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A Guide to an Effective Visual Blog Post

What types of visuals do you includein your blog posts?

Visuals look great especially when you want to pair a blogtext with one or more images. Screenshots is a major trend in blogs such as,tips & tricks blog posts, how to posts, reviews and tutorials.

People understand better these visual content if they onlyuse relevant images that explain the text. When you practice originality, it’seasy to stand out from the crowd. Memes are suitable for social media and notblogs.

Where to get stock images

While Shutterstock and Dreamstime are the oldest stockimages services, Unsplash has managed to surpass them. Bloggers are likely touse free photos rather than commercial stock. Although there are bloggers whoalternate these services and pay for the photos they cannot find on freeplatforms.

How many images should you include ina typical blog post?

Visuals are important even if you only upload a genericstock photo, considering that most blogs include social media share buttons.Social media is based on visual imagery and posts and basing it on text onlyreduces the chance of it noticed by the audience. Most of the bloggers use morethan one image.

What type of files should you use foryour blog images?

JPEG is the most popular because it establishes a balancebetween speed and quality. JPEG images are easy to optimize and you can adjustthem according to their maximum width and height. They don’t take a lot ofspace and they load fast even on slower internet connections.

PNG files have transparency features which make themsuitable for logos and icons. GIFs are a good choice for animations.

How do you publish your images onyour blog?

When you do not use your image, you have to depend on thethird party’s website uptime and server connection. Other webmasters tend to deletetheir images or pages and that leaves you without visuals on your blog.

How do you create the graphics orimages?

Most bloggers are no longer using professional tools such asthe Adobe Suite. Instead, they are using online apps like Bannersnack because:

  • Online designer apps are less costly.
  • Online apps are way easier to learn and workwith.

Do you optimize your images forsearch engines?

Search engine optimization is an important part because peopleunderstand the importance of search engines and the amount of traffic they canbring. Most bloggers are very sensitive to how search engines index images andprobably they are quite deliberate when choosing ALT tags and file names.

Some images are of less importance for search engines, theyare always being uploaded as general with the purpose of improving the designand not to complement the texts.

Should you pay attention to trends invisual content?

This requires a lot of research and commitment to stay up todate with the latest development that may help you improve our results. Thereis always a room for improvement on these numbers.