While the blockchain industry presents irresistible investment opportunities, many projects launch without a carefully crafted IEO marketing strategy. With no defined marketing plan and a set budget, they always lose their investments.

To avoid being a victim of your own making in the crypto space, it’s important to have a plan. This is especially true if you’re launching an IEO. You need the best marketing plan to boost your IEO. It’s also important to build an active community and a solid foundation before you rush into generating traffic.

In order for your project to get traction, you must develop an IEO campaign plan and deploy it. Once it has enough traction in the market, success is imminent. However, an IEO campaign is a continuous objective and not something you achieve once. It requires total focus and constant updates following the trends in the crypto space. That’s what it takes to achieve optimum exposure.

In this text, we will cover the necessary steps you can take to kick-start your IEO campaign from scratch:

Before we look at these strategies, let’s talk about what an IEO is. What are the goals of an IEO campaign? Let’s talk about this, among other essential details about this fundraising model.

What’s an IEO?

The well-known ICO is the most popular fundraising model in the crypto space, followed closely by an IEO and STO. To run an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering), you’ll need a crypto exchange platform. Typically, the exchanges seek funds for startups or companies with this financial model. Before that, your project must fulfill certain requirements, and among them is paying the listing fee.

IEO goals 

  • Boosting traffic for your IEO project
  • Creating an engaged community for your project, not just participants from airdrops and bounty campaigns
  • Building awareness for your IEO project
  • Helping fulfill your IEO project goals

IEO marketing strategies in 2022

Below are some of the most sought-after IEO marketing strategies in 2022. Let’s review them:

1) Developing a fully optimized site

Your project site determines how the users will perceive your project when they visit it for the first time.  Therefore, it’s worth maximizing the effectiveness of your website. Having a website is critical for earning credibility before you even focus on creating a good first impression. After all, every investor expects a crypto project to have a dedicated business site. Without it, your project is not worth their investment.

Once the site is ready, then you can focus on the first impression. By all means, employ the best techniques to ensure you exceed user expectations. When they come there looking for project information, blow their mind with something they don’t expect. You can do this with insightful content or an appealing website design. Regardless of the extra features you include, ensure you leave a lasting impression.

Also, ensure the cause you’re championing inspires people to invest in your project. After all, that’s the primary goal of IEO marketing. Speaking of the cause, three things must come out clearly in your campaigns:

  • Security – you need a project with a powerful security system that’s hacker-proof. Investors would love to know whether their investment will be safe in your project.
  • Quick turnaround – the primary reason for investment is generating profits. Therefore, you need present the timeline of your project and indicate how you’ll achieve every task.
  • Clear structure – a project without a clear structure is bound to fail. To avoid losing your investment, work with your project development team to ensure they get this right.

Here are essential features that a website in current times needs to succeed:

  • Mobile-friendly

The use of mobile devices to browse has become a norm. Therefore, creating a site that’s compatible with mobile devices is important. If you have a site that’s less responsive to mobile devices, you’ll lose out on prospects.

  • High loading speed

A slow-loading site can cost you a significant amount of visitors coming to your site. In the current age of super-fast internet connections, all online users expect your site to be fast. If it proves otherwise, they’ll move on to the next option.

Luckily, you can make a few adjustments to your site and boost its speed. Unfortunately, this is a solution that only developers can provide. Besides speed, pay attention to the site’s responsiveness and image stability.

  • White paper

A white paper is a crucial document that your site can’t afford to go without. A white paper is like an encyclopedia for your project. Using this document, investors can discover vital information about your project. The white paper contains the following:

    • Relevant project information
    • Project team
    • Token model
    • Business plan
    • The technology you are using

2) PR

Close ties with reporters and journalists are handy when leveraging traditional PR techniques through the press. Likewise, you can invest in paid press to generate similar results. Paid press will help with project visibility and awareness.

Crypto marketing companies belong to the paid category. They can develop compelling marketing content and share inspiring stories about your project. Moreover, they can help with content distribution across various channels.

Of course, all IEO projects leverage the same technology, but the uniqueness comes in the development process. As you’re developing content for your IEO, it’s helpful to talk about the nitty-gritties – what makes your project different from the rest. Additionally, you can describe the founders’ expectations, especially if it’s newsworthy.

When you’re building trust, there’s no need to acquire it through buying many followers. A good agency will assist you with community building. Furthermore, they can help with incorporating SEO elements and implementing PR strategies.

They’ll make sure your IEO projects benefit from proper exposure by using ideal keywords with both internal and external content. Such content includes articles and blog posts that promote your project and boost its exposure to the public. The more often your project gets mentioned in various places, the better its reputation becomes.

In order to gain maximum traction, it’s important to combine IEO event campaigns with PR marketing. That’s not all – timing and good coordination also play a part. Moreover, you should include your project in several crypto trackers. You’ve got to consider many other factors like budget limitations and paid versus free press coverage. You should also take into account the kind of relationship your choice of marketing agency has with renowned media before you start paying for their services.

3) Social media marketing

The best strategy that can kick-start an IEO campaign from scratch is social media marketing. It allows for easy targeting of investors and users with an interest in your project. What’s more, it makes it easy to engage your audiences. Most importantly, social media provides your project with an opportunity to reach the global community.

There are dozens of social media channels available for use online. However, you must be selective when launching your campaign. You should only focus on relevant channels with a significant size of crypto communities.

For instance, you can start with Bitcointalk. It’s a platform for crypto enthusiasts. To engage the audience, create quality posts about your IEO and your project in general and share them on this channel. Using their feedback and comments, you can make several adjustments to your project and improve it. You can replicate the same process on Telegram forums, but this time, you should have a dedicated group for the project.

On Twitter and Facebook, try an informational approach during your campaigns. It will help stir up the engagement and hype around your IEO project. Channels like LinkedIn, on the other hand, require a formal and professional approach. After all, this is where you speak to important audiences in the crypto industry like specialists, crypto evangelists, and investors.

Judging by the enormous amount of crypto promotion articles on this platform, Quora is a rewarding place to build an active online presence for your project. Twitter is perfect for organic promotion and building a following. Moreover, the level of engagement that crypto projects get on this social channel is commendable.

Reddit is a go-to channel for PR purposes. It’s a great platform to engage crypto enthusiasts because you can interact with these people in dozens of crypto communities available on this channel. Additionally, you can use LinkedIn for paid ads targeting a given group of crypto investors.

Quora is an excellent social channel for engaging the crypto community. You only need to discover crypto topics on the platform and contribute to them. The idea here is to stand out as an expert in your niche. Additionally, you can combine your answers to various questions with gentle marketing. This allows you to gain traffic for your IEO site.

Finally, you can use Facebook for promotion, community engagement, and gaining followers. However, this channel doesn’t support the direct marketing of crypto products. Using indirect techniques like Bounty campaigns, Giveaways, or Airdrops, you can drive significant traffic from this channel to your IEO site.

4) IEO influencer marketing

Influencer marketing can help you with IEO promotions and more. The crypto space consists of a great network of individuals with the same interests. If you can build positive relationships with these influencers, you can achieve a lot from influencer marketing.

Implementing a social media strategy with the help of the right influencers can yield impressive outcomes. For example, you can promote an IEO with TikTok and YouTube videos. While you can create them, promotional videos from third parties yield more results than those from a startup.

The investor community in the blockchain industry is an important place to start. When creating TikTok marketing clips, you should focus on authenticity, remain casual, and employ lots of humor. These are all things you can achieve effortlessly with the help of influencers.

You can leverage other means alongside influencing marketing to achieve your goal. For instance, you can employ incentives as a means to promote your project via crypto enthusiasts on social channels. In this case, you can start with those on TikTok. Strategies like AMAs, airdrops, contests, blog posts, and bounty campaigns are effective here.

Influencer marketing is incredibly effective at promoting your project. However, it only works when you choose the influencers you’re partnering with wisely. They’ll create effective marketing content with the power to draw the attention of thousands of prospects.

Additionally, they’ll use metrics to determine the level of engagement from various users. With these metrics, you’ll have a list of potential users to reach out to. You can also use successful campaign data as a convincing tool when contacting investors.

5) Listing on several exchanges

Listing with top exchanges is an important step toward gaining the trust of the community. It gives your project credibility within the community. Top exchanges like Huobi, Okex, and Binance are the best places for listing your project.

While this strategy is effective at reaching the target audience, it comes with a setback. Top-tier exchanges are not trusted by crypto investors. That’s because they don’t evaluate the crypto projects on their listing. Therefore, you may have to invest more effort in building trust and credibility for your project. If you have a substantial budget, promoting your project on several exchanges can yield results faster.

How Pressfarm can help

If you need help promoting an upcoming IEO for your project, Pressfarm is a great place to start.

Pressfarm is a PR agency that has experience working with crypto developers to create quality content that these developers can publish on their owned channels and distribute to media professionals within their niche. Using relevant information that you submit when you sign up, the team at Pressfarm can create professional press releases, fascinating guest posts, and branded media kits for you.

In addition to creating this content, the experts at Pressfarm can distribute this content widely. By sharing this content with the right media outlets, startup directories, and professional networks, the Pressfarm team can boost your online visibility. The goal of this distribution strategy is to make it easier for members of your target audience to find you through organic searches on various search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing!

You can also use custom media lists built by Pressfarm’s account executive to connect with the best crypto journalists. Combined with a database of 1 million+ journalists, bloggers, and influencers, these media lists can help you to keep doing media outreach long after Pressfarm has run your PR campaign.

If you’re a crypto brand, then partnering with a PR agency that has a track record of success with crypto products can make all the difference. One of Pressfarm’s PR packages could be just the right thing for you.

With Pressfarm’s help, you can perform optimally in other critical areas of your project that need your attention.