Gamification as a growth strategy for startups

It’s hard as it is to make an app that people want to use. However, what is even harder is making an engaging app that makes people want to use every chance they get. Gamification for Startups Apps like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest are fun to use. There is always the desire to open one or all of these apps on a daily basis. It could be to chat, check on friends, or get some ideas for work and assignments.

While those are fun activities to a very big level, activities like organisation, planning finances, fitness training, and living healthy are not as fun. Nothing except your own motivation would push you to try these apps. Some startups and companies have found that by using gamification they are able to engage more users on a day to day basis.

Human beings are naturally competitive and respond, albeit, in a subtle way sometimes, to peer pressure. The concept of gamification promises badges, leader boards positions, social interactions, point-based rewards, bonuses, coupons, and adventure plots if users are the best at doing specific things on the app.

For instance, one of our clients, The Dyrt, is a camping sites reviews platform that recently closed seed funding worth $2million. The company is attempting to collect the largest database of camping sites onto the platform by rewarding badges and points to campers who upload the most and best real time photos and videos of camping sites they visit. They have grown to thousands of users using this gamification concept.

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