Using an audio recorder not only helps you to remember the little moments but also improves accuracy in professional, academic, and personal notetaking. In fact, for many people, a quality audio recorder is a basic need. A good recording device can help you remember important details when it matters most with minimal hassle.

How does an audio recorder work?

An audio recorder is a device or software that captures the sound and transforms this into an audio file that you can listen to again and transfer from one device to another. Modern audio recorders come with all kinds of features. While some are highly sensitive and capture the smallest sounds at a significant distance, others boast large memories and impressive battery lives.

The best audio recorders are easy for anyone to use, including children and the elderly. The team at ATTO Digital knows this, and that’s exactly why they developed FirstRec.

What is FirstRec?

FirstRec is a hand-held recording device designed to make recording accessible for everyone, including toddlers, elders, people with disabilities, and more. The team that developed this recorder put an emphasis on building inclusion by bringing more empowerment, support, and independence to vulnerable groups in society.

Why is FirstRec an ideal voice recorder for anyone?

Many people who need voice recorders actually shy away from using them because they’re intimidated by the complexity of traditional voice recorders. Most modern voice recorders come with lots of buttons, endlessly complex functions, and require a complicated setup process.

The ATTO Digital team focused on the essentials with FirstRec. They’ve designed the device to be easily accessible with dedicated buttons for instant operation and note-taking. ATTO Digital has transformed the world of audio recording by developing a device that is accessible to consumers of all ages.

FirstRec comes with a host of features, all designed to make the recording experience easy and even enjoyable for users.

  • The Instant Rec button allows you to start recording in a flash second – no extra steps like turning on the device, selecting the scene mode or adding the password. Just slide and record.
  • The KindReminder feature is great for memos and reminders. Press it, record it and leave it. The button will flash until you listen to the message.
  • The simplified menu comes with intuitive icons that are easy for toddlers and elders alike to see and use.
  • The OLED color display makes it easy to read in the bright light of the outdoors, as well as fun to explore.
  • The USB-C allows easy connection and fast data transfer without worrying or damaged ports.
  • Password protection offers you the ability to set a 4-digit password and keep your conversations private. For added privacy, there is a headphone jack so that you can listen to your conversations discreetly.
  • The LineIn feature helps you to record important phone calls.

If that’s not enough, ATTO Digital has made this voice recorder 20% thinner than conventional recorders. Since it measures only 0.45 inches and weighs only 2.65 oz, this is the lightest and most subtle voice recording device of its kind.

Why do you need a voice recorder in your life?

A voice recorder can make your life so much easier in many different scenarios, whether you’re a student, a professional, or anywhere in between.  For instance, a voice recorder could come in handy if you’re in a meeting or lecture where you don’t want the hassle of manual note-taking. This is not at all unusual, especially if people are speaking too fast and you just can’t keep up with them.

Voice recorders are basic tools for professionals such as journalists and transcribers who need to remember exactly what was said, by whom, and when. This helps them publish more accurate interviews and professional notes.

Both children and the elderly have a tendency to forget important information. This could be anything from directions to a new place to instructions on how to take a new medication. With a voice recorder, both these demographics can remember important details when it matters most.

Buying a quality voice recorder can eliminate the stress that comes with struggling to remember important information. FirstRec has launched on Kickstarter to raise funds for mass production of this innovative device that will simplify your life. The team behind this device is excited to help people of all ages nurture their passion for voice and human connection.

You can find out more about FirsrRec and other devices from ATTO Digital on Facebook.