Public relations is vital for cryptocurrency projects these days, and crypto PR is a key aspect of all blockchain projects. Therefore, whether you are gearing up for the launch of an ICO, IDO, or IEO, you’ll need various PR strategies to market each. For this reason, it’s essential to master various PR marketing techniques for cryptocurrency, especially if you’re unveiling a new project.

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Crypto PR agencies like Pressfarm utilize various schemes to deliver exceptional strategies. In this article, we’ll look into key factors to consider before launching your PR campaign. We’ll also assess various tactics that crypto PR marketers leverage.

Key factors to consider before launching a Crypto PR campaign

  • Competition

A PR marketing campaign for crypto products is not only built for building awareness but also for keeping up with rivals. Since this industry is quite competitive, it pays to have the right campaign strategy. Speaking of campaigns, many crypto projects fail for one reason – creating inaccurate marketing content. In some cases, this content also targets the wrong audience.

There are also times when crypto developers fail to reach the target blockchain communities via their ICO content. As a result, it’s challenging to deliver and maximize project/token promotion. The reality is that mastering crypto PR is an immense task that needs a significant amount of time, otherwise all your efforts might land flat.

It’s therefore essential to seek an expert opinion as you plan to launch. Help from agencies with precise tools and experience in this field guarantees you access to resourceful tips on crypto PR. They’ll help you develop newsworthy content, guest posts, and press releases.

  • Type of content

You need to develop content that is in line with various phases of the buyer’s journey for your project. With well-written PR articles, you have an opportunity to expand your market gradually. Even so, with over 5000 crypto products in the market and all over the mainstream, standing out is challenging. Luckily, with the help of PR firms like Pressfarm, you can boost your marketing campaign, conversion rate, and sales.

  • Ads banning

There are various platforms that no longer allow crypto developers to showcase their products to their target audience. As such, crypto PR agencies leverage strategic media to promote crypto products. For instance, you can share crypto messages with ease on platforms like Reddit and Telegram.

  • Use disruptive PR tactics

Though blockchain technology that drives cryptocurrencies is still undergoing development, this technology has already proven how effective it can be for innovation. By leveraging blockchain tech, crypto companies can create disruptive PR campaigns to outdo their competitors.

When communicating with target clients, crypto PR firms rely on informal communication channels. That’s because their objective is to be straightforward while creating captivating and engaging content.

Crypto PR strategies

There are tons of ways you can market your crypto products through PR campaigns. Let’s talk about a few crucial techniques you can leverage to market your tokens.

  • Airdrop

One of the effective ways of marketing your crypto products is via airdrop. This involves awarding free tokens to members of the crypto community as a way of encouraging them to adopt your product. When you award free tokens, news about your new product will spread faster.

Even though this technique can be quite costly, the significant impact is worth noting. In other words, you should focus on the outcomes instead of the cost. This will be an effective pointer on whether the technique is worth holding onto or letting go of.

  • Referral codes

As with the airdrop strategy, a referral strategy uses free tokens to market new crypto products. This involves encouraging your clients to refer as many people as possible. Once they meet all the requirements that you’ve set out, they’ll get a given percentage of tokens as a reward.

  • Embrace social media

Many crypto enthusiasts, including tech diehards, have accounts on various social media channels. Therefore, if you’re looking for prospects for your new crypto product, you must consider being active on social media. To effectively create a social media profile, consider using popular social platforms like GitHub, Twitter, Discord, Reddit, and Facebook.

Since each platform has unique ways of showcasing your products to prospects, you must use a personalized approach. This means producing specific content that is adapted to each platform. For instance, you’ll need to leverage subreddits in Reddit to reach a community of crypto traders.

  • Community building

Community development is essential when it comes to unveiling new products in the market. When you’re doing crypto PR, it’s a noteworthy technique with the potential to deliver great results. Creating a community and engaging them enhances the credibility of your project. What’s more, the community come in handy when it’s time to create hype for your products. With an engaged crypto community, the awareness of your product will increase even further.

To develop a crypto community, you need a few fanatics who will market your idea. This campaign will help you attract prospective members. Remember, community development is not something you can rush. It’s a slow and gradual process that needs patience and reliable management expertise.

Speaking of expertise, you need to work with professionals for this strategy to be successful. Working with an experienced crypto PR firm will do the trick. PR experts who know what it takes to build an engaged community can help you create a reliable and engaging crypto community for your products.

Any project must support community engagement, and this is doubly important with crypto projects. By evaluating the kind of community engagement you’re getting, you will have a rough idea of the market response to your incoming product.

  • Utilize performance metrics

A key feature when working on crypto PR techniques is performance metrics. With the right performance measuring tool, you can tell which strategy is succeeding and which one is lagging. The major performance indicators you need to follow up on include content SEO and site visitors. Furthermore, you can also consider brand awareness among the major performance indicators.

  • Develop a cohesive brand identity

For starters, research the content your target customers prefer including where they find it. With these pieces of information, you can develop the best strategy for creating similar content plus the best way to deliver it. Creating relevant and valuable content and delivering it consistently helps in gaining your audience’s trust.

What’s more, when you have a reputation for quality content, community members will also look up to you as a prospective leader in the field of cryptocurrencies. With this strategy, you have the opportunity to draw the attention of prospective customers. Even better, this technique will have a significant impact on lead generation.

Nevertheless, developing an authoritative brand identity is not that simple. It’s a challenging task that requires a certain level of expertise in this field. This is where partnering with a crypto PR company can be resourceful. With a partnership of this kind, you can ensure that you have quality content that is informative and engaging enough to stand out from the noise. Furthermore, such companies will help you to create compelling releases, guest posts, creative pieces, and PR posts. All of this is content that you can use for marketing in crypto media.

  • SEO

There are multiple ways to boost search engine optimization. In this case, SEO is essential if you want to improve the visibility of your crypto products. If you are working with professionals in this industry, they will know how to boost your SEO for maximum impact.

Oftentimes, they would use this strategy to optimize content with specific terms (keywords). With these keywords, people can easily locate your items on the search engine results page. Before you decide what keywords to optimize for, it’s important to do research on the most popular keywords in your niche. From there, you can choose low-difficulty, high-ranking keywords and use these to boost your content.

Effective keyword research entails discovering the words that people use when searching for the products you’re offering. When you leverage SEO well, you’ll draw potential leads to your platform. Also, the right SEO tactics will direct more organic traffic to your site.

  • Design a website

These days, developing a website is a critical step when you’re launching a crypto project. A website will provide you with a platform where you can feature your content and products. Once it’s ready to use, you must include crypto sales content that includes a combination of blog posts and visual content. Crypto content needs to be quite informative if you want to earn trust in the industry.

The right kind of content will establish you as an expert in this field and prove that you are worth trusting. However, if you don’t have the expertise to develop content, you can hire experts. They’ll not only help you to develop the website but also create relevant content and publish it.

  • Develop relationships with crypto PR experts

Public relations in general involves developing a relationship with various media outlets or experts. More specifically, it involves cultivating relationships with various cryptocurrency media outlets. When you partner with media experts, they’ll help you spread your brand message to prospective audiences.

Furthermore, positive coverage of your brand in the media portrays you as an expert and a reliable source. As a result, you end up drawing the attention of more audience members to your site. By developing positive relationships with the right media professionals, you can give your marketing campaigns a much-needed boost.

BONUS tips

  • Track the market trends

It’s essential to note that trends in the marketplace can dictate the type of marketing strategy you can employ successfully. Please note that market trends also affect the consumer response to products. For instance, a positive market trend like successful crypto sales can inspire cryptocurrency investors and entrepreneurs to invest. However, if there’s a market crash, then expect investors to be reluctant to try new opportunities.

Additionally, when there’s a looming crypto winter, you can expect low adoption of your crypto product throughout that season. Even with intense analysis and comprehensive market predictions, the crypto market remains volatile. However, market trends can help you shape up your marketing effort and still enjoy desirable outcomes even during crypto winters.

  • Watch out for the crypto winter

Experts usually warn investors and crypto traders that they should prepare for the next crypto winter. Crypto winter refers to that point when the value of cryptocurrencies drops significantly. How severe can they be? Well, you can expect a market crash to be a 20 to 50% drop in value.

Given the cyclical nature of the crypto industry, this industry is bound to experience a deep dive that will significantly affect the crypto value. However, fiat currencies are not safe either. On the contrary, many fiat currencies experience an impact when crypto winter hints.

The impact of a crypto winter is devastating. According to history, you should be expecting an 80% plus price drop. Furthermore, it could last for almost a year before the crypto value begins to rise again.

This shouldn’t deter you from investing in crypto. If anything, it’s advised that you should regulate how much you’re spending in this industry.

  • Participate in crypto events

Have you ever spoken at a conference – more specifically a crypto event? Well, it’s about time you acquired the confidence to speak in a public gathering. Crypto events provide a potential avenue where you can launch an effective PR campaign and succeed. At these events, you have a valuable opportunity to connect with traders, crypto enthusiasts, and investors.

However, if being there in person is too costly, consider attending and hosting virtual events. With the right connections, you can host or attend a crypto event, and mingle with members without being there. Virtual events save time, and they require fewer resources and financial support. Additionally, they allow you the flexibility to choose crypto events that are specific to your niche, giving you a chance to contribute actively.


Crypto PR campaign strategies have a special role to play in marketing your new project or cryptocurrency. To deliver these strategies, consider the techniques we’ve looked at. While some of them are simple for novices, some strategies require expert help. Therefore, where you need professional help, make sure you get it.