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We consult and develop a Facebook ad including:
  • Ad text
  • Target Audience
  • Stock image
  • Upload to Ads Manager
  • Facebook Pixel



We consult and develop 4 different Facebook ads including:
  • Ad text
  • 2 Target Audiences 
  • 4 Stock images
  • Upload to Ads Manager
  • Facebook Pixel



We consult and develop 6 different Facebook ads including:
  • Ad text
  • 3 Target Audiences 
  • 6 Stock images
  • Upload to Ads Manager
  • Facebook Pixel

Frequently asked questions about Facebook Advertising

What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook Advertising is widely regarded as one the most affordable ways to advertise online and this is certainly true in comparison with other ad services such as Google Ads. Facebook is equipped with a powerful targeting system that helps reach out to a narrowed down target audience.

At a time when Facebook has algorithmically reduced the reach of posts to audiences, anyone running a business using a Facebook page needs to set aside a budget for Facebook advertising if they intend to make a profit. Pages that have 1 million likes now can no longer reach even a tenth of that audiences without setting up paid posts or promoted content.

How does Facebook Advertising work?

As part of a Facebook Ads campaign, you can promote your page, individual posts  or your website.

Facebook Ads can target users based on their demographic, location and interests based on their personal profiles. After creating the perfect ad, you can set a suitable budget and bid for each impression or click that your advert will receive in return.

What text should you use for a Facebook Ad?

Facebook Ads need clear and concise text to attract clicks from online users. The body of this ad will only allow for 90 characters so the main focus is to convey the right information.

For most marketers, there is a formula called AIDA which can help with writing this text:

Attention – Write a captivating headline that attracts attention.

Interest – Explain the benefits that will gather interest from online users.

Desire – Create desire for your product with an enticing offer such as a discount or free trial.

Action – Use a call to action.

Does Facebook Ads really work?

Many people (and marketers) fail to generate a sufficient return on investment when they try Facebook ads for the first time. For this reasons, they assume that Facebook ads does not work.

However, Facebook Ads can be extremely effective when created and targeted the right way.

At the same time, some business models are not a good fit for Facebook Ads.

Facebook ads are more like display ads than search ads. They should be used to generate demand, not fulfill it. Users are on Facebook to connect with their friends, not to find products to buy.

How should you target Facebook Ads?

Most people make their first mistake by not targeting their Facebook Ads correctly.

Facebook Ads can use various options to target online users such as age, location, gender, language, education and interests.

Targeting can be changed according to the performance of the ad.

But what does a "good" Facebook Ad look like?

Anyone can make a Facebook Ad but it’s important to focus on how to get people to click on your ad and buy your product or service.

You need to have a high quality image with some strategic text overlay and a carefully written ad which outlines the clear benefits of the product or service.

While Facebook offers a nice variety of interests which you can target, do not target a broad market. Choose smaller groups of people that cost less to reach.

What kind of image should be used in a Facebook Ad?

Stock photography should be avoided whenever possible and you must use high quality images (100 x 72 pixels). For this reason, you should either create or purchase a high quality picture. You need to ensure the image is realistic and “believable”.

Should you have more than one Facebook Ad?

Yes, you should use at least three difference ads with the same interests in each one. With the results from these ads, you can collect data relating to the number of impressions or clicks and remove ads with the lowest click-through rates (CTR). Just so you know, 0.1% is a good CTR.

How can you get started on Facebook Ads?

Well, you could start experimenting but contacting Pressfarm can accelerate the process and get you the desired results as quick as possible.

Now, are you ready to get started with your Facebook advertising? Get started!

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