Smartphones offer a variety of benefits that make them essential tools for everyday life. They allow people to stay connected on the go, with access to email, social media, and a host of other apps. They also offer a great way to stay organized, with the calendar and task management tools. Moreover, they can be used for navigation, streaming music and entertainment, and even as a remote control for appliances and other devices.

Furthermore, you can use the modern smartphone as a tool for productivity, with a variety of productivity apps, document editors, and cloud storage. With the ability to access the internet, you can also stay up to date with the latest news and research topics.

Smartphones make it easier to keep up with the demands of everyday life on the go. Unfortunately, privacy and security are always a concern when it comes to these devices. Thankfully, mobile developers like those at The Cosmic Dolphins have made it their mission to develop devices that give users control over what data they share. Their most recent device, the Cosmic Phone LvL 50, guarantees your privacy for added security, without changing your usage habits. Modern technology at its best.

What’s the Cosmic Phone LvL 50?

This is the first smartphone made in Switzerland that primarily focuses on security and privacy. In particular, the phone was developed in Lausanne, Switzerland.

If you are concerned about the privacy of your data, this Swiss Phone is an ideal choice for you. It will keep all your information safe.

“We’re eliminating the need to collect all the information that current phones collect on users – often without their consent,” says The Cosmic Dolphins founder and CEO Adam Alami. “We’re offering you an alternative – a phone that does not collect any information and gives the choice to the user to give all the information they’re comfortable with. In this way, the phone owner can use all their usual applications in a secure environment.”

Who are the founders?

Cosmic Dolphins Ltd, the company behind Cosmic Phone LvL 50, dates back to December 2021. It was founded by Adam Alami and Geogres Georges. Adam’s professional background includes finance and IT. On the other side, Georges Georges deals with marketing and communication.

The co-founders share the same principles and values regarding privacy and security. Moreover, they are supported by brave and valiant people, ready to face the biggest challenges. This team is composed of people with rich experience and valuable skills in the smartphone industry, so you can be sure that they put their heart into their work.

What inspired the Cosmic Phone LvL 50?

Let’s face it, data privacy and cyber threats are common concerns when it comes to smartphone devices. Most of today’s smartphones collect users’ data without their permission. In many cases, they share this data with third parties indiscriminately.

With Cosmic Phone LvL 50, that’s not a concern anymore. This phone not only safeguards your data but also guarantees privacy. That means you have a choice over who has access to your data. It also means you can use all your applications in a safe environment.

What makes the Cosmic Phone LvL 50 unique?

While there are other smartphones that focus on security, the Cosmic Phone LvL 50 is unique. For starters, the phone is assembled and installed in Switzerland, so The Cosmic Dolphins can guarantee the integrity of the entire phone. Secondly, the software has been designed with privacy in mind. Finally, and this is perhaps the most interesting aspect for the user, the Cosmic Phone LvL 50 allows to use all the usual Android applications but in a secure environment.

As a user, you decide who can access your data. The device works like a standard smartphone, so you don’t make any compromises.

Who needs this phone?

Cosmic Phone LvL 50 is first of all a phone, so it’s for everyone. Of course, the first ones who will jump on the opportunity will be people who are sensitive to privacy and security. Then will come the amateurs of new technologies who will position themselves very quickly on this innovative product. Then the curious who will wonder if and how it is possible to have succeeded in making such a product.

Because we can ask ourselves why nobody had done it before.

Is it available in the market?

The Cosmic Dolphins team will be releasing this phone on Indiegogo on March 20th. After the launch in March, the first shipment will be in June.

The assembly of the Swiss Phone and the installation of the OS is all carried out in Switzerland. Thus, you can rest assured that they have complete control over every aspect of production. This is vital because it determines the security of the device.

To get updates on the upcoming launch or to purchase this smartphone, you can visit their official site. You can also follow their Instagram page for more updates.

Benefits of owning the Cosmic Phone LvL 50

  • Best privacy phone

It’s the best privacy phone on the market. It guarantees the security of your data by offering trustworthy applications and highlights all the applications with questionable privacy levels, so that you are aware of them. This way, you can decide to use them or not. These applications are then closely monitored and isolated in a secure area called “Shark Zone” where they cannot access your data.

You can choose what information the application can access.

  • A good phone

The Cosmic Phone LvL 50 has a modern and elegant design, a large touch screen, and all the usual features you would expect from a smartphone. Swiss standards of quality and excellence in a first phone.

  • Be part of the change

Technology is at a turning point. If you think that everything is fine, that tech is working for our fulfillment and happiness, then you are not concerned by this product. If on the other hand you are worried about technology serving big business and feel that you have become the product, then take the step to change the dynamic and put technology back at the service of humanity.