Choose from a curated gift marketplace with a selection of self-care and beauty products, décor items, and apparel

Regardless of what kind of gift you’re looking for, whether for yourself or for someone else, The Sister Market is the perfect place to find it. This online store prides itself as a one-stop shop for hand-selected apparel, jewelry, beauty and wellness products, and curated gift boxes for women, men, and dogs!

The Sister Market was founded by two sisters who were determined to eliminate the stress that normally comes with looking for the perfect gift. Whether you’re shopping for a friend, your father, your bridesmaids, or your dog, they’ve developed the perfect collection of items to choose from. Each item is thoughtfully selected to reflect a unique personality and make the recipient feel valued.

What kind of gifts can you find at The Sister Market?

For the fierce ladies in your life, you can choose from a selection of t-shirts and sweatshirts with empowering quotes. You can also give them the gift of whimsical jewelry that will definitely be a conversation starter.

If you’re looking for a gift for that person who is all about wellness, then you’ll find just the thing you need in their collection of wellness products. With gift boxes that include bath bombs, essential oils, face masks, hand creams, and body butter, why look anywhere else?

Maybe the person you’re shopping for loves decorating their space to reflect what truly matters to them. If so, you can choose from a selection of mugs with quotes, art prints, letter boards, and napkins.

From their paper section, you can choose one of the beautifully designed journals for that person who enjoys journaling. They also offer recipe cards with vibrant colors. You can also top your gift off with a thoughtful or funny greeting card from this section.

Travel Gifts

The travel gifts section boasts a wonderfully curated selection of products that will fit perfectly into the lifestyle of an outdoorsy person. Whether you’re looking for a tote bag for your next trip or you need a weekender wash kit for someone special, you’ll find plenty of useful odds and ends here. You can even get an on-the-go yoga kit if you want to get your zen on during that hiking trip.

The Sister Market hasn’t left the men out either. In fact, they have an entire section dedicated to helping you shop for the men in your life. Their recommendations for men range from hand cream to beard oil, a whiskey bitters kit, a folding pocketknife, and more. And yes, they’ve also developed scented candles for men!

Beyond all this, The Sister Market has also curated a selection of gifts for dogs. If you or someone you know has a fur baby, you’ll be perfectly at home browsing through The Sister Market’s selection of adorable dog bandanas and dog toys.

As you can see, the team at The Sister Market has truly thought of everything. And if this isn’t enough to convince you, they’ve made life even easier with curated gift boxes designed for special occasions. You can surprise your loved one with a bridesmaid proposal box, a self-care box, a winter night box, and more. If you want to pick and choose what goes into your box, you can also build your own gift box.

Want to browse this one-stop shop for your next gift? Visit The Sister Market here.

About the founders

Inspired by their shared love of fashion, design, entertaining, and travel, co-founders (and sisters!) Ashley and Shelby Dunn launched Sister Market in November 2018. Ashley and Shelby have always found inspiration in traveling and selecting special gifts for friends and family. This love of unique experiences and gifts that tell a story inspired them to create a space with their favorite products to inspire the wanderlust within everybody.

The sisters were born and raised in Texas, then lived in New York City for 10 years before recently relocating to Denver, CO. Together, they also have a lifestyle blog, As Told By Ash and Shelbs, and a YouTube Channel where they share fashion, beauty, and travel content.

Ashley has a degree in Fashion Design with a minor in Business and Shelby has a degree in Fashion Merchandising Management with a minor in Economics.