The first sticker with health sensors finally achieved by AmpStrip

AmpStrip was arguably the best Startup of CES 2015 for the company’s applaudible achievement in the field of wearables and fitness. Years ago companies in the health sector began experimenting to find the most appropriate way to fit health sensors in stickers. Now it seems that not any company except AmpStrip has found the best way to do this. Yet they came into the game a little too late when experiments had began, but in CES 2015, they demonstrated why they are the first to achieve this accomplishment.

AmpStrip is a sticker that fits on your chest, ideally under your nipple, and tracks all your health’s important information without the need for other wearables like the smartwatches or the Google Glass. AmpStrip has an inbuilt thermometer, an accelerator and a heart rate sensor all of which are able to track your activity, heart rate and movement.


While it must be noted that you don’t stick the sticker directly onto your skin, the sticker lasts for a good three to seven days and you can go swimming with it or doing any other activity without fearing that it will pop off. The sticker has a pad on it which you stick on your chest, so the sticker doesn’t stick directly onto your skin. The length of period it stays on your skin also depends on the intensity of your activity.

What’s also important to note is that the AmpStrip hardware is self-contained and you should be able to charge it for a couple of hours after every seven days. The company has beaten its Indiegogo campaign for funding and will begin the manufacturing process soon.

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