Let’s discover the most successful marketing strategies for online courses. Read on for tips to work do online education promotion.

With the development of digital technologies, online education has become an integral part of our lives. You can even graduate from university online. There are plenty of online platforms and courses such as Coursera, Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, Skillshare and many others. But how to promote your essay writing online course among the many educational platforms? Let’s discover some marketing strategies for online course:

Target audience for online education promotion

The most important part of online education promotion is determining your target audience. You need to know the image of your ideal customer. Create a Buyer person. This technique helps you to understand the physical portrait of your student.

Create your site and use statistics from there

There are many ways to create your site. You can divide this job to developers. Marketing instruments are easier to use with a professional site. But also there is an option to create a site in the site builder. It is cheaper, but you will have limited options with some marketing instruments. If you don’t know your audience – install Google and Bing Analytics on your site. So you can collect some statistical information about your users. Also, many social networks have their own statistics, which you can collect.

You must create content according to the needs of your audience if you want to succeed at online education promotion. Use the appropriate tone of voice. If your client is looking for written work – give them all information about where they can find the instruments for their homework. Write an exciting post and explain what is the reason to pay for an essay. Describe all advantages: high quality, unique texts and customer support. You always meet the deadline, when you get your essay online. Also, you can create some content with useful tips for essay creation and study life hacks. Don’t focus only on the content about the essay. If your main target audience are students – try to create useful content for them. If you do not have a page on popular networks- it is the best time to create it. Do not forget about YouTube, many students look for some videos about essays there.

Find the place where your audience spends time

It is very important to provide the information in a comfortable way and place for successful online education promotion. Check the popular places where your clients spend time. It could be TikTok or some Facebook Community, maybe Instagram. Also do not ignore the physical places: the University, the Campus, popular student’s cafes, and parks. Digital marketing instruments make education closer to the user. It helps to connect the student with the problem with its solution. Create a content plan for your postings. Make a post on your social media regularly.

Digital Marketing Strategies to Use for Online Education Promotion


If you know your consumer, you can find out who is popular among your audience and check the most popular trends for students. Once you’ve identified what kind of content they enjoy, you can use this for online education promotion.

Not only singers and actors are popular. Many students create content on social media and have an engaged audience. Try to cooperate with bloggers. Pay attention to audience engagement, not only to the number of followers.

You can try to collaborate with educational platforms and other courses. They are also looking for the possibility to expand their services.

Check the competitors

If you have a site you can check your direct and indirect competitors. To find out how to beat them at online education promotion, then you need to think like a potential student. Check their advantages and disadvantages. The porter 5 forces model will help you to understand your place in the market and how to market an online course. So if you know your strengths- you can sell them better. Try to work with indirect competitors. Create relationships with companies that work in a different price segment or produce alternative services similar to yours, but not the same. You can successfully complement each other. It is always better to have more influence in the market and involve their customers in your service.

Digital Marketing Strategies to Use for Online Education Promotion

SEO vs. PPC for online education promotion

If you know your target audience and need quick results – you can create a PPC campaign. There are many social media, which provide such opportunities. Bing, Google, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok all have PPC ADS. But if you want to be on the top page in the browser, do not forget about SEO. Because PPC works only when you pay for it. SEO is an investment. You invest in boosting your position in a search browser.

Your choose PPC:

  • If you are looking for fast results.
  • If you are ready to pay for your Ads.
  • If you know your target audience.

Your choose SEO:

  • If you are looking for stable results.
  • If you are ready to pay money for your future development.
  • Possible to start SEO without knowing your buyer persona.


Reviews play an important role in successful online education promotion. Always respond to reviews.

Even negative reviews give you important information about your service. You know, what you should change to make it better. Be online with your user. There are many people who prefer to order something from social media. Also, work with your competitor’s reviews. Always check the negative review of your competitor- you will know their weakness. And you can develop this side better in your company.


Online education promotion provides a great opportunity to develop your educational course. You can create and develop your social media networks. Do a collaboration with the popular influencers and educational platforms. Working with SEO and PPC also gives you great results. The most important thing is to know everything about your services and your customers. That helps to create a successful marketing campaign.