When trying to win press coverage for a crypto project, ICO, token event, or blockchain project, one of the most effective strategies is to write a crypto press release and pitch it to media professionals and influencers.

With the cryptocurrency market growing exponentially and featuring thousands of projects, many crypto startups and companies want to differentiate themselves from the competition. This is why it is necessary to not only have a press release but also to make sure it will capture attention and inspire your media contacts to publish a story about you.

In this article, we will look at some tips on how to write a crypto press release. However, before that, let us look at what a crypto press release is.

What is a cryptocurrency press release?

A cryptocurrency press release is a public relations tool that helps companies in the crypto space to communicate an official announcement to a large number of people and journalists in the industry. With a crypto press release, you can provide information directly from the source and shape your brand image the way you want.

As a content marketing tool, press releases are an excellent way for blockchain businesses to increase brand awareness, spread information, and generate leads. PR professionals have what it takes to make the most of the awareness stage in a buyer’s journey. With the right strategies, a PR specialist can pique the right amount of interest in your brand at the awareness stage, thus convincing potential buyers to try your products. Additionally, most blockchain announcements warrant a press release. Some examples of such announcements include the launch of a new website, product, app, or service; mergers, partnerships, acquisitions, and new backers. You can also write a press release to announce product improvements, apologies, and rebranding; or events, awards, executive promotions, and new job openings.

While the content of a press release will differ depending on the announcement and industry, you need to follow the recommended order and anatomy of a press release. If you can do this, then your press releases will comply with the guidelines provided by media outlets and press release distribution services. Writing a press release that adheres to industry standards can increase your chances of media coverage.

What are the standard guidelines for a press release?

First of all, a good press release should read like a short and precise article ranging between 300 and 500 words. It should be written in the third person and avoid sales-heavy language because it is not supposed to be a sales brochure. Since press releases are intended to be a medium for publicizing a company’s announcements, your press release needs to be a factual piece of writing rather than a blatant sales document filled with promotional material. After all, press releases are distributed to journalists and influencers whose jobs are to tell stories, not promote products.

Are you wondering about the wording and language that you should use in a crypto press release? You need to use words that are easily understood by people from a range of knowledge levels. This means that you have to use language that can cater to all audiences. On the one hand, crypto companies trying to reach a mainstream audience should try and use language that everyone understands. On the other hand, if you dumb it down too much, you may alienate members of your community who already know the industry. According to experts, the trick to satisfy everyone’s needs is to explain any industry-specific jargon in the press release. For example, “The new technology behind MadeUp’s cryptocurrency hardware wallet is Blockchain-based with all personal data securely kept in an unhackable virtual chain of information.”

Usually, a press release should only cover one topic or explain a certain product or feature. However, if you plan to cover several things in one press release, it is advisable to stick to one uniform body with secondary titles throughout the press release to break things up.

Let us now break down every component that should go into a crypto press release:


1) Title – Hook the audience here

The title is arguably one of the most important aspects of a compelling press release, and it is crucial in piquing the reader’s interest. To avoid your press release being labeled as clickbait, keep the hook realistic. A big name in the industry, a big number, a generous offer, or a buzzword can all be good hooks. If the conversation is about a partnership, mention both companies.

You should include the company name, focus key, and hook in the title. Moreover, the title should be a maximum of 68 characters long. It is best to write the title last because you may be inspired to develop a better title while writing the main body of the press release

2) Feature Image 

Your readers should get the gist of your press release just by looking at it. For this reason, you should include a company logo and a photo of the product or service you’re talking about. Depending on your preferred format, you can place a banner image above or below the title. It’s a good idea to have the image printed in several sizes and include these in your press release email, just in case an outlet needs a different size.

Some media outlets will accept a press release with more than one graphic, such as a video or an infographic. Your graphics should ideally be elements that help to bring your press release to life. According to a 2021 media report, 22% of journalists specifically stated that multimedia assets should be included in press releases they receive to increase the chances of attracting attention.

3) Summary 

The summary is essentially a condensed version of the press release that can be copied and pasted as a news tip to journalists. The subheading should be 70–155 characters long text and should offer a perfect summary of your press release and hone in on the focus of your announcement. You should use the 5W rule (who, what, why, how, when, and where) to create the summary.

4) Dateline

Most outlets need the release date of your press release as well as the city and country from which your news is originating. The dateline should come after the summary but before the start of the press release.


5) Introduction Paragraph 

The first paragraph of the press release is the introduction. Ideally, it should be built to entice the reader to continue reading. In this paragraph, experienced press release writers usually include “who” and “what,” as well as the unique value proposition of the product they’re talking about. The introduction should compel someone who is already interested in the crypto market to read the press release and find out more about your announcement.

6) Background Paragraph 

This is where you establish the need for your product, lay out the problems, and explain how your company can solve them. You can also use this paragraph to explain why an upgrade is required as well as outline its impact on the user. Experienced writers usually address the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of their announcements here.

If you have statistics on hand, it’s a good idea to use them to emphasize the need for your product or the fact that you’ve responded to user demands.

7) Quotes and Testimonials 

Quotes are used to convey a feeling rather than facts. While it’s important to use the majority of your press release for facts, a quote allows you to connect with your readers emotionally. This can help them to feel invested in your news and encourage them to give your product a shot. This is an opportunity for you to share a unique voice from your team as well as highlight your ideas and enthusiasm for the project. Quotes give life to a press release, leaving your audience inspired by and excited about your news. While most press release quotes come from the CEO, founder, or project leader, you may also include a developer or sales manager instead. In a standard 300 to 500-word press release, 1-2 quotes are usually best. Moreover, these quotes don’t both have to be from the same person.

You can also include testimonials in your press release, especially if they come from an influential member of the crypto community. This is actually a good way to build trust among your readers.

8) Call-to-Action 

By this point, your readers should understand your product and they should’ve figured out if and why they need it.  This is why this paragraph is an excellent place to address the “where” and “when” of your announcement. Where can the reader get the product/offer/service, for example, and when will it be available?

You should create a clear Call to Action (CTA) that explains what the reader should do next, such as visiting a specific page. This is also where you can use FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and entice the reader to act quickly. A good way to do this is to include a limited offer like “the first 500 customers will receive a 20% discount.”

10) Closing Paragraph 

The closing paragraph is where you summarize the information provided in the press release and emphasize the importance of the project to the industry and potential investors. In order to leave readers feeling enthused and motivated to be a part of the crypto project, you should write this paragraph in the most positive way possible.

11) Links and Resources 

You should also include relevant links to your website, relevant social media pages, your media kit, and your whitepaper. This gives your readers an idea of where to find more information about your news.

12) Media Contact Information 

Ideally, you send out press releases in the hopes of building long-term connections with members of the media as well as members of your target audience. In order to make sure that this happens, you must include contact information that a curious reader can use to find out more about your news. You should ensure that the person you’ve listed as your media contact can actually receive requests and that the information you’ve provided is correct. More specifically, you need to include this person’s name, title, email, phone number and any other contact information that someone can use to connect with you.

13) Disclaimer 

This next element is optional but, it is good practice to include a disclaimer if you believe that any information in the cryptocurrency press release could lead to a negative legal situation or be misunderstood in any way. You can always seek legal advice or have a disclaimer written by a legal professional.


Ultimately, your knowledge of and passion for your crypto project can provide unique insight that makes for a genuinely compelling press release. While the instructions and elements listed above can seem a bit overwhelming, with experience, you will be able to create press releases for all upcoming announcements easily. However, if you feel like your time could be better spent on something else, you can hire experienced PR professionals to help you with your content marketing.

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