Most of the time when you strike an idea, you want it to be made to perfection before it can be released to the public customer relationships. Statistics show that it is very possible to spend a lot of time building out the wrong idea that ends up failing resulting in losses of money and time spent. In fact, according to CB Insights, 42% of startups fail because the idea was the wrong market-fit. As founders and entrepreneurs, the most pressing question then is how do you ensure the market actually needs your product before spending chunks of time and money on building out the product?

Initially, experts in the startup world have advised entrepreneurs to build out the minimum viable product (MVP) and ship it out to test the market. This is the bare minimum of the product. It would ideally not have any additional features aside from the core idea and feature it was built to perform. It takes less time, sometimes a couple of hours and is ready for shipping.

That works and is sometimes unavoidable when the product is a physical device or tool. However, when it comes to software as a service (Saas) ideas. Sometimes all you need is a landing page that can help you get initial traction. Determine the need for the service and figure out whether it would be worthwhile building the minimum viable product to get the business started and start sending out the PR emails.

Build A Great Landing Page

In order to build a great landing page, there are a couple of things to put in mind. Including but not limited to value proposition, target audience, who your market is. Where you will get potential customers, what copy you will use. The kind of design you will go for, and what tools you will need to construct the landing page.

You should understand that building a landing page without having the MVP. It is similar to promising a product you don’t currently have. However, if the MVP can be built out in a couple of days. You can track the initial traction on your landing page and get started on the product as soon as you can. To know more about this strategy, read: How to Validate Your Product Idea With Landing Page