In a world that is confronted daily by evidence of the mounting climate crisis, Gen Unison has developed an intergenerational 5-step roadmap built to solve this crisis. Beyond simply addressing climate change, this roadmap is built on a foundation of programs and initiatives designed to restore trust between generations. By building climate change initiatives on the foundation of intergenerational trust, Gen Unison has developed a solution to the climate crisis that creates unity once and for all.

Why does unity matter in the fight against global boiling?

Even amid warnings that the era of global boiling is upon us, members of different generations have conflicting priorities about the most pressing issues of 2023. As a case in point, approximately 70% of Gen Z and Millennials are in strong agreement that climate change is the #1 priority in our society today. In contrast, among people aged 60+ years old, only a little over 50% agree that the climate crisis deserves our full attention.

When you combine this misalignment in priorities with the overwhelming number of natural disasters, it’s no surprise that younger generations simultaneously feel fear and resentment. More specifically, these generations feel fear about the future and resentment towards older generations.

“Our youth are frustrated and scared that they will inherit a damaged planet. They’re calling out to their elders to take climate action now,” said Gen Unison founder G.K. Hunter. “If we don’t create a united front in the Era of Global Boiling, we will be the first generations in history to hand over an irreparable planet to our children and grandchildren.”

According to public polls, 88% of Gen Z have the highest level of climate anxiety than all other generations. This anxiety is evident in the increased number of protests among teenagers around the world.

Gen Unison has built a platform that aims to rebuild trust between the generations by matching youth with trusted elders to launch and fund their community prep projects. This platform takes users through a 5-step roadmap designed to build an intergenerational task force and leverage the collective strengths of different generations to tackle the climate crisis.

Gen Unison’s 5-step solution to global boiling


Step 1: Explore Gen Unison’s online platform

Gen Unison’s website is a treasure trove of information, offering insights into the different generations that make up our society as we know it today. With the detailed information available on each generation, this is a good place for climate activists who want to make meaningful change to start.

Drawing on their experience in intergenerational healing, the Gen Unison team offers a holistic look at the experiences, values, and experiences that each generation brings to the table in the fight against climate change. This information offers value to climate activists who need help mobilizing members of different generations. By speaking to different generations in a relatable way and acknowledging their respective strengths in the fight against climate change, climate activists can create a sense of belonging. This sense of belonging is crucial in inspiring people to contribute to meaningful change.

Step 2: Join intergenerational healing circles

Gen Unison takes this sense of community to the next level by hosting monthly intergenerational healing circles for community members. These healing circles are guided by skilled facilitators who create a safe space where members of different generations can have open, honest, conversations about what matters to them. Through this meaningful dialogue, Gen Unison builds trust, forming a robust foundation for collaborative action. The sense of unity that these healing circles create extends into Gen Unison’s climate-focused initiatives.

Step 3: Leverage mentorship opportunities

Gen Unison draws on the strengths of different generations by creating mentorship opportunities for community members. By connecting individual community members with experienced mentors, Gen Unison capitalizes on the support aspect of the community. Older Gen Unison mentors, with their wealth of knowledge and life experiences, serve as guides and pillars of support for those embarking on community projects.

The mentorship program essentially combines the wisdom of older generations with the energy of the youth, increasing the success rates of climate initiatives. On the other hand, younger mentors can pass on valuable technological skills, fresh ideas, and innovative perspectives to older mentees.

By fostering a reciprocal exchange of knowledge and skills, Gen Unison creates a culture of continuous learning and growth that is at the heart of its mission.

Step 4: Collaborate on community projects

Gen Unison fosters collaboration by developing community projects and climate initiatives that unite generations. These projects address critical issues and forge deeper connections, highlighting the power of unity in creating positive change and pushing through the climate crisis.

From initiatives like tree planting and renewable energy projects to community development projects such as planting intergenerational gardens, these projects emphasize the power of collaboration. With these intergenerational projects, Gen Unison community members can create a legacy of positive impact.

Step 5: Bridge the generation gap

The ultimate goal of Gen Unison’s mission is to bring different generations together toward a common goal – stopping the impending global boiling. By leveraging the strengths of each generation and combining their efforts, Gen Unison is helping to create a more sustainable solution to the climate crisis.

By joining Gen Unison’s social network, you can be a valuable part of this solution to climate change.


In the face of the climate crisis, many climate activists have developed solutions that rely on technology. However, without creating trust, understanding, and collaboration between the generations, these efforts can only go so far. Gen Unison’s efforts highlight the urgency of the climate crisis while reminding us that we’re stronger together. Together, we can build more robust solutions to modern-day problems that plague the world, including climate change.

Meet G.K. Hunter: visionary healer, author, and founder of Gen Unison

G.K. Hunter’s transformative journey as a healer and group facilitator has left an indelible mark on the landscape of intergenerational understanding and community empowerment. Widely recognized as the author of “Healing Our Bloodlines: The 8 Realizations of Generational Liberation,” Hunter’s impact spans two decades of profound work, where he has delicately navigated the realms of healing with Jewish Holocaust Survivors, indigenous communities of North and South America, the homeless, and combat veterans.

Experienced in the practice of Bloodline Healing, Hunter has developed a meticulous step-by-step process for liberating individuals from the invisible burdens carried through generations, paving the way for purposeful and liberated lives.

Hunter’s narrative extends beyond the pages of his book, as he assumes the role of the writer/director of the PBS documentary “Sakura & Pearls: Healing from World War II.” This compelling documentary unravels the extraordinary exchange between Japanese atomic bomb survivors and American survivors of Pearl Harbor, offering a profound exploration of reconciliation and inspiring crucial dialogues about breaking free from the painful cycles of history.

Beyond these impactful endeavors, G. K. Hunter has actively engaged with global platforms, delivering thought-provoking presentations at venues such as the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, Cornell University, The LA Museum of the Holocaust, and Pacific Historic Parks’ “History Talks.” His appearances on NPR’s “All Things Considered” have further solidified his reputation as a sought-after speaker on issues of healing, reconciliation, and intergenerational understanding.

As the visionary founder of Gen Unison, Hunter continues to pioneer innovative approaches to bridging generational gaps and fostering trust within communities. Gen Unison is a symbol of his commitment to creating a future rooted in understanding, unity, and purpose. Through Gen Unison’s community projects, Hunter invites individuals to explore shared histories and release the burdens they carry. By creating a world where generations collaborate harmoniously, G.K. Hunter is contributing to a brighter and more connected future for all.