Google is Updating The Play Store and Here is What Mobile App Developers Need to Know

Google is Updating The Play Store and Here is What Mobile App Developers Need to Know

Play Store has remained the same for a few years now but Google is putting some change to that. Over the last year, the company has been testing various layouts and design formats of the new Play Store and it seems that there has been a settling in terms of the new update. More users are seeing changes, which means that the update is now rolling out widely, slowly but surely.

Mobile app developers are definitely going to be affected by the new Play Store update. It is important to understand what is staying and what is not so that you as a developer can know how best to manage the next few months and what updates to ship out.

The design is changing in the following ways so far;

  1. Video has moved to become a more important factor in the new store. It is now above the fold and will appear as a first impression feature.
  2. Feature graphic/image has been terminated. The feature image that is usually positioned at the top of the app page has now been ended. In its place, the name of the app and developer have been moved further up the page necessitating the gallery and video sections to move up as well and become first impression subjects.
  3. The screenshots are now more compact and feeling quite in place when you first visit the app. Initially, it felt as though they were not meant to be above the fold much as they would appear slightly.
  4. The ratings/installs part is also tweaked a little to become more minimalist.

These are some of the changes coming to the Play Store and mobile app developers have to understand that growth strategies that might have worked before may not work in future. To find out more, read: Why Your App Isn’t Ready for the New Google Play Design


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