Having a quality web hosting service is necessary as it can make or break a website. Reliable web hosting takes care of aspects like speed, storage space, technical support, secure emails, and various others that ultimately enhance user experience. In this competitive market, picking a host that offers great features and affordability is the right decision. HostArmada is an aspiring service that claims to provide premium web hosting features that will not break the bank. Let’s break down the features offered by this web hosting service alongside tests and reviews that will make it easier to decide. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Responsive Web Servers

This web hosting service offers high-speed web servers that will keep your website up, running, and staying responsive without any issues. HostArmada offers lightspeed web servers which are quite popular in terms of speed. The servers use an event-driven architecture that requires few resources, resulting in higher speed. However, the servers are offered as a part of their advanced plan.

Storing Data

Keeping website data backed up accordingly is necessary at all times. Most web hosting companies don’t offer standard services for backup and restore whereas HostArmada provides automatic backup of your data and the ability to restore it with ease. Before you select a plan, determine which one would suit your requirements as each plan has a different duration of its backup. Furthermore, it’s very easy to restore from a backup by yourself or by calling their customer support to help manage the situation.

Cloud Technology

The hosting service uses cloud technology that boosts responsiveness and speed. Conventional web hosting relies on the processing power of their computers to be able to produce results whereas cloud hosting does not require top-notch computers to handle processes. This cloud technology doesn’t only save on budget by cutting down costs of buying powerful computers. It also facilitates your website to stay up and running even in case of a crash, repairs, or during maintenance of the servers.

Multiple Data Centers

You might find a lot of affordable web hosting services but when it comes to the number of data centers, most keep their services limited to only a few data centers. On the other hand, HostArmada hosts its services from 9 data centers located around the globe, especially India. It’s one of the few hosting services that has a data center located in India. Accomplished freelance writer and entrepreneur Bhagwad Park is impressed with HostArmada as he claims the hosting service provides top-notch features that would not break the bank. There are also a few other hosting servers in India offered by other companies. Therefore, take your time and research the different services you could avail of and compare the options. Giving time to research will ensure that you get the best possible results with minimum resources.

HTTP/3 Protocol

An HTTP/3 protocol is a novel architecture that allows websites to operate at higher speeds and greater efficiency than the previous architectures. With an HTTP/3 protocol, downloading and uploading multiple files can be done within no time as it uses sophisticated computers to speed up processes. Comparatively, previous protocols only provide a single connection that makes each process slow down.

Private DNS

HostArmada gives you a complimentary feature that can be used to display your web address in a meaningful manner. Having a private DNS would improve the chances of highlighting your brand image. Your company or business name will surely leave a positive impression on the visitor.

Security Features

Nowadays, it is more crucial than ever to keep the servers secure and the services in check to ensure maximum online security. HostArmada has a web application firewall with multiple layers of security that act as a breach-proof barrier that protects your valuable data from online data thefts and threats.

The Downside

While HostArmada offers different plans, you only have the option to choose a yearly plan instead of monthly plan subscriptions. Furthermore, the rates for the renewal of plans are comparatively expensive when compared to similar services. Fortunately, the service does offer a money-back guarantee if users find the hosting unsatisfactory.

Is HostArmada Good for Indian Web Hosting

HostArmada is surely a promising web hosting providing top-notch services to cater to a variety of website owners. On top of that, you don’t need to worry much as the prices are reasonably affordable. Choosing quality hosting can surely help you grow your company, website, or online business. Therefore, consider each of the web hosting options available and make a choice accordingly to get the best outcomes.