When it comes to modern marketing or advertising, many people think about websites, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), and Google Ads. They also consider the power of social media, with its Instagram and Facebook Ads. Many others publicize their online stores, be they on Spotify or Amazon.

In view of the potential global audience available through e-commerce, it might be tempting to dismiss the more traditional forms of advertising. In reality, however, anyone who believes it has had its day is mistaken. There are opportunities provided by such mediums as posters and magazine adverts that remain totally unique and relevant today. If you’re still unconvinced, read on: this article is for you.

Commercial Signs

For decades people have been able to travel across towns and cities, reading strategically placed posters. When it comes to commercial signs there are still specialist websites that provide consultations on everything from LED displays and storefront signs to vehicle wraps and signs for pylons and offices. Reader boards have great flexibility because the owners can change the wording regularly – be it for a church, school, or public building. At night, whilst many things outdoors become hard to read, backlit signs can ‘corner the market.’ Whether it’s a person on a bus, taxi, train, or someone sitting in a parking lot, there is a captive audience looking to engage their interest.


Paper adverts can gain a front-row seat in peoples’ homes – if only for an instant. Some people argue that with online marketing you can track your sales more easily. In reality, voucher codes in flyers can help identify where the customers are coming from. This can assist businesses in discovering the best neighborhoods to target with future mailing campaigns.

There’s no need to be put off by the need for complex pictures and adverts in flyers. Their main role is to convey a message and to generate a call to action in the few seconds before the flyer is binned.

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Cold Calling

People may believe the day of cold callers is dead, especially now more restrictive legislation has been passed. Whilst this is true, the method has survived by changing its tactics. Nowadays the potential lies in the area of contacting warm leads: people who have previously expressed an interest in the product or service.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems such as Salesforce enable companies to track all their dealings with people from start to finish. They can also help ensure that warm leads are followed up and not forgotten. As most companies know, it’s easier to keep an existing customer than to actively seek a new one. The key is to provide a suitable script when calling and to do so at the right time. The warm caller needs to be human, punchy, and proactive.

Newspaper Advertising

Many people believe that people don’t read newspapers anymore. They assume that everyone receives the news online, and finds out what’s happening via social media. These views are actually mistaken, and according to Nielsen research, 70% of the population still reads newspapers. This is partly because there has been so much fake news online, whilst people continue to have trust in the papers.

Both national and local newspapers still provide an opportunity to advertise a company’s products. Niche marketing continues to be seen as a powerful tool for online advertising. In a similar way, specialist publications provide a great arena for specialist products and services.

Television Advertising

This has occurred since the inception of TV. Most households possess televisions, whether they are used for live programs or streaming services. Their audience can outstrip radio programs and local newspapers in terms of numbers.

Specialist programs can be perfect for specialist products. If a series is hugely popular with a specific target audience, a company can ride the crest of the wave with its customized adverts.

Multiple Channel Advertising

The principles for being effective with traditional advertising are the same as those for online marketing. Whilst one method may be working (LED signs, television adverts, billboards) this power can be multiplied by using several channels simultaneously. This helps raise people’s awareness and encourages sales.

Some people need to see the bait several times before they bite, and omnichannel advertising can be key here. As always, it’s vital to do the research and to know your target audience. All that then remains is to reach the people where and when they are looking. A blend of traditional and online advertising could also prove beneficial. Each chosen method could send the potential customers to the same place: the website’s sales pages.