The legal world is multi-layered and very complex. There is an almost infinite number of reasons why one may require the services of a solicitor. While there are far too many to include in this short guide. We will try to discuss some of the most prominent reasons for the usage of a solicitor. A solicitor, unlike a barrister, does not defend people in court, but rather, handles and manages the paperwork and the responsibilities of filing for cases. Solicitors are a British term, and the term is not found outside of the United Kingdom.

Accident Claims

Accident claims are one of the most common reasons one may require the services of a solicitor. The American equivalent of a solicitor is a lawyer, and like lawyers, solicitors handle the office-based duties of your case, and if it were to go to accident court, you would require the services of a barrister [the American equivalent being an attorney]. Accident claims can be very drawn out and laborious, which is why solicitors are required to handle them. As a barrister would be far too busy to handle these kinds of cases.

Criminal Offences

As to be expected of this guide, one of the main fundamental reasons that people require the services of a solicitor is criminal offenses, whether they are the guilty party, or they are accusing a secondary part of being guilty. Solicitors will attend the police station and ask you what has happened – or equally – attend your home or place of work [or you theirs] to find out what has happened. They will relay the information onto their barristers, who will meet you personally before representing you in court [should the matter reach court]. Solicitors will handle the day-to-day paperwork for your case and manage it for you.


Immigration cases are almost exclusively dealt with by solicitors. But as with the other examples mentioned, are represented by barristers in the courtroom. If you have been experiencing difficulty with your immigration status or have been remanded to the custody of a deportation center, your first point of call should be an immigration solicitor, unless, of course, you have no intention of contesting your case and accept the deportation. In most cases, however, these cases are contested. Solicitors will be able to help you massively with any of your queries about immigration.

Land Law

If you are contesting a plot of land or believe your right of way has been infringed upon by a careless landowner. Then it’s time for you to call a solicitor. Land law cases are another of the many cases solicitor’s handle. You will be able to find a local solicitor’s firm to aid you in your claim, and should you have grounds for a case, they will help you to proceed and manage your case, with a barrister representing you in court [as always]. Land law is a very common reason for lawsuits in the United Kingdom. Due to its many public rights of ways.

Now, with the help of this page, you know a few reasons why you may want to use a solicitor. Hopefully, you will never have to use this guide for legal matters. It can just be something new you have learned. Stay on the right side of the law; the wrong side bears no fruit.