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There’s a good reason why doctors recommend that we get a good night’s sleep each night. After all, without a good night’s sleep not only will you be irritable, but you will also be less productive at work. Several nights of not sleeping well eventually take a toll on both your mental and physical health. However, sometimes the reason you can’t sleep well is that you’re suffering from night sweats. The effects of an injury like a backache, an aching neck, or sore joints can also leave you tossing and turning all night. Luckily, a simple solution like upgrading your mattress and bedding can help transform your sleep.

By drawing on modern technology and 100+ years of innovation, the team at GhostBed has designed mattresses that offer the right support, helping people to sleep better at night. In addition to their most popular product – the GhostBed mattress – they also sell other products designed to transform anyone’s sleep. These include the GhostPillow – the perfect real-time cooling pillow – and GhostBed Luxe – the coolest bed in the world.

GhostBed launched with the purpose of making award-winning comfort, cooling and affordable luxury accessible to everyone. With their products, you can wave goodbye to sleepless nights and enjoy unparalleled comfort – every night.

The inspiration behind GhostBed

Marc Werner was inspired to develop the perfect sleep wellness products 20 years ago. This was shortly after he had undergone neck surgery that left him spending night after night in too much pain to sleep well. “I was looking for the perfect pillow and mattress to help me sleep more comfortably and I realized I could draw from my experience to develop my own.”

The Werner family has been engineering unique products for over 100 years. It all started with the Werner Ladder – the #1 ladder in the world. GhostBed is only the latest innovation in a decade.

GhostBed is a fifth-generation family-owned company that focuses on creating quality mattresses. “We drew from over 35 years of mattress design experience to design the GhostBed Mattress – a mattress that conforms to your body while offering optimum support,” says Werner. With over 20 years of patented sleep technology, all our products are designed to deliver sleep that is worth raving about.”

As an inventor and seasoned entrepreneur, Werner has featured in reputable publications including INC and Forbes.

Who are GhostBed products designed for?

GhostBed products are ideal for anyone looking to make sleeping on a cloud a reality for themselves. Whether you experience aches or night sweats, or you simply want a more comfortable bed to come back home to, you’ll find products to help upgrade your sleep at GhostBed.

If you’re on the market for better-quality sleep products, you should grab a few of these from GhostBed during their ongoing Cyber Monday sale. These discounted products from GhostBed will offer you a good night’s sleep – every night:

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Why you should shop at GhostBed

Wondering if you should invest in some GhostBed products? Well, here are a few reasons why you should:

Sleep in unparalleled comfort

The mattresses from GhostBed come with many layers to enhance your comfort. These mattresses are made of latex foam, memory foam, and a layer of light fabric to offer the perfect amount of support. GhostBed mattresses also hug your body and offer optimal pressure support regardless of whether you sleep on your stomach, your back or your side. This support ensures that your weight is distributed evenly on the mattress and allows you to sleep comfortably every night.

Upgrade your space with classic designs

In addition to being functional, the products from GhostBed look modern and classy. As a result, you can upscale your bedroom and create a relaxing space that is easy on the eyes.

Enjoy quality customer service

The sleep experts at GhostBed are committed to helping you rest easy every night. They have poured over a decade of experience into engineering products that will transform your sleep. In addition to designing quality products, the GhostBed team takes time to help every new customer find the perfect product for their needs. To this end, Werner and his team have developed a mattress quiz to match you to the perfect mattress. The icing on the cake is the fact that the GhostBed team treats each customer like part of the extended GhostBed family.


Are GhostBed products appropriate for hot sleepers?

If you sweat a lot at night while sleeping, then GhostBed has designed the perfect line of products for you. These products offer award-winning cooling that offer premium comfort for people who get night sweats. You can start by checking out the GhostBed Pillow and GhostBed Luxe.

Do I have to buy these products in the store?

If you’re shopping from within the US or Canada, the team at GhostBed makes it easy for you to shop for the perfect mattress and other sleep products from the comfort of your couch. To make things even easier, they deliver your GhostBed mattress right to your doorstep. Once you receive your mattress, you can test it for 101 nights and return it for a full refund if you’re not happy with it.

Take advantage of GhostBed’s Cyber Monday deals and upgrade your sleep

Are you spending hours tossing and turning every night? Having a hard time staying alseep due to pain or discomfort? Well, the products at GhostBed are exactly what you need. They’ve been designed to provide ultimate comfort during the night. Maybe you’re suffering from pain, experiencing night sweats or healing from an injury. Either way, you’ll find the perfect products to upgrade your sleep at GhostBed. More importantly, you’ll find a team that truly cares about helping you get better sleep.

Invest in one or more products from GhostBed today and say goodnight to those sleepless nights. You can also keep up with updates on future sales and upcoming products by following GhostBed on TikTok, Instagram or Twitter.