Starting an eCommerce Companies business is a huge undertaking. It comes with its very own challenges. The margins are low if you are selling lower-value products, while the margins are quite high for high-value products. Finding a balance is a mastery. As of today, Amazon is a trillion-dollar company. They sell everything you could possibly think of. The retailer stocks everything from little tech gadgets like flash drives to medium price purchases like the best fire pits and expensive thousand dollar items like tiny houses. The range of products is immense, but it doesn’t matter now because they have all the traffic in the world and their products are selling like hotcakes. They are also in about every continent around the world now.

However, it was not always that way. We looked at Jeff Bezo’s secrets for entrepreneurs; the story behind Amazon proves that “it takes time”. Are you thinking of starting an eCommerce company? Do you already have one? It might be a good idea to identify what is working for Amazon and other huge eCommerce retailers like Adidas, Nike, etc.

eCommerce companies are now approaching their marketing in a more direct manner. They showcase their best-selling products on their homepage. Other companies have sticky filters that help shoppers filter through items as they shop even down the page on a mobile phone. Customer question and answers sections have been added to their e-commerce sites, as well as external payment options with PayPal.

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