The brand you create is the public face of your company, product, or service. With your brand, you can give your consumers an idea of what they can expect from you and how you differ from the competitors. When building a brand, getting the appropriate person to represent it at the outset is crucial since that person’s image will remain in consumers’ thoughts for the long haul. Your ultimate goal should be to build a brand that will create a positive reaction in the minds of your target customers.

Your brand consists of the total of your company’s actions and the opinions of those who have interacted with your business. Determine your values and the image you want to portray to customers, then make sure your words and actions reflect those values and that image. But how do you humanize a company?

What do customers visualize when they think about your business? Is it a logo you use? If so, you might need to work with a logo maker. Would your headquarters be recognizable to them? Let’s take the example of the Manscaped brand. As it expands its business operations, Manscaped hopes to increase the visibility of its brand through increased advertising. This marketer has chosen well, as Peter Davidson has become one of the show’s most successful breakthrough stars in recent years. Davidson’s personal life and sartorial sense, nicknamed “scum bro” by certain fashion websites, have also garnered him media interest outside his entertainment industry career.

According to the press release about Manscaped branding, Manscaped targets Davidson’s “huge, cult-like fandom” because his audience appreciates his “frankness and willingness to approach taboo themes.” Commercially, the relationship is unveiled with Davidson wearing a black silk bathrobe and riffing on the significance of personal hygiene for males. Some of the jokes where he swears have been edited out.

Exactly what Davidson will do for Manscaped beyond starring in advertising is unclear at this time. Even so, the press release refers to the comedian’s affinity for tattoos, suggesting they may play a role in the collaboration. Also, Davidson is not just doing a one-time campaign; he is committing to the company for the next four years and investing in the process.

The inclusion of Davidson is part of a more extensive campaign that promotes below-the-belt grooming using comedy and puns. Among Manscaped’s other agreements aimed at increasing the company’s popularity among male clients is a lengthy sponsorship of the UFC, which began in 2016.

The benefits of having a face for your brand:

  • Helps to alleviate some of the public’s concerns about business leadership. Many individuals have an impression that businesses with medium or more extensive staff are heartless profit machines. Giving your brand a human face makes it clear that your organization employs genuine individuals.
  • Makes your company stand out from the competition. Seeing a familiar face can help you recall important information. Differentiate yourself from the competition by having a recognizable face attached to your brand.
  • Provide a live narrator to share your story. Customers can learn about your company’s background in written materials and online, but hearing it from a real person makes more of an impression. Personalize the narrative, show your enthusiasm, and add extra information by discussing the challenges you faced in starting your business and securing money or the excitement you felt when you landed your first major client.

Having Davidson represent Manscaped has been beneficial in many ways. By lending his celebrity status to Manscaped, he provides credibility to the company and provides a hilarious spin on the company’s origin story.

Tips for getting the perfect face for your Brand, as Manscaped did:

  • Engaging online presence

To be effective as a brand ambassador, you need an active internet profile. This is not to say that you need millions of fans. The greater an ambassador’s internet following, the more influence they will have. To be sure, having many followers is helpful, but what matters is how actively their followers participate in the platform. Ambassadors who try to reach out to their audiences get more credibility. As a result, their endorsements of that brand will have more allure and intrigue. Davidson, the Manscaped brand ambassador, has amassed a large online fan base and contributed to expanding the company’s customer base.

  • Basic comprehension of marketing

There is no need for the individuals representing your brand to have any specific training or education. However, they at least need to have a fundamental understanding of marketing. In particular, methods and campaigns of digital advertising. They will be better able to fulfill what is, at its essence, a marketing position for your company, using the knowledge gained through this training. The more they know about being a brand advocate, the more effective they will be.

  • Keep it professional

Both the online and offline personas of a brand ambassador should be consistent with the values of the company they are endorsing. When someone represents your business as an ambassador, their online activity becomes associated with yours. This is true even if they aren’t selling your wares.

  • Lead your community

Word-of-mouth advertising is most effective when it comes from individuals we already know and trust, such as friends and family. As consumers, we tend to look to the people we already have a positive impression of when we have questions about a product or service. The reason may be that they’ve brought it up previously, or it could be because we know they’re well-versed in the subject. Find a well-known persona on the internet whose fans might be interested in your product. Again, you can take the example of Manscaped. Peter Davidson has helped attract customers to Manscaped by injecting the brand’s marketing with humor and puns. Choose someone with a relevant personality and a similar demeanor.

  • Create authentic excitement

The public is becoming increasingly attuned to the posing tactics required for digital marketing. They can tell when the people behind the product aren’t genuinely invested in it themselves. It’s not hard to detect a fake when you see one. When a digital content creator isn’t enthusiastic about the items they’re promoting, it shows.

For this reason, it’s crucial to find a brand ambassador who is enthusiastic about supporting you. If they know what they’re talking about regarding your brand and products, their followers will look to them for information. Knowledge in the field will also ensure that they are capable of delivering genuine and genuine-sounding content about your brand. Evidence suggests that this kind of authenticity also boosts sales since it strengthens consumer confidence in a company. Peter Davidson’s charisma and honesty lend credibility to the company’s products.

Now that you know how to identify brand representatives who can effectively interact with new and returning customers, you can start advertising for candidates and conducting interviews. Any business, no matter its target market or sector, may benefit from a larger and more engaged fan base and customer base thanks to the efforts of more brand advocates. Follow Manscaped’s approach to choosing the right face for your brand and you’ll be on the right track to building a memorable brand.