If you’ve created a new fashion product and are ready to introduce it to the world, a press release can be a powerful PR tool to generate excitement and buzz. The goal of your fashion brand press release is to announce and showcase your latest fashion line to a wide audience. To achieve this, you can leverage social media platforms, run targeted advertisements, and craft a compelling press release.

While posting on social media and running ads may come naturally to many business owners, the idea of writing a press release can be intimidating. However, with a little guidance and a clear understanding of your brand and product, you can create a press release that effectively communicates your message and generates interest in your new fashion line.

Luckily, it’s not that tough to learn and get press release writing right. With the following guide, you can learn how to write the best press release for your fashion brand.

Why should you learn how to develop a fashion brand press release?

Rolling out a new fashion line consumes lots of resources. Therefore, simply hoping that the public will notice it isn’t an option. Instead, investing in marketing strategies to make this new line noticeable to the public is essential. This is where the press release comes in.

It provides an avenue through which the target consumers and fashion editors can identify your new products. Even though it’s a bit challenging to learn how to write this press release, it’s worth the effort. After all, with a well-written press release, you can capture the attention of the public when it matters most.

5 tips on how to write a fashion brand press release

While you might have read press releases for new products or albums, the one for a fashion brand is quite different. To help you write it effectively, here are 5 key tips to consider:

1) Stick to the point

The secret behind the best press releases is specificity. In this case, you need to specify what’s so special about your recent fashion line. Most importantly, you should indicate why your readers should spare time to check it out.

Remember, you’re not just speaking to the consumers, but also editorial assistants and PR executives from several outlets. The more focused your writing is, the more convincing it will be to your audience.

Additionally, ensure you have answers to the who, why, how, when, and where of your upcoming launch. You can include information on what inspired this new fashion design. It also helps to mention where your consumers can get the product during or after the launch.

Besides impressing your audience, specific content makes it easy for editors to pick what to publish from your press release.

2) Provide full Intel

For a press release to be resourceful to reporters or media outlets, it has to provide full details. Nevertheless, don’t just go throwing any information into the press release – the details must be specific to reduce the time a journalist would spend on research. In the fashion industry, full Intel includes information about the brand and the new fashion line. Moreover, it should highlight the target consumers and the place and time of launch. Once you provide this information, you can proceed to the “why.”

Whatever kind of press release you’re writing, it’s important to fit all the vital information into the first few paragraphs. This makes it easier for editors and journalists to skim through and summarize the important parts of your story for publishing.

3) Make it clear and actionable

A successful press release, especially for a fashion brand has to be clear and actionable. Also, note that this key feature applies from the very start to the end of your content. It also means that you have to provide answers to questions such as, “why is this news important to audiences? Where and when will the launch happen?”

Beyond that, you should consider leveraging the visual nature of the fashion industry. Press releases with amazing visuals always perform better than those without. Including images can underscore your message beautifully while keeping things interesting and engaging. Since the fashion industry relies primarily on visuals, failure to use images in your content will immediately work against you.

4) Include a boilerplate

You cannot consider your press release to be complete if you’re missing the boilerplate. The boilerplate is basically the “about” section for your brand. It’s supposed to ease the work of the reporters by telling them all they need to know about your brand. With a well-written boilerplate, they can identify and recognize you. They’ll know what you do and, most importantly, they can contact you easily for more details.

To demonstrate that you have reporters’ and journalists’ interests at heart, make sure you always add a boilerplate. You can use the same boilerplate for several press releases and revise it a few times a year when there’s a new development at your company. Remember that the boilerplate goes at the end of your press release and includes your contact details.

5) Include a call-to-action

It’s always important to keep in mind what you want your audience to do after they’ve read your press release. Would you like them to visit your website and check your new fashion line out? Or would you like them to sign up to your mailing list so that you can update them as soon as you launch the new fashion collection? Perhaps you would like them to claim a discount on one or more items in this fashion line.

Regardless of what it is you want your readers to do, it’s important to mention this clearly in form of a call to action. Keep in mind that recent research has proven that the average person deals with several distractions every day. If a reader gets to the end of your press release and doesn’t have any indication of the next steps to take, they’ll just move on to the next distraction.

Very few people will follow up on your story by looking for ways to connect with your brand and get their hands on your products if you don’t tell them how. And even if they do, it might be months down the line, only after they’ve seen lots of content from your brand. By including a call-to-action in your press release, you can not only make your audience’s life easier but also convert more leads into paying customers.

Dos and Don’ts for writing your press release


  • Be specific when writing your content
  • Make it simple and avoid fluff and fillers
  • Incorporate relevant multimedia such as images
  • Speak to your audiences directly
  • Distribute your content through media like newspapers, magazines, and social media, among others


  • Include essential details at the end of the press release
  • Leave out relevant details
  • Overstuff your content with graphics, too many colors, and different fonts

Over to you

Writing a press release doesn’t need to be a daunting process. With these tips, you can tell journalists all they need to know without losing them halfway through.

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