According to the Report Linker study, the crypto market size is expanding progressively and cryptocurrency PR agencies are in higher demand than ever before. To put this into perspective, the crypto market is expected to hit the $2.2bn mark by 2026. That’s a significant increase from $1.6bln recorded in 2021. This data shows that blockchain technology has a promising future. Unfortunately, many crypto businesses are falling behind because they’re using poor tactics to gain user attention.

This is precisely why every crypto business owner needs the assistance of cryptocurrency PR agencies. These PR agencies are resourceful in giving the crypto business enough push for growth and establishment. They do this by providing PR services and building top-tier marketing campaigns for a project.

The following are some of the ways that crypto PR agencies can help your business grow:

1) Developing a positive reputation

It’s essential for every business in the crypto market to build a sense of credibility in order for people to trust it. One way in which a company can manage this is by establishing a reputation as an authority in this niche. By offering insightful information, a company can do that. Furthermore, fostering community linkages and positive engagement can boost lead generation. By doing this, a company can minimize its spending on advertisements.

Thanks to crypto PR agencies, startup businesses in the blockchain space can appreciate the benefits of cryptocurrency media. Partnering with PR agencies like Pressfarm gives businesses access to media platforms that specialize in publishing content from the crypto niche.

As such, crypto developers who hire their services get vast exposure through crypto blog sites and news channels. In addition, they enjoy visibility in crypto communities and forums. Furthermore, they’ll also benefit from more exposure to SEO practices, personalized crypto content, and influencer channels.

Crypto businesses often rely on dedicated communities found on social media for project promotion and backing. With help from cryptocurrency PR agencies, a crypto business can get help with community building and management. On these platforms, prospects may need enlightenment on certain aspects of your business.

When you have a partner to help you with forum management, they can provide immediate answers and feedback. Keep in mind that the perception clients get from these online interactions has a significant impact on your project. It helps in building brand awareness, trustworthiness, and credibility.

2) Building resources for crisis management

The crypto industry is like any other industry. Businesses in this space also suffer from crises once in a while. With the knowledge that there’s a chance your business may experience a crisis at any time, having a management team is essential. You need to be ready with your containment measures when a crisis hits.

Sometimes the source of the crisis is a misunderstanding between your project and its investors. There are times when rivals intentionally provoke a crisis in your project just to outrank you. Regardless of the crisis, crypto PR agencies can help you build a crisis management plan. They’ll resolve the issue and restore the credibility of your brand.

For starters, releasing an official press release can mitigate the crisis to a given extent. However, to fully restore your business reputation, partnering with an agency that has experience with crisis management in this space can help. Crypto agencies will help you build a reliable plan and connect you with the right people to implement this plan even before the crisis hits.

During the crises, the experts at a public relations agency have the resources and training required to address the issue right away and determine the source and the impact of the crisis. Finally, they’ll reshape users’ perceptions of your project to restore its reputation.

3) Creating a marketing plan

You need to do more than just declare your entry into the cryptocurrency marketplace. To capture any audience’s attention, you need a strategic approach. For starters, you’ll need a marketing plan based on your business requirements and expectations. The best marketing plan should feature various strategies, for example, social media marketing, email marketing, and influencer marketing.

Unfortunately, creating an effective marketing plan is not as simple as putting together several marketing techniques. You need a certain level of skills, research, and experience to get it right. For this reason, you shouldn’t be surprised if you get overwhelmed and frustrated in the process.

For those with tight schedules, it’s even harder to create a marketing plan. Fortunately, you can bypass the strenuous development process by hiring experts. Crypto PR agencies have what it takes to help you to develop a robust marketing plan for your business.

4) Taking time for brand establishment

The crypto marketplace is very competitive. The market rivalry that exists in this space is very fierce, and only those with brand authority can make it. Since anyone can be a potential crypto developer, many projects pop up on this platform daily. This intensifies the competition for market share. That being said, you can lead in this marketplace if your project stands out as an authority.

Unfortunately, establishing a brand and earning the authority status requires a given level of expertise. You need to master the ways of the crypto space and learn how to leverage them. A crypto PR team can help you with brand establishment. Even better, they’ll help your project become a trusted authority in this space.

For starters, they’ll help you connect with the leading influencers in your niche. These influencers will play a part in promoting your project in various crypto communities. Moreover, they’ll distribute your project’s promotional content through their channels for maximum reach. Through the crypto media, they’ll help your business develop a reputation and become an authority in the industry.

This approach has more to offer than simply helping you build brand authority in your industry. It’s effective in boosting lead generation through fostering brand awareness. When they’re running email marketing or publishing on crypto sites, the agency will develop an actionable call-to-action CTA for your content. When readers click this CTA, your business gains more leads.

5) Investing in product education

The rate at which the crypto market is developing and spreading across the globe is remarkable. Unfortunately, while most people have heard of cryptocurrency, many of them lack a deeper understanding of this technology and how it works. As such, it’s important to invest in education, especially if you’re launching a new project.

This particular aspect of marketing can strain the manpower in your company. Fortunately, you can set aside this function for the PR agency to handle. They will educate your target investors on your behalf and, in doing so, gain their trust. What’s more, they can create educational blog posts to reach many prospects at once. For direct engagement, they’ll host AMA sessions that promote client participation.

Thanks to product education, prospective investors and crypto enthusiasts will have no doubts about your project. In fact, they’ll be willing to invest in your offering once they understand what your project is all about.

6) Communicating consistently

In a dynamic and fast-evolving space like the crypto marketplace, keeping your target audience up to date is essential. This is more important if these people are investing in your project. That being said, you’ve got to maintain consistent communication between you and the target users. Let them know about the new developments and how far the project is to completion.

Communicating consistently makes community members feel like they’re keeping up with the trends in the marketplace. Beyond that, consistent communication ensures that people feel appreciated as members of your community. Thus, before taking any new step, inform the community fast.

Allow them to participate and earn their trust in the process. A crypto PR agency can take care of content creation and distribution, especially in forums with your target users. As such, they’ll be helpful when you need to maintain the communication between your target clients and the project.

7) Maintaining openness and transparency

With the consistent growth of the crypto space, frauds, scams, and theft in this industry are also on the rise. Therefore, transparency is a critical aspect that your project must display to succeed in this field. Transparent businesses that are open to the public often earn community trust, and this is especially the case in the crypto industry. If you take steps to ensure that all your communication is transparent, your project will earn trust much faster.

Crypto PR firms can help you build an atmosphere of openness by sharing important information with your target audience. They do so through crypto forums, crypto media, crypto news sites, and social media platforms. As a result, you can build project confidence and earn community trust.

8) Networking with media professionals

When you are new to the crypto space, you may not have a connection with important people in this field. Even so, you should know that networking with top-tier professionals is very important. After all, people pay a lot of attention to the influential figures in any industry. The same applies to the crypto space. Two great examples of prominent figures who you can associate your project with are Mark Cuban and Elon Musk.

Keep in mind that not every famous person will be resourceful to your brand. You need to associate with a specific set of high-profile individuals for your project to benefit from their influence. A Crypto PR agency will help you identify and connect your brand with such individuals. Furthermore, they’ll help you discover those who will help share your project and enhance its market reach.

9) Launching your project offering in the community

When your project is new in the crypto space, it may fail to draw the attention of the community. If you don’t do something about this, that project will fail. Regardless of how outstanding your service or product might be, without proper sensitization, it will not succeed.

When you hire a cryptocurrency firm, they’ll handle product sensitization effectively. Target communities will be able to hear about your project and even engage through comments and queries. While marketing blindly may strike the attention of a few prospects, working with a PR firm guarantees massive reach.

10) Developing community relationships

Cryptocurrency PR does more than just establish your brand in the blockchain ecosystem. It also improves the relationship between your brand and the community. This is one of the key features in crypto PR that’s absent in traditional PR.

Due to many cases of crypto fraud and scams, investors want more assurance before they put their money into any project. Through crypto PR, you can deliver the assurance they’re looking for. A good PR agency will dedicate one of its experts to community relationships.

This person will maintain close ties with your clients and provide instant feedback and answers when needed. Furthermore, they’ll host interviews and sometimes podcast sessions to build a relationship with the community members. Meanwhile, your brand will also benefit from more exposure or market reach.

How Pressfarm can help

Pressfarm is a PR agency that has experience working with several projects in the crypto niche. Backed by leading crypto PR agency experts, Pressfarm has what it takes to promote all crypto projects, whether you’re dealing with coins, tokens, or NFTs. Pressfarm has been working with crypto developers for years now – as a client, you can benefit from proven strategies and industry experience.

The company has a massive database with a vast collection of different crypto media. Additionally, they have a wide network of partners and community members who can give your business a powerful start. They provide press release writing, email pitching, press kit design, targeted pitching, and content marketing services.

Pressfarm’s goal is effective PR outreach that’s affordable to their clients. So far, Pressfarm has helped dozens of crypto startups develop into major projects. If you’re wondering how Pressfarm can help a crypto project like yours, check out their case studies.

Where to start

If you are launching a startup crypto business, then it’s important to sensitize users about it. This is the only way you’ll generate traffic and leads that will help your project grow and establish itself in the crypto market. This requires you to have marketing skills, specifically, crypto marketing skills.

If this isn’t your area of expertise, this task may become overwhelming. As such, you need the assistance of a good crypto PR team to make it in this space. The above points highlight what your business stands to gain from a crypto PR Company.