By using the right crypto PR services and leveraging effective public relations strategies, you have one of the best opportunities to establish a powerful business reputation online. By engaging crypto PR services, you can maximize the chances of your business experiencing positive ROI. That’s because a public relations campaign ensures your brand messages reach the right audience on time.

If you still need more convincing about the value of quality crypto PR services, then this guide will walk you through the different ways these PR services will benefit your project.

How crypto PR services are beneficial to your project

Like any other industry, crypto businesses also flourish under the influences of intense marketing. And by implementing the right combination of strategies, you can have an easier time growing your brand or project. Having said that, developers and traders in the crypto-industry are leveraging various marketing techniques to propel their product sales. We’ve studied the most successful crypto projects to develop this guide filled with tips on how you can leverage crypto PR services to grow your business.

Before we get to that, let’s talk about the advantages of a good crypto PR strategy:

1. Supports constant communication

Crypto PR agents understand the significance of communication for the success of a crypto PR project. As such, they incorporate communication channels as part of other essential strategies in their PR services.

By ensuring there is constant communication between the project and the investors/ stakeholders, you’re bound to fulfill customer satisfaction. Furthermore, investors find companies that maintain communications throughout a project to be reliable, credible, and transparent.

2. Helps you develop brand authority

Nowadays, investors are looking for something beyond the next fad, especially in the crypto industry. Their focus is on identifying and working with brands that have mastered the ways of the crypto industry. They’re looking for companies with knowledge of the trends, possibilities and opportunities in the blockchain industry.  If you meet those qualifications, you can establish brand authority.

Why do you need to develop brand authority? It’s simple – brands with authority gain more trust from consumers and investors. Their customer retention rate is also higher, so they have more loyal clients.

Furthermore, they’ll naturally attract media attention, backlinks, and experience a higher conversation rate. With such benefits, your rivals don’t stand a chance against you. That’s why crypto PR services are important. They can help your business to gain authority in your industry.

3. Gives you access to valuable expert insights

Ever wonder why people hire experts regardless of how much they charge? It’s simple; if you need the best outcome, you’ve got no option but to engage the brightest brains in the industry. In this case, we’re referring to blockchain experts.

Involving a PR expert in your marketing could be one of the best moves you make in optimizing your marketing efforts. Through expert insights from extensive research on the target market, you’ll achieve your project goal.

They’ll establish where reliable audiences are and develop the right approach to capture their attention. That means they’ll sample several prospective channels like social media, and community forums.

4. Helps you leverage influencer marketing strategies

Marketing is a major step and a vital element in all businesses and the same need for marketing applies to the crypto business. Therefore, crypto businesses can gain a lot from influencer marketing strategies. In fact, crypto influencers can help new crypto projects earn trust among their target audiences. Once a project has earned trust by collaborating with a respected influencer, it’s easier to gain a toehold in the market and achieve growth.

In the crypto industry, influencer marketing requires a special approach. This is why it’s crucial to hire good crypto PR services. The right crypto marketing experts will create a custom marketing strategy that fits your business goals and expectations. They also usually combine various marketing approaches to ensure they fulfill your expectations. In other words expect a combination of strategies such as bounty campaigns, influencer marketing, product marketing, and more.

5. Fosters positive brand reputation

Did you know that businesses with a positive brand reputation attract potential clients? Well, the same concept applies to crypto companies. In this industry, a positive reputation is even more essential, especially if you are looking for investors. As an industry with a notable number of scammers, any degree of reputation has a significant impact on your credibility. Ultimately, when you own a crypto project, credibility is everything.

From the client’s point of view, a business with a positive reputation has more value. That’s why many businesses charge a premium for their services but still enjoy a constant flow of customers.

Furthermore, these businesses have more loyal clients who are ready to explore various products or services that the business offer. Crypto PR services help to foster a positive brand reputation so that your business enjoys the same benefits.

Crypto PR experts do this through calculated campaigns that bring out the value in your projects. As such, clients recognize how beneficial your solutions will be to their needs even without you mentioning it. The result is more traders investing in your company with confidence that you will fulfill the project goals.

6. Provides bespoke solutions

Let’s face it, PR services are a one-size-fits-all solution. Rather, they require curated strategies that will meet your company or project marketing needs. Therefore, professional crypto PR services ensure you get this right. Besides getting the services you need, a company like Pressfarm will ensure you’ve secured a space in this competitive industry.

7. Prepares you for crisis management

There are various similarities between crypto businesses and other industries. One of the notable similarities is the fact that a PR crisis can strike anytime when you are not ready. Luckily, if you have access to quality crypto PR services, you can avert those crises and restore normalcy.

PR agencies have the right skill set and experience to deal with crises regardless of how intense it is. From misunderstandings between rivals to product complaints and rumors, they’ll help your restore your business image and regain trust among your target audience.

There’s more to crisis management than writing a press release to contain the damage. Crypto companies need a reliable network of connections and partnerships to help them through the crisis. Most importantly, these partners will provide social proof to to help them secure their hard-earned credibility.

By hiring professional PR services, you can build this crucial network. What’s more, your team of staff will also master how to predict, assess and deal with a crisis.

On that note, your choice of PR services is also vital. The skills and experience of your PR team are of great importance when it comes to crisis management. Beyond that, you also need a team that offers diverse PR services to help save on cost. Essentially, you need the PR Company to deliver powerful marketing campaigns, improve visibility and establish a community.

Crypto PR tools

Crypto PR tools provide an opportunity to reach suitable audiences in the crypto communities. These tools target those who find your project interesting and worth their time and investment. Furthermore, PR campaigns are an effective way to reach those who are unaware of your project but might be interested if they have an opportunity to learn about it.

Therefore, whether you choose to distribute press releases or develop comprehensive PR campaigns, the impact will be noteworthy. Ultimately, the more engagement you inspire, the more investors your project will get, and higher your token sales will be.

1) Cryptocurrency press release

Oftentimes, crypto projects are so caught up in other marketing strategies that they end up neglecting their press releases. However, it’s worth noting that traditional media also influences project awareness. Just as with crypto media, traditional media publications also have significant target audiences who follow up on crypto news through their platforms.

As such, both established, and startup crypto projects should invest in press releases as one of their primary campaigns.

By using press releases for media outreach, it’s easier to convey your message to target audiences. When you choose this campaign strategy, you’ve got two options at hand:

  • Free-based agencies
  • No-cost agencies

No-cost agencies publish your press release on their site, which makes it easy for audiences to find it. Therefore, if you want to build awareness on Google, this is a good strategy to work with.

On the other hand, free-based agencies also do the same, however, they take it further. By engaging their distribution list, they ensure that your release reaches more media websites. In simple terms, free-based agencies comprise a network of editorial teams.

Each of these teams receives your release, after which they distribute it to various media sites for editorial coverage. Depending on your requirements, they can also distribute your release through social media platforms and relevant magazines.

Pressfarm can help you distribute press releases widely, hence putting them in front of the right eyes. By submitting press releases, media kits and guest posts to the right startup directories and media outlets, Pressfarm can boost your online visibility. This strategy also ensures ensure your brand ranks in relevant search results across different search engines.

Moreover, Pressfarm’s media database contains over 1 million journalists across different industries. This allows you to keep generating publicity for your brand long after Pressfarm has wrapped your campaign up. With any of Pressfarm’s PR packages, you can put your brand in the spotlight where it belongs.

2) Signature bounty campaigns on Bitcointalk

You must have heard of signature bounty campaigns on Bitcointalk or perhaps you’ve used this strategy yourself. It involves sponsoring posts from Bitcointalk members on the platform. When you sponsor these posts, your sponsorship signature earns you attention and credibility on the platform.

This is a good way to generate project awareness among the members of the forum. The process begins with you creating a signature code. Any member who incorporates the signature in their posts stands a chance to earn a bounty from your project.

For instance, you can begin by creating the bounty signature code and then inspire the community member to include the signature on constructive posts every week. As a reward, every member who takes part in this campaign gets bounty tokens.

Having said that, sponsoring signature bounty campaigns on Bitcointalk involves working with members of the forum. Through the few members you partner with, the rest of the community will learn about your project. You can make this campaign even more effective by engaging crypto PR services to guide you.

3) Airdrop campaigns

Airdrop Campaigns are among the most effective ways to entice prospects into your project. It entails giving away tokens as an incentive to target audiences. This strategy is often crafted in line with your project objectives or goals. While airdrops are no longer as popular as they were before, the impact of featuring this strategy in your campaign is significant. It still has that powerful influence when it comes to creating project hype.


Any business or company in the crypto sector – whether a startup or established – needs a better understanding of blockchain. With this knowledge, they can keep up with the changing or emerging trends in this industry. Keep in mind that it can be frustrating to catch up if you fall behind in this industry.

Crypto campaigns are demanding without a doubt. You need a specific combination of skills, experience, and techniques to leverage competitive marketing techniques effectively. The most successful crypto projects use powerful PR tools like press releases, bounty campaigns, email pitching, and press kits. All the above PR tools ensure your project remains competitive, generates new users, and stands out.