A lot of startups face high churn rates during the customer’s digital journey. These are mostly caused by dissatisfaction during the onboarding process. Unlike brick-and-mortar stores where the products are available in the display areas and it is easy for customers to pick what they want, online businesses are a whole different ball game.

Creating a streamlined process is integral to preventing these customers from leaving as soon as they sign up. You need to make sure that the process you take them through from the moment they sign up to when they achieve a positive outcome with your product is as streamlined as possible. The goal of the startup needs to be based along on helping customers achieve their most-desired outcome. Unfortunately, a lot of customers won’t be happily patient if you take forever to get them to that point. You must strike the rod while it’s hot.

How is your startup losing money through the digital journey that you take customers through?

a) Lacking a concrete digital strategy

Do you know the best way your customers can reach each level in your onboarding sales funnel? If you don’t, they won’t know either. If you expose customers to a journey that is not concrete, they are going to be complaining about a bad customer experience. Even worse, they might abandon their carts before they purchase or request refunds right after they have purchased.

The journey from one level to another needs to be smooth and swift. Simplicity wins it here. A lot of customers will absolutely avoid any complex processes.

b) Collecting the wrong data from your tools

If you run an online business, you will know that there is no way to survive in an online business without the data provided by the various analytics tools online. From traffic stats to most visited pages, most clicked buttons, etc, these tools are all piling information upon information. All you need to do is analyze the data, find specific metrics and messages from the data, then act upon it to drive growth for your company. Customers leave feedback both directly or indirectly on these tools.

c) Hard-to-find information

As you design your website, do you consider the customer in mind? If you do, you will put all the important information where it can easily be found. Be it a mobile app or a web application, the data needs to be easily reachable. A lot of customer support emails have been seen to actually emanate from a poor arrangement of information on the site. Ensure that all information that might be required by a customer is easy to find: from FAQs to benefits and features.

What are some other ways you think startups are losing money due to a poorly developed digital journey?