Marketing through influencers is among the top ways brands sponsor their products, which is why you need to engage crypto Twitter influencers for your NFT marketing. The same applies to crypto products. If you’re developing an NFT collection or asset, you need to focus on Twitter influencers for NFT marketing. With the right kind of research, you’ll discover several types of NFT influencers.

In this text, we’ll offer additional tips for marketing your NFT assets, aside from influencer marketing. We’ll also highlight why partnering with Twitter influencers for NFT marketing is such an effective step to take going into 2023. Finally, we will recommend some Twitter influencers for NFT marketing.

How to do marketing in the crypto/NFT space

There are many ways in which you can build up your web traffic, magnify visitors’ conversions, and attain your project goals. It’s true – reaching out to crypto and NFT influencers is frequently a foolproof way of marketing a crypto or NFT project. Be that as it may, you need refined strategies in place to accompany your influencer marketing. The following are some crypto/NFT PR tools you should consider putting into place.

1. Social media

If you’ve already decided that social media is the best platform to market your crypto or NFT product, you’re on the right track. To maximize the success of your marketing efforts, consider using image ads or video ads. They are more engaging with better performance than text ads.

For example, if you’re using Bitcointalk, you can secure an auctioned space where you can market your projects or products. You can choose to pay for these based on the span of your campaign or based on the total impressions.

2. Banner ads

You can launch a banner ad campaign on various platforms including Yahoo, Bing, and Google. While you can decide to focus on a specific search engine, a comprehensive approach is better. In other words, you should utilize several search engines, channels, or platforms for your banner ads campaign.

Paid PR: This includes platforms like Cryptonews, Coindesk, and Cointelegraph, among others.

Direct display ads:  This comprises the likes of Bitcointalk, ICObench, CryptoCompare, Etherscan, and CoinMarketCap

Bounty campaigns: These are announced through crypto influencers, telegram channels, forums, and others

Crypto event: These can include Blockchain Conferences, Blockshow, Token Summit, and Consensus

3. Search engines

Hardly a second goes by without someone searching on Google for a piece of information or specific products. Given that Google is the primary source of information, it’s a great place to start with your NFT campaigns. Through search ads, you can leverage audience searches to market your crypto project or NFT asset.

You can explore popular search engines including Yahoo, Bing, and Google. Besides appearing on your Google searches, your search ads can also pop up on various Google partner sites. As a result, you can benefit from wide product/ project awareness.

As you ponder over which search engine to leverage for search ads, take note of crypto offers banned by Google. Such offers include Crypto Mining and ICOs.  In other words, ensure the search engine you choose to market your crypto assets on supports them.

4. Crypto/NFT influencers

Influencers offer tremendous value when it comes to product or brand marketing. That’s because they’ve earned the respect and trust of their audiences. These are the same crypto/NFT communities that you’re targeting. Thanks to their connections, these influencers can recommend products, services, or projects that their followers would willingly accept.

Crypto and NFT influencers are probably the best shot you have at ensuring the success of your crypto and NFT projects. Some of the most popular blockchain influencers are found on platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, among others. That’s not all, if you know where to look, you can also find influencers in crypto forums on Reddit, Quora, and beyond.

High-ranking crypto/NFT social media platforms

There’s an immense opportunity on social media channels for you to kick-start your crypto or NFT projects. The most important step to start with is spotting high-ranking crypto social channels where your target audience likes to hang out. You should also be able to navigate those platforms and attain target followers and serious investors for your project.

Since our focus is on NFT campaigns, you should consider using channels like Discord, Reddit, Quora, LinkedIn, and Twitter. While you might be thinking of including Facebook, you should label this channel as low-priority. Why, you ask? Because their policy on crypto projects is always changing. Therefore, you might be locked out of your campaign when you least expect it. However, if you don’t mind the risk, you can include it in your NFT campaigns.

Furthermore, if you’re using an informal approach for your NFT marketing, Twitter and Reddit will do. That’s because they embrace informal communication. On the other hand, you can venture into a more formal approach with LinkedIn. This platform is entirely a professional network. It’s the best fit for investors, crypto specialists, and crypto evangelists, and crypto enthusiasts in general.

Make sure you don’t leave out Quora. It’s the best channel to share educational content about the industry and your project, and it allows you to interact with crypto and NFT enthusiasts one-on-one. Therefore, if you want to focus on content marketing as one of your NFT campaign strategies, you should be on Quora.

Crypto Twitter influencers for NFT

The main purpose of engaging Twitter in your NFT marketing is to grow the number of followers. Even so, Twitter offers much more than organic traffic – on this platform you can engage or involve your audience in your projects. If your goal is to boost your following fast, you should include Twitter Influencers in your campaign. With their mighty loyal following, collaborating with these influencers will expedite the rate of getting positive results.

All crypto and NFT projects need an account on Reddit, Quora, and LinkedIn. Here’s why

  • Reddit

Reddit offers great crypto and NFT marketing opportunities. For instance, you can have a conversation with fellow crypto experts in your field. You can share ideas and pick up a few tips on how to improve your project further. You also get access to tons of crypto traders, especially investors looking for new opportunities to invest in. Therefore, you can market your products here and improve your sales.

According to stats on Reddit, this platform is #13 across the US among the most popular sites. By August 2018, they had over 1.5 billion registered visitors. Therefore, if you start using Reddit, you’ll be marketing on one of the most populous sites across the world.  To market your content on this platform, you’ll have to choose specific subreddits that are relevant to your project.

Reddit is a great platform to create a business account where you can launch your campaigns. As opposed to the likes of Twitter, LinkedIn, and Quora, the objective here is not to generate followers. Instead, it’s a great opportunity to launch crypto-PR campaigns.

  • Quora

Quora provides you with the largest virtual community through intense engagement via a Q&A model. It also ranks #1 for the quality of user-generated content among similar platforms. Through this platform, audiences can ask various questions and get credible answers from reliable sources. Boasting more than 200 million visitors monthly, Quora offers a lucrative chance for NFT marketing.

To incorporate Quora in your campaign strategy, search for crypto topics relating to your project on this platform. It could be crypto investment or NFTs. Thereafter, draw on your expertise to answer the audience’s questions. With every response, you can market your project appropriately. With time, you’ll begin experiencing a tremendous flow of traffic to your business site.

  • LinkedIn

As mentioned earlier, on LinkedIn you’re targeting professionals who love it when everything is formal. This includes your marketing content. Besides finding prospective investors, you’ll also find experts with your skill set. Therefore, if you want a professional opinion about your project, this is the right channel to get it.

That aside, LinkedIn provides you with multiple ways to launch an ad campaign. While you have an opportunity to try each, the best course is to target specific groups of audiences. In this particular case, leverage the power of direct messaging. This approach is more effective with a higher probability of conversion.

  • Bitcointalk

Bitcointalk is a crypto forum with a large blockchain community. Therefore, any NFT campaigns that you launch here will be targeting the right audiences undoubtedly. On this platform, you’ll be the first to receive any comment or question regarding your project. Therefore, you’ll be the first to provide feedback before other members of the community contribute. It’s also a reliable site to enroll your bounty campaigns and enjoy great results.

Top crypto/NFT Twitter influencers to partner with

There are several influencers who you can work with on Twitter. With the following crypto/NFT Twitter influencers, your dream can come to life:

  • @CryptoCobain: A self-proclaimed founder of the crypto Twitter community and an expert in crypto memes
  • @Girlgone_Crypto: How she manages to post inspiring and mind-blowing crypto-related content on a consistent basis remains a mystery. But one thing is for sure – she’s the right partner if you want consistently good marketing posts for your project. In fact, she guarantees quality and consistency for all the content she provides.
  • @APompliano: If you are the sort of guy who worships experience when it comes to quality service delivery @APompliano is your guy.  @APompliano is among the first few people who initiated Bitcoin evangelism. He is a solid brand and prominent figure in the crypto community and industry as a whole. Given that he often speaks at crypto and NFT conferences, if you’re a crypto diehard, you must have heard of him. Furthermore, he also speaks on various shows on CNBC, as well as other networks.
  • @ToneVays: It’s impossible to generate thousands of followers overnight, especially as when you’re starting out. Nevertheless, Tone Vays makes it seem easy. With a massive number of subscribers on YouTube and a staggering number of followers on Twitter, he’s a reliable influencer.
  • @ErikVoorhes: While Antony Pompliano reigns as an expert in Bitcoin evangelism, Erik Voorhees is something else. He was one of the first entrepreneurs of Bitcoin when it had just been launched. Therefore, he has a strong and stable following you can leverage for NFT marketing. If you want to build a brand following, Voorhees is the right partner. Over the years, he has made a difference in various companies he has worked in. He had an extraordinarily powerful impact in his position as CEO at ShapeShift.

Want to try out some of these crypto Twitter influencers for NFT marketing? Partnering with marketing or PR agencies that have experience working in the crypto and NFT industries is a good place to start. When you join forces with experts, you can benefit from their professional insight and experience. On the other hand, working alone means venturing into a territory you’re unfamiliar with.

Do you need help putting your NFT product in front of the right audiences and generating positive media coverage? Pressfarm is a PR agency that works with startups and companies of various sizes to help create newsworthy content like email pitches, press releases, guest posts, and press kits. Their PR professionals and expert writers will also create customized media lists to help clients find their perfect media match. The experts at Pressfatm also come armed with a content distribution strategy that has worked for hundreds of brands across different industries.

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Social media crypto/NFT marketing

Crypto and NFT developers need social media platforms that are community-based. This is to enable them to build a reliable following and a powerful community to support their projects. Social media is also instrumental in keeping you in touch with investors and prospective audiences. Through these channels, you can update these audiences on the project’s progress and also provide more insight into it.

However, it’s vital to note that not all social platforms are fit for crypto or NFT marketing. Therefore, it’s important to identify those that will work for your blockchain campaign and avoid those that will not. Specifically, choose channels that accommodate community building and direct conversation with your audiences.


Finding Twitter influencers for NFT marketing might seem like an overwhelmingly large task – herculean even. However, once you know where to look and how to approach these influencers, you’ll find that doing outreach to influencers will quickly become second nature to you.

Before you start approaching influencers with collaboration proposals, it’s important to invest time and effort into creating valuable content and publishing this content on your owned media channels. After all, this kind of content will earn you credibility – one of the things that influencers look out for when they’re considering working with you. If you can’t create this content on your own, don’t fret. There are tons of experienced content creators who you can reach out to for help, such as the ones at Pressfarm.