As more DeFi projects pop up daily, crypto token promotion is becoming more and more crucial. This is an indication that the stiff competition in the crypto space is not slowing down either. With that in mind, what marketing strategy should you employ for new tokens and coins in this space?

Crypto campaigns and promotions are essential if you want your tokens or coins to stand out among others. With the daily release of new tokens/coins, you should know that the competition for attention will be immense.

You’ll find countless scammers masquerading in various forms in the crypto realm. Therefore, if you want to attract investors, then you need to take time to learn how to earn public trust. On the other hand, project owners can also find this article insightful in their quest for a successful project launch.

Projects that need more investment in marketing include:

  • Crypto startups that are still developing
  • Newly launched crypto projects – whether it’s CEXs or DEXs
  • Presale stage projects
  • Private sale projects
  • Token launch/ sale

Besides these upcoming projects, mega projects in renowned companies still use marketing to promote their products. That shows how essential marketing is to crypto projects regardless of what development phase they happen to be in.

Crypto marketing is unique when you compare it to regular business marketing. Likewise, it also comes with its share of challenges. Fraud, scams, and anonymity are the worst of them. Unfortunately, these challenges affect investors directly, and project owners indirectly.

The best channels you can rely on during crypto promotions are Discord, YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, and Telegram. They host the largest number of active crypto community members. They also happen to be the best platforms for developing the crypto community to support your token/coin launch.

Golden recommendations: Crypto marketing tips

1) Run an AMA in chosen Telegram groups

Ask Me Anything (AMA) events play an important role in crypto promotions. They create an opportunity to engage with your investors directly. Since you can host this event in several groups, you can also expand your reach significantly. Having said that, the choice of groups where you can run AMAs on Telegram is essential. The groups you choose determine just how much you’ll benefit from this strategy.

It’s also important to note that there are scammer groups. These scammers create crypto groups that they can use to steal from those who are unsuspecting. Just as is the case with investors, project developers must also be on the lookout for such groups.

Oftentimes, these groups are full of bots instead of actual crypto enthusiasts. Since it’s easy to create a telegram group with thousands of bots, you can easily become a victim. To avoid having this happen, make sure you run a background check on a group before you use it for your AMA event.

2) Airdrop

Airdrop usage remains a powerful marketing strategy that provides quick results. How it works is pretty straightforward. When using Airdrop, you simply need to set aside a given amount of tokens to use as incentives. You’ll be providing the tokens in exchange for the services that participants provide.

Oftentimes, these services promote brand awareness and increase your audience or following. For example, you can offer tokens to users following you on Twitter. Alternatively, you can offer tokens in return for joining your Telegram community.

When it comes to the presale and private sale stages, how you use Airdrops matters a lot. That’s because it can lead to devastating repercussions on your project. Therefore, create a plan first before launching this campaign strategy.

A good example is the FUB crypto project, which failed due to poor planning during campaigns. The project has 13k and 43k followers on Twitter and Telegram respectively. However, during the presale, only 60 people bought their tokens (approx 45BNB), leading to the project’s ultimate failure. In other words, the project failed to reach the cap limit.

3) Reddit posts

Reddit posts can help boost awareness about your tokens and generate hype around it. On this platform, you’ll find many crypto subreddits, including CryptoMoonShot. The rate of engagement on this platform is very impressive. You’ll encounter all types of posts on cryptocurrency including comments. As such, it’s an important area to invest in as a marketing strategy.

Meanwhile, you can also find scammers here. With the high rate of engagement and presence of prospective investors, it’s important to be cautious. The trick here is reviewing a person’s Reddit account before initiating any deals with them.

4) Twitter accounts

Twitter is another crucial channel in the crypto world. There are a lot of opportunities for your crypto project on this platform. For starters, you can collaborate with influencers to promote your token. With the help of the same accounts, you can boost the number of Twitter followers you’ve got. Furthermore, on this channel, you can build a crypto community for your token.

Having said that, there are many ways you can use Twitter to promote your project. However, just like other hot spots for crypto communities, you can easily gain bot followers on this channel. For this reason, you must be cautious with your campaign and keep track of the type of followers you are gaining.

On Twitter, you can roll out giveaway campaigns and generate more followers. However, keep in mind that you’re even more likely to attract bots when you start giving away freebies. As you can see, developing a strategy to help you identify bots is worthwhile on many of these platforms.

5) Telegram channels

Telegram is one of the best platforms for chatting with prospects. It’s a great platform to initiate engagement and also create hype for your token. This platform has crypto groups with thousands of members. You’ll find everyone from prospective investors to crypto enthusiasts and those who want to learn about cryptocurrency.

Investors use this platform to stay up-to-date on cryptocurrency news. If you join a group with actual members (as opposed to bots), your marketing efforts will pay off and help you reach even more people. Marketing on an active Telegram channel will allow you to connect and collaborate with both investors and crypto enthusiasts.

6) PR campaigns

A successful PR campaign is a game-changer when it comes to token launches or sales. Regardless of your company size, this is one element of marketing you cannot overlook. Through public relations, you can gain market traction and enjoy a successful token sale.

A good PR campaign is also the key to securing a solid share of the crypto market or space. It enables you to compete with the major crypto companies even though yours is a startup. With the right creativity, newsworthy content, and messaging, your token sale will be a success.

Media plays an essential role in crypto promotions, and with a good PR campaign, you can collaborate with respected media professionals who can then help you share your story. The media is a gateway to a wider audience. Media professionals who have faith in your project will dispense your content to your target audience as well as to prospective crypto investors.

Why are PR campaigns necessary?

  • Providing product education

Even though blockchain tech is getting more and more popular by the day, some people still don’t understand it. Therefore, when you are launching your tokens, product education is important. Once the audience understands what you’re offering, they will be more likely to invest in it. This is where PR plays a part. It enlightens your clients about your token.

  • Building a positive image

When your project has a positive image among crypto community members, token sales are bound to be successful. The right PR techniques will promote media engagement, which is essential in establishing a positive image. When you attain a positive image in both media and the crypto community, promoting your token sales becomes easier.

  • Developing brand identity & authority

Since anyone can launch a project in the blockchain space, this industry is very competitive. As an entrepreneur in this space, you can achieve a lot when you have developed a brand identity and built brand authority. You can start by sharing valuable and informative content on various platforms with the crypto community.

Doing so will help you develop a good reputation gradually. Over time, the audience will identify you as a noteworthy leader in your niche. Furthermore, you can publish crypto content in reputable publications. This will help you in your pursuit of brand authority and identity.

  • Using press releases effectively

While press releases are great for launching your crypto project, you can also use them to promote our token. During the token launch, a press release will notify your prospects that they can now acquire your tokens. The value of a press release goes beyond the official token launch. You can use it during the pre-sale to kick start the token sale process.

Writing a press release is a vital step in promoting a presale. Using a press release effectively requires expertise and extensive effort. However, if preparing a press release is beyond your expertise, you can always reach out for external help.

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Moreover, Pressfarm’s media database contains over 1 million journalists across different industries. This allows you to keep generating publicity for your brand long after Pressfarm has wrapped your campaign up. With any of Pressfarm’s PR packages, you can put your brand in the spotlight where it belongs.

How to use your press releases effectively:

  • Notify users of the upcoming giveaway or airdrop to capture their attention
  • Target relevant audiences
  • Direct Messaging

Direct messaging can be powerful when you’re spreading the news about your token launch or sale. It has the potential to generate results and help you achieve your goals. When email marketing fails to deliver results, direct messaging will capture the attention you need. While it’s an effective technique, it can also be counterproductive if you don’t deploy it well. With the following tips, however, you stand a good chance of succeeding:

  • Introduce yourself

Introducing yourself is an important step with direct messaging. You need the clients to know who is reaching out to them. In the introduction, don’t just talk about yourself. Go beyond that and take time to appreciate the target client. Let them know that you appreciate this opportunity to converse with them. Be sure to mention that you look forward to their feedback.

  • Describe what you do

The clients will be interested in what you do. Therefore, this is a critical step. By providing this information, you can communicate your objective for reaching out to them. This information will also help them decide whether you are worth their time.

  • Personalize the messages

While typing one message and then forwarding it to all your clients in mass might seem convenient, it’s not productive. Today’s clients are tech savvy and will pick up on the fact that you’ve sent them a forwarded message. Therefore, it’s important to personalize the messages if your want maximum feedback.

7) Crypto SEO

These days, people conduct hundreds of online searches a week, if not more, as they look for products and services. If you want to feature in these searches, building online visibility is not an option but a requirement. You need to optimize your content so that it ranks highly in search engine results pages (SERPs). Since you are promoting your tokens, this is very essential.

Crypto SEO will boost the visibility of your tokens to target clients during their searches. You can start with keyword research. Check which keywords are ranking well in the crypto niche and use them to optimize your business page. Beyond this, there are other SEO strategies you can employ for token promotion.


As scammers celebrate raising funds in huge sums, it’s unfortunate that honest projects are struggling. However, by following the tips in this guide, you can change the outcome of your project.

Some projects also struggle to succeed – not because they don’t have the funding, but because they have inexperienced PR teams. For this reason, it pays to spend a little more money and hire PR professionals to do this for you.


Do you need to pay a crypto marketing agency for token promotion?

Unless you are an expert in the blockchain industry, specifically doing marketing and PR for projects that have already succeeded, hiring experts is essential. The basic reason behind minting tokens is to sell them and make profits. While minting tokens can be easy, promoting them is where the challenge lies. Crypto promotion requires strategies that can outdo those of your rivals. It also requires a significant time commitment.

Most importantly, experience plays a critical role in how successful your promotional strategies are. For these reasons, this is the sort of service that you need to source from an expert. With their experience, experts will help you focus on techniques that can yield results.