A website auditing process typically includes evaluating user engagement, user experience, traffic, functionality, performance, as well as your overall site health. There are several types of website audits, including a technical audit, an SEO audit, as well as a content audit. Generally, website audits are conducted to improve the overall efficiency and visibility of the page. But aside from this, below are some other reasons why your website needs to be audited.

Enhance user experience

When the visitors of your site often provide feedback that they find it hard to navigate your website properly, then this is a solid indication that you should already perform a health check. Your users may find it hard to find their way around your site if you have several things in your navigation bar or if they have to click on numerous links before they reach their desired page. In this case, the best thing to do is to keep the number of tabs in your main menu to a bare minimum and avoid over linking, directing your users immediately on the page they need to be.

Make sure that your users will be able to return to the homepage effortlessly by providing a means to do so such as a clickable logo. Also, provide a search function to make it easy for your visitors to immediately find what they are looking for in your site. Integrate social media icons as well as clickable mobile numbers and email addresses to make it easy for your website user to get in touch with you should they feel a need to do so. Thus, incorporate user testing in your website audit because this can be an effective means to guarantee the user-friendliness of your site.

Reduce the risk of being penalized

A search engine optimization (SEO) strategy ensures that your site lands on the first page of the search results when users enter keywords related to your market niche. To be able to come up with an effective SEO technique, an SEO audit is the first step that you need to take. This is to ensure that your website aligns with the guidelines and recommendations of search engines. The algorithms of search engines have evolved over a recent couple of years and the SEO techniques which may have benefited you in the past may presently lead you to be penalized.

For instance, link farming, keyword stuffing, or cloaking, which are black hat SEO methods, may have increased your ranking and drove traffic to your site at one point in time. But now, you may be hit with penalties from the search engines, pushing your site lower down in the rankings. The website experts behind davidcarralon.com believe that a technical and professional SEO audit can effectively identify and correct any technique that may eventually lead to penalization even before it occurs. It can also soften the blow of the penalties should your site already experience a drop in traffic amidst the latest algorithm updates of the search engines.

Site optimization

A site audit will be able to help you identify areas where you can further improve your content. It can also help you polish images that are not properly tagged or ensure that all of your pages have unique and relevant metadata. With a site audit, you will also be able to guarantee that your headers are used properly and that all your pages have the proper URL structure.

Additionally, a site audit can also pave the way for the mobile responsiveness of your site as well as in its indexability. The latter pertains to the ability of your site to index relevant pages and block those that don’t need to be indexed. A site audit can also help you identify duplicate content, as well as broken links, such that you will be able to rectify or redirect these broken links effectively.

Finally, when your site is already taking too much time to load, a website audit is already mandatory for you to be able to determine the reasons why this is happening. It can be because of improperly formatted images or a significant number of redirects. The key note is that your page should be optimized to load swiftly because users don’t really want to wait.

A regular health check of your site will greatly benefit you in the long run. Thereby, conduct a website audit to ensure that not only is your site updated, but that it is aligned with the best practices of the search engines. Through a site audit, you will also be able to promptly pinpoint any issues in your page that need to be addressed, optimize your site, and improve the overall user experience.

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