to the marketing strategies which haveenabled these companies to make so much progress. More specifically, I amtalking about the growth hacks which allow these major players to really standout from the crowd and stay far ahead of the competition.

Now, let’s take a look at a few of these lesser-known growth hacks:H

How Netflix is Growing Through Cultural Conversations

Netflixis often “accused” of cultural appropriation and promoting entertainment that pushesthe boundaries a little too far. At the same time, these calls can often seem unnecessaryand the result of online users taking exception to something which simply doesnot fit their own taste, belief or agenda.

Inother words, if you’re like me, you might think that the online world isbecoming a little too sensitive or politically correct. Now, that’s not to saythere is no right or wrong but rather to point out that it would seem each andevery marketer is required to walk on eggshells before communicating with theend user.

Anyway,for all the complaining you might see online, Netflix continues to bring thecultural conversation back which has done little more than boost overallratings and keep them ahead of the competition.

Italso appears rather silly to say that being of one culture or race means thatan entity cannot adopt something from another culture or race. At this momentin time, this effort is also used to provide entertainment and help Netflixgrow their ratings in the process. Besides, sharing is just another way tolearn and create, whether this relates to marketing, clothes, music or film.

Slack Communities: TakingNiche to the Next Level

Slackcontinues to evolve and use important trends as a guide for future marketingstrategies. In fact, while the platform was initially created as an internalcolloboration tool, Slack is now a tool for communicating outside of theworkplace!

Asyou may know, the Slack community can post questions or answers relating to anytopic and the rate of interaction is incredibly high. But how is this anydifferent to Reddit, Quora or any other such platform?

Well,the reason for so much interaction is down to how Slack allows users to createand join niche communities which makes the quality of questions and answerseven more relevant. On the other hand, this focus on niche communities alsoallows marketers to connect with designers, entrepreneurs etc and createmeaningful relationships with relevant people in the same industry.

Whenyou think of it, this is a dream opportunity for every marketer to testproducts, concepts, or ideas as Slack has enabled marketers’ to focus on niche andaccess a much wider opinion on specific questions.

Amazon: Doubling Down onResearch

Amazonhas taken many risks over the years but most of these have been researched,calculated and justified. However, it’s also clear that Amazon has dominated soheavily by doubling down on whatever projects or concepts in which they believeand this is especially obvious in terms of voice technology.

Forexample, the Amazon Echo is by far the most successful voice-enabled device onthe market but this is also the most heavily researched. In fact, as the spacecontinues to grow, Amazon has recently doubled the number of researchscientists working on voice technology and releases Alexa for Business to take theirlatest advancements into the work place. What’s more, Amazon is now heavilyinvested in the future of healthcare and fully expects voice technology totransform this particular industry.

Withthis in mind, Amazon takes ample time to research but then also stays ahead ofthe competition by investing heavily in whatever action is taken thereafter.Simply put, Amazon manages to stay so far ahead of the completion by taking bigaction from the very beginning.

Netflix Memes and GuerrillaMarketing for Gaining Traction

Simplyput, the old way of doing things is no longer effective and marketers haveneeded to come up with increasingly unique or elaborate ways to gain traction. Itshould go without saying that Netflix has taken this to the next level andeliminated some incredibly big competition along the way – Hello Blockbuster!

Anyway,one such example can be found with a recent Netflix Original featuring SandraBullock which captured more than 27 million views in just the first week ofrelease. Now, “Birdbox” is a decent movie and the positive reviews arejustified but you must also wonder how it gained traction so quickly…

Thetruth is, Netflix used memes and guerilla marketing tactics to spreadawareness about Birdbox. That is to say, Netflix secretly created all thosememes you might have noticed floating about online and these memes ended up generatingsocial conversations and hype with the help of the general public.  

Amazon, ArtificialIntelligence and Pattern Recognition

Amazonis arguably the most intelligent marketing machine on the planet and right atthe forefront when it comes to artificial intelligence. What’s more, thee-commerce giant is using big data and pattern recognition to transform theconsumer experience and help the platform grow even further.

Ina recent interview, the director for personalization at Amazon, Matt Round,explained how data trumps intuition when it comes to decision-making. In thissense, Amazon is focused on identifying patterns in customer behavior and usingdata analytics and machine learning to take advantage of these findings.

Forthis reason, customers now receive much more accurate suggestions andrecommendations during the search process. Needless to say, these patterns areindividual but Amazon is now able to use artificial intelligence to createsolutions for each and every individual user.

Andthat’s just part of the story….

Haveyou every sat in front of Netflix and felt overwhelmed by choice? Maybe youspent one hour sifting through titles and settled on something entirelydifferent than you set out to watch? In spite of this common frustration,Netflix has put an immense effort into streamlining the selection process andused pattern recognition to improve the user experience.

Moralof the story: Artificial intelligence and big data is now the core focus ofmost marketing strategies.

As you may have noticed,Amazon, Netflix and Slack have all recognized the importance of trends andanalytical data for better decision-making. More specifically, each of thesecompanies has evolved in line with these changes and taken practical steps tostay relevant and keep ahead of the competition.

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