No matter what products your fashion brand sells, some fashion branding tips can help you stand out from the competition.   To be successful in business, a brand needs to stand out against the competition. However, that can be easier said than done unless companies try and use creative tactics to achieve their goal.

How to start a fashion brand 

The fashion industry is continuously changing. However, whether it is a mass-market fashion business or haute couture, the common factor is that all successful clothing brands are that way because they are created by and for people who are passionate about the industry. While that is a primary factor of success, the brands that truly stand out from the competition are the ones that have also mastered marketing, manufacturing, and retailing, among other things.

Businesses need to create unique products, and they need to create a business plan to manage if any problems were to arise.

Let us look at some steps that you can take when trying to start a fashion brand.

1) Identify the need in the market 

Before designing and creating products, you must do your research to understand what products are needed in the market. A successful clothing line demonstrates the designer’s passion and fills a niche in the market that isn’t currently filled.

2) Develop a business plan 

By asking yourself what the ultimate goal is, you can get a clear focus and mindset for building the brand.

3) Identify the target audience 

A brilliant clothing design is of little use if it lacks potential customers. So, not only do you need to identify the clothing items that should exist, but you also need to identify the target market of consumers for that product.

For example, if you want to focus on the younger demographics, you need to remember that they are more style-conscious and more receptive to online marketing. Even so, they may not have the funds for expensive clothes. For this reason, you would need to tailor your clothing to meet those needs.

On the other hand, middle-aged customers may pay a bit more money, but they are less concerned with style and already have brands they are loyal to from years of experience. If you’re targeting this demographic, then you would have to find unique and creative ways to attract them to your business.

4) Start designing 

With any new business, first impressions are crucial. You need to design things that you love while also being practical. A successful fashion brand is one that rides the fine line between the ideal and the attainable.

5) Begin the PR & marketing process 

There is no point in having a business if no one knows about it. Public relations and marketing are essential parts of any business plan because they generate brand awareness. Social media marketing has become one of the best tactics for fashion brands, especially since Instagram became one of the most popular platforms. Many Instagram influencers are more than happy and willing to promote new fashion brands in exchange for products.

Marketing and PR of a fashion brand 

As mentioned previously, few industries are more subject to changing trends than the fashion industry. While companies in other sectors may sell the same products all year round, fashion companies and clothing items change with the season.

By definition, fashion branding is a marketing strategy that involves creating a differentiated name and image for a business to attract and retain customers. As with any other type of PR and marketing, you need to find creative ways to present your products so that you can inspire customers to buy. After all, a fashion marketer should know their products and understand fashion trends as well as their business impact. Be that as it may, it’s not enough to simply promote the work of fashion designers. You also need to find influential designs based on business performance and market trends.

The importance of research

Through qualitative and quantitative research into fashion trends and potential consumers’ lives and behaviors, you can make important decisions about your design process and business activities. Fashion marketers are also in charge of creating a strong brand story. After all, consumers are more likely to gravitate towards a company that they can relate to personally and one that they have a personal connection with. Using the brand story, it is also vital to create compelling advertisements that resonate with your target audiences. You may include advertisements in newspapers and magazines, on television, and on social media. Finally, fashion marketing also involves making pricing and distribution decisions, which affect how products are doing on online distribution channels. Fashion brands need to make strategic decisions when determining where and at what prices their products should be sold, while also trying to maximize profits.

Public relations and marketing go hand-in-hand when trying to create an effective business plan. Let us also look at some ways you can use PR to build your brand.

1) Use content marketing 

One of the ways to get noticed in any industry is to establish authority within it. Creating organic content or guest posting on influential sites can help build up your brand. Writing blog posts that include photos about subjects that may interest customers will give your company a higher visibility rate. Fashion is a visual business, so it is essential for brands to use high-quality images on their websites and social media channels.

2) Reach out to influencers 

Whether it’s social media influencers, bloggers, celebrities, or brand ambassadors, influencers are generally the first to jump onto trends. These are the people who will tell others where to shop, what to buy, and set potential trends. Reaching out to these people is a great way to get the word out about a company. Customers are more likely to choose a brand that their favorite influencer is a part of or a brand that has rave reviews online.

3) Have a compelling storyline 

As mentioned previously, customers prefer being able to feel personally connected to a company. Creating a compelling storyline also gives journalists and media outlets more incentive to write about a company. A press release that sounds more like a story than a sales pitch resonates better with journalists and will appeal to their target audiences more. A good press release should not just be a page promoting the company and telling people how great they are. It should also fill a need for information that doesn’t exist yet.

Having all the necessary information to create an effective PR and marketing campaign is just one step; implementing it in a way that works for the brand is another. A downfall for many companies is not being able to create something that stands out. For that reason, PR agencies like Pressfarm help create effective and attractive content to increase visibility for brands in different industries. They help with every stage of PR, from creating email pitches, press releases, guest posts, and media kits to distributing all this content widely.

In addition, Pressfarm provides all clients with custom media lists and access to a PR database of over 1 million contacts, thus helping you connect with the best journalists in your niche. With a PR package from Pressfarm, you can tell your brand story and win more clients over to your brand.

4) Create an online community

Many brands make the mistake of assuming that fashion can only be experienced in real-time and in person. On the contrary, helping consumers to experience a brand online can be very beneficial. Building online communities where consumers can engage with each other as well as with your brand can generate a sense of brand loyalty.

Beyond fostering trust and loyalty, an online community can be useful when you want to host a virtual event. For example, since most people have been stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, many fashion brands are connecting with consumers online by hosting virtual fashion shows. Beyond just connecting with target audiences virtually, you can also use an online community to test new ideas before designing the finished product. With the right feedback from your target audience, you can design pieces that they will love.

How to build a brand that stands out 

Since all brands compete with one another for visibility using marketing and PR campaigns, businesses need to figure out creative ways to get their target audience’s attention. In order for your campaign to stand out, it needs to have certain qualities.

1) Originality 

To begin with, your brand needs to be original. If you are trying to mimic a competitor’s brand, customers will not have a compelling reason to choose your brand over the competition. Finding an angle that nobody has used and developing a unique image and voice rather than using messaging that relies on clichés and sales-speak will help you to resonate more with target customers.

2) Boldness 

When it comes to fashion branding, risk often leads to rewards. Brands that aren’t afraid to experiment with new techniques or take a stand on controversial issues within the industry might alienate their audiences. Even so, taking risks like these can also encourage more loyalty and respect from existing customers. What’s more, this can create a memorable brand image that appeals to potential customers. Such brands don’t run the risk of being seen as boring or just another fashion brand.

3) Consistency 

The goal for any fashion brand is to get customers to stick around as long as possible. Additionally, you want to get them to talk to others about the business. By giving existing customers a sense of familiarity and predictability, you can retain their loyalty.

4) Value

You can also stand out by offering more value than your competitors. You could do this by merely offering better products and services. Offering better products at half the price of competitors is even more attractive to customers. However, sometimes brands don’t have the flexibility to do so. If this is the case for you, you can offer value in terms of better and more informative content or more dedication to personalized customer service.


With so many fashion brands in the industry, you need to go beyond mastering the basics and find creative ways to stand out from the competition. Merely having a PR and marketing strategy is not good enough anymore, because that is now an essential part of gaining visibility. A fashion brand needs to be unique among its competitors. It’s important to go beyond understanding the target audience’s needs and wants by aiming to be unique among your competitors. While nailing the basics of PR is important, creating unique content is also essential. If you’re stuck, PR agencies like Pressfarm can work with you to create incredible unique content to help your brand stand out.