As we near the end of a rather tumultuous year with mainly having to keep a social distance and stay inside for most, we are slowly running out of new creative things to keep ourselves busy. We have tried everything from binging Netflix, working from home, and learning a new skill. However, while we as adults generally have better control of our emotions and attitudes towards certain situations, children do not. They are still going through fundamental developmental factors that we adults take for granted.

From a young age, children have been given some type of creative tool to express themselves, whether in school or at home. It can keep them busy, and research has shown that drawing has proven to have many development benefits for children. While other forms of expression exist, drawing seems to be an activity that comes naturally and inspires creativity among many children, and can lead to future development in the craft. Art and its creation have existed for so many years, but combine technology and AI, and it is a hit for Generation Zs.

Knowing about the “dependency” that many people have, especially children, with technology these days, a team of California-based engineers and product designers created DrawBo, a robot specifically designed to make drawing a joyful entertainment for children so that they will eventually have the confidence to draw anything.

What tends to be a big issue when it comes to creative tasks is the frustration of not getting it exactly right, not having the image look how the artist wants it to look. However, by using DrawBo, users can learn how to draw a specific image line by line until they gain confidence. That boost of confidence is significant in a child’s development process because when a child can create physical representations of what is in their imagination, they will gain confidence. It helps them feel motivated, self-worthy and validated.

Using the technological language of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Algorithms that Generation Z understands way more than past generations, the DrawBo device and its accompanying app provide an easy and straightforward way to learn how to draw.

Once the DrawBo goes through its easy setup, the user can choose and upload any picture from its 500+ image gallery ranging from different skill levels. The device will conceive the image and identify the other parts of the drawing. The app is very user-friendly and allows the parent/user to choose the image to be drawn, but they can also select the length of pauses between each step of the learning process based on the child’s age and drawing skills.

The DrawBo is currently in its Kickstarter campaign phase and has already been considered a Staff Pick on Kickstarter. With so many crowdfunding campaigns happening on Kickstarter, becoming a Staff Pick is not an easy feat. However, because of its compelling nature and other factors, the DrawBo was chosen by Kickstarter’s editorial team out of hundreds of project videos launched to be featured on Kickstarter.

With a pledge of $149, people will receive a DrawBo along with 500+ images in-App to choose from. For people that are interested in finding more about the DrawBo Kickstarter campaign and why it has been chosen as a Staff Pick can click here for more information.

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