DesignBro is already very well positioned as a global player in the graphic design industry. However, given that people’s jobs have moved to a more digital landscape, they want to grow further. This expansion will allow them to capitalize on the gig economy’s growth worldwide.

DesignBro is an online graphic design marketplace where clients and designers can collaborate on design projects effortlessly. It uses technology to ensure that customers always receive top-quality designs while having their files stored safely.

The new funding will be used to expand the portfolio of services offered. At the moment, they provide design services for logos, brand identity, packaging, websites, and many more. They are continuously looking for new ways to create a positive user experience.


The DesignBro founding team

The co-founders, Christiaan Huynen and Pieter-Jan Hoogendijk have created an easy-to-use and high-quality design platform that provides accessible content to businesses all over the world. Both co-founders already had many accomplishments before launching DesignBro. They were responsible for designing and delivering the first PostNL, API, and app and advising some of the world’s largest clients on branding and packaging design.

DesignBro’s success can also be attributed to the intense screening process used to choose designers to work on the platform. Out of all the applicants, the creative team handpicks only 5%, qualified designers. This helps them to maintain their standards. Designers can apply to join DesignBro whether they are talented young designers. An experienced freelancer, or a designer looking for more work on the side. Even so, they need to submit a high-quality portfolio to be considered. After they have been selected, they work with clients to create quality custom-made designs.

The design industry is competitive by nature, but DesignBro takes it to a whole other level. Not only do they work with top designers, but they also provide extra features for clients to pick their perfect designer match. By limiting the number of uploads from designers, they make sure that only the best designs are featured. Their Happy Client Policy ensures that clients are happy and satisfied with all designs on the platform. Clients also have the option of creating a Non-Disclosure Agreement at an additional cost.

Quality designs at a freelance price

DesignBro’s mission is to deliver quality designs at a freelance price while empowering designers everywhere. By building a curated portfolio of high-quality designers from all over the world, they can connect with clients globally, regardless of their gender, age, or nationality. DesignBro hopes that by making quality the central pillar of their vision, they can build a better future for both designers and clients.

With the introduction of crowdsourcing online, DesignBro also believes that designers worldwide should be entitled to fair work, with fair pay. With their experience, the co-founders knew that the design industry could be a tough place. They also knew that there are other platforms out there that just weren’t that attractive for designers.

The team wanted to create a platform that also helped creative workers. Successful applicants can earn up to $4000 per month depending on experience level and commitment.

Whether you have a small, medium, or large business, DesignBro understands your needs. Their team of top designers is always available to lend a helping hand. Once the design process is complete, clients receive their full-copyright, production-ready files.

With high standards and attention to detail, DesignBro is well on its way to becoming a global leader for graphic design services. The DesignBro team is committed to continuously finding new and innovative ways to help brands and the design community as well. They are focused not only on the quality of designs but also on the quality of life for both designers and companies looking to enhance their digital footprint.

For more information about the DesignBro online platform, you can connect with them on Instagram.