The number of people reselling SEO services on digital marketplaces has increased, as has the demand. With this, digital marketing agencies and businesses must make the best competitive decision to avoid missing out on potential sales. This blog post will focus on the factors marketing agencies should take into consideration when choosing a reseller service provider.

1. The Type of Market They Want to Target

An agency should identify the type of audience they want to target. If the marketing agency wants to target a specific market, it is best to get in touch with a reseller that caters to that particular audience. For instance, if the marketing agency wants to target the wine industry, they would want their SEO services seller to show them how they can build high-performance websites based on keywords relevant to this market’s audience.

2. The Competitiveness of The Market They Are Going After

To get to the top of search engine rankings, the marketing agency must understand the kind of competition they’ll face in their chosen vertical. If the target market is highly competitive, it’s best to choose an SEO services seller with years of experience and a proven track record for success. This will allow them to better predict how their services will perform when launched against a high-performance marketplace.

3. The Pricing Model They Prefer

Pricing is an essential aspect that a marketing agency needs to consider. The reseller’s pricing structure will significantly affect the results they can expect during the initial launch and throughout their SEO campaign. For instance, if a marketing agency chooses a service plan that charges them based on performance, this allows the reseller to have more flexibility to aggressively beat their competitors’ campaigns at the top of search engine rankings. This will enable them to have a better chance of striking an eventual deal with the resell SEO services they are considering.

4. The Response Time They Want

The time it takes for a reseller to respond to inquiries is another crucial factor that a marketing agency must consider when choosing their reseller. After all, nobody wants to wait days before a company attends to them. When choosing a reseller, the faster they can respond, the better. This speaks to their communication ability, proving their utmost dedication to providing top-notch customer service.

5. The Accessibility of The Support Team

Choosing a reseller with a support team that is accessible via email is best. The support team is essential because a marketing agency will have questions and concerns they want answers to while running their SEO campaign. Marketing agencies should also consider how they respond to their emails. After all, nobody wants to wait days or weeks before they get an answer to their queries regarding SEO services.

6. The SEO Services Seller’s Agency Location

A marketing agency should also consider how accessible a reseller’s support team is via phone during the initial launch of their SEO campaign. Essentially, the agency should consider the quality of service they can expect when calling them in case of difficulties or emergencies during the campaign’s stage. For instance, let’s assume a marketing agency knows that the SEO services seller has a location in the United States. They should consider this when choosing their reseller. It will allow them to rest assured that they will be able to receive the SEO services on time and within budget.

7. The Agency’s Previous Experiences with The Reseller

The agency should also consider whether or not they’ve worked with the reseller before. Working with a reseller who has worked with the agency’s team will help them be more confident in their decision and make their choice easier when choosing an SEO reseller. On the other hand, if a marketing agency does not know whether or not they have worked with a reseller before, they should follow up and do some research on this. It will allow them to be more confident in deciding who they should hire as their SEO services seller.


Analyzing the factors mentioned above is crucial for marketing agencies to avoid making mistakes when choosing their SEO reseller. They can make informed decisions that will help them select the best reseller for their marketing agency.