Get your kids physically active with Miiya watch


All over the world today, kids are inactive in terms of physical activity. Back when we were growing up, going to play outside with friends was the thing. We went out immediately after breakfast, played football till the afternoon, then came back home for lunch, then went back outside to play another game again all through the afternoon. That was fun but unfortunately, times change and things are not the same anymore. Now staying home playing video games and using tablets is what kids do. It’s the trend especially because of the usual “don’t go outside, you may get hit by car or be kidnapped” rant from the parents . Miiya hopes to bring back the physical activity in the kids lives while at the same time making sure a parent can be aware of the kids activities.

The World Health Organization recommends 60 minutes of physical activity per day for kids. With the current security issues the world is facing, it is becoming increasingly difficult to let kids go outside to play on their own. The result is that statistically today 20% of kids are obese. Miiya is a smartwatch that’s meant to be fun for kids while at the same time helpful to parents.

The smartwatch has been designed with GPS trackers to let you know where your kids go to. The GPS tracker happens to be supported by another feature that helps you set the limits to where your child can go and where they cannot. That way, you get alerted when the kid goes further than you expected within a particular geographical location.

However, the GPS tracker is only one of its favorite features, there is more. If your child is not very motivated to go out and play, Miiya sets a daily target of 60 minutes per day. Your child should feel motivated to beat this target every day making them the hero for beating the minimum set. If the child is very playful, there should be no problem in achieving more minutes since it’s only for the better.

The kids’ smartwatch also enables families to discover new games which they can play together with kids to make the family members get closer to each other. The child can select by creating tags, the activities they want to share with their parents and this gives them a little freedom of selection as well. Also, the parent will get daily reports of the child’s activities every evening on their smartphones and tablets. The Miiya startup team is also including rewards and achievements in the app for the child as they continue to be physically active.

The Miiya campaign on Indiegogo is 32% complete as of today (Jan 11th) and the team will be hoping to begin manufacturing this watch when they reach their $50k goal.


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