HALO COIN has announced the upcoming launch of a new multiplayer PvP and PvE game guaranteed to make your adrenaline pump and provide lots of fun. In HALO, players battle each other for resources, territories and world domination. Each player gets the opportunity to protect his realm and earn rewards. The best players will carve a spot for themselves on the leaderboards. HALO is currently under development for iOS, PC and Android, with cross-platform multiplayer features.

In HALO, you battle friends and enemies in an immersive sci-fi futuristic game world with gameplay designed to keep you on the edge of your seat. All players can win prizes and stake them in a decentralized blockchain environment.

At the start of every new match, players are presented with a selection of objectives for their level. As a player, you need to be able to think on your feet so that you can immediately adapt to whatever the game throws at you.

HALO matches are designed to be both enjoyable and short, to allow players the freedom to play whenever and wherever. Rather than the typical 30-minute or longer gameplay, HALO’s matches only last 10 minutes each.

This gaming ecosystem will integrate free-to-play and play-to-earn features, allowing all players to receive rewards in both tokens and NFTs. HALO COIN (HALO) token holders will have early access to new skins and item/loot drops.

“I built this game because we know that people love the game “Back in Time”,” says HALO COIN founder Ever R. “We plan to integrate concepts from the game with new features where players can collect HALO coins and NFTs inside the game.”

HALO was developed in Unreal Engine and is launching on the Binance Network. This immersive game combines the traditional PvP gaming experience with blockchain elements including DAO/DAC, NFTs and DeFi features.

This gaming ecosystem is built on deflationary token mechanics that integrate token staking with traditional gameplay. The native core utility token – HALO – is used to drive the DeFi elements of the game such as staking and yield farming. This is in addition to offering players rewards and incentives. With the DAO model, holding HALO tokens will also allow players to participate in the game development, including in-game competitions and new modes. This way, players will be a valued part of the game.

HALO will also be used as a medium for buying and selling NFT in-game assets and boosting the in-game experience. The game will initially launch with NFT character skins and over time the NFT collection will include in-game items, pets, and virtual plots of land. Staking elements will be combined with classic gameplay to help players earn better rewards and increase their in-game skill and experience levels.

The HALO token will eventually be listed on both the HALO DEX as well as third-party DEX platforms.

The team behind HALO is committed to ensuring that HALO remains a stable gaming environment built on a sustainable token economy. The ecosystem will implement token burns to stabilize the in-game economy. The developer team also plans to consistently introduce new gaming content in order to reach new players.

The HALO gaming experience is designed to be enjoyable, produce an adrenaline rush for players and run seamlessly. NFT technology allows players full ownership of their in-game assets that they can then transfer from the HALO ecosystem to other games. Additionally, blockchain technology offers rapid and cost-effective marketplace transactions on the Binance network.

The HALO team is composed of experts in cryptocurrencies, blockchain and game development who are committed to providing high-octane gameplay with DeFi-inspired incentives. The HALO ecosystem is built to keep players entertained while keeping their adrenaline pumping and helping them feel like a valued part of the game development.

HALO COIN is live now. Click here for Airdrop instructions.

Presale: https://halocoins.com/presale