You can protect your iPhone 13 Pro Max from drops and scratches with the help of the best cases on the market. Even though the iPhone 13 Pro Max isn’t the most cutting-edge massive, and powerful iPhone Apple currently offers, it’s still important to safeguard it. Or giving it a new appearance. Also, by accessorizing. All of those are made easier with the right case.

Here are the finest current offers for the Apple iPhone 13 pro max cases, in case you haven’t purchased one yet. Check out our top selections for different types of iPhone users if you aren’t sure if the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the ideal phone for you.

If you haven’t purchased an iPhone just yet, use caution. The iPhone 13 Pro Max has been put out to pasture in favor of the larger and more powerful iPhone 14 Pro Max. To learn more about the features that set the iPhone 14 Pro Max apart from the iPhone 13 Pro Max, check out our in-depth comparison.

Since everyone has different requirements, it’s impossible to determine which iPhone 13 Pro Max is the “best.” What works best for you is something you’ll have to determine. To achieve this, give thought to the item’s aesthetics, functionality, and cost before making a final decision.

The Totallee iPhone 13 Pro Max Case is the best option if you’re looking for minimal bulk without sacrificing protection for your expensive smartphone from everyday wear and tear. The Otterbox iPhone 13 Pro Max Defender Series XT Case with MagSafe, on the other hand, provides tank-like protection against drops, scuffs, scratches, and other indecencies your phone could experience while in your pocket or bag.

We all know that the majority of people who purchase an iPhone 13 Pro Max will care more about its aesthetic appeal than its protection. The range of colors available for cases like the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max Leather Case with MagSafe means that you may choose one that perfectly complements your own style. The leather case option from Nomad is also a great pick because it will age gracefully and create a beautiful patina.

Here are the top-rated iPhone 13 Pro Max cases currently on the market.

1. Series CaseBorne R

Security on par with that seen in the military


Color: Black, iridescent, metallic black, metallic pink, and metallic red

Material: Polycarbonate, pliable rubber, and anodized aluminum.

MagSafe Compatible: Yes

Best Deals



With a see-through rear

Durable design plus.


iPhones don’t have the best color-matching capabilities

The CaseBorne R Series combines a see-through body with a colored border, allowing for subtle customization. It’s lightweight despite passing drops from 12 feet, which is double the military requirement. It protects your phone from drops thanks to its polycarbonate and aluminum construction and shock-absorbing rubber inside. It is also fully compatible with MagSafe devices.

CaseBorne R’s translucent back panel lets the desired Apple logo shine through while safeguarding the glass. The phone may also be had with a carbon fiber lookalike aramid fiber back. There are no matching color choices for the CaseBorne R. It would be nice if the phone’s case accents matched those of the phone itself, but this is not currently achievable.

2. Mous Cover Made From MagSafe-Compatible Aramid Fiber

Stronger magnets for a more stable phone grip


Color: Black and white

Materials: Polycarbonate and aramid fibers are used.

MagSafe Compatible: Yes

Best Deals

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It’s $64.99 at Mous


More powerful magnets for MagSafe devices

Advantages: +Reduced Impact Forces


It’s monochrome only.

One of the most expensive alternatives, but also one of the greatest quality, is the Mous Limitless 4.0 Phone Case. Mous adds an extra pair of magnets in between the layers of the casing for a more stable connection with MagSafe accessories. Due to its improved compatibility with MagSafe accessories, this case is preferable to many alternatives on the market.

The multi-layered construction of the AiroShock technology used by Mous effectively disperses the impact of a drop or other shock to the case, ensuring that it sustains minimal damage. The firm offers a lifetime warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee to back up its claims of safety. That’s good news since it suggests you can try it with minimal danger.

3. iPhone Xs Max Totallee 13 Pro Case

An ultra-thin and featherweight iPhone 13 Pro Max case


Color: White, black, blue, green, and clear.

Components: plastic

MagSafe Compatible: Yes

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Thin and lightweight


Weak resistance to drops

Totallee produces some of the slimmest cases on the market today. When matte, the Totallee iPhone 13 Pro Max Case is as thin as a fingernail, and when clear, it’s hardly thicker than a cent. These cases are thin, but they help safeguard your phone from everyday damage. The thin lip that surrounds the camera and display protects against dings and scratches, and it also acts as a shock absorber in the event of a drop.

However, not everyone will be interested in the Totallee case. Due to its thin construction, it is not designed to absorb the impact of a hard fall and will thus not safeguard against damage. A more robust option is recommended for the clumsy or those who use their phone in hazardous environments.