With many crypto investors pulling back, many projects are turning to crypto marketing agency services to help them stand out from the crowd. After all, project owners need robust techniques that draw the audience’s attention. By the time you’re launching a crypto project, you’ve put significant investment into developing the project. As a result, showcasing it to the right audience is important for sales.

Promoting blockchain projects in the market is not as simple as placing banners and ads on various sites. You need a strategic approach to ensure your efforts can deliver results. Crypto marketing is one way you can promote your project successfully. Even so, you’ll have to be creative and take the time to explain the benefit of your project to users.

Those with crypto knowledge might have an easier time. However, if you don’t have this knowledge, then it will be harder and more frustrating. Thankfully, there are crypto marketing agencies that are built specifically to help with this. They’ll help your project realize its potential in the marketplace. Having said that, here is what you should know about crypto marketing agencies as a project developer:

What’s cryptocurrency marketing?

Cryptocurrency marketing is a niche service that focuses on promoting blockchain businesses through robust campaigns. It comprises effective techniques that cryptocurrency marketing agencies leverage to promote a crypto venture. The outcome of crypto marketing is establishing brand awareness, and trust, enhancing market reach, streamlining announcements, and product education. But there’s more to it.

Digital marketing vs. crypto marketing

Crypto marketing and digital marketing have the same objectives. Both focus on branding and building a reputation for businesses in the marketplace. However, what sets them apart is how they deploy crypto strategies to reach their goals. Having said that, the following are the differences between digital marketing and crypto marketing:

  • Expertise

When deploying crypto strategies, the marketer needs knowledge of the blockchain industry. That’s because a good marketing agency needs to do more than just promote a product. They’ll also take part in the offering, product launches, and listing on the marketplace among other essential roles.

On the other hand, you can use digital marketing for your crypto project. However, targeting communities using conventional strategies is hard, and sometimes even impossible, with digital marketing. Crypto marketing agencies have expertise in promoting crypto projects in several ways. They will help with collaborations between crypto influencers and your project. Additionally, they’ll leverage various blockchain platforms to promote your project and generate engagement.

  • Content marketing

Crypto campaigns rely heavily on content marketing to get new users onboard. That’s because product education helps enlighten prospects and it’s the key to building an audience. Note that the major focus of digital marketing is product promotion. Since they’ve got less knowledge of the crypto industry, educating audiences about your project using digital marketing might be difficult. If you’re looking to educate the audience – and thereby earn their trust – then you’re better off using marketing or public relations strategies.

Crypto marketing agencies are experts in crypto-based content marketing. They understand the significance, and they have what it takes to educate prospects about a crypto project. They’ll also help you develop a convincing whitepaper that discusses what your project is all about.

The whitepaper covers important project elements like legal issues, technology, prices, and product structure. This document will also demonstrate the expertise of your business, boost engagement, generate leads, and help you develop email lists.

The quality of any content you produce and distribute is vital. Beyond that, it should be engaging and help with brand visibility. Crypto marketing agencies take this a step further and promote your product across different crypto channels.

  • Multi-channel technique

Nowadays, crypto marketing services leverage multi-channel techniques to promote a product in the crypto market. These channels include:

  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Community building
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Influencer marketing

Crypto marketing offers a balanced combination of all the above services. On the other hand, digital marketing may leverage the same techniques, but it is less focused on the crypto niche.

Digital marketing channels can yield results, but they’re not powerful enough to keep up with the competition in the crypto market.

In some instances, they may not be able to deploy a targeted crypto marketing strategy. That’s why partnering with a crypto marketing agency is more essential than working with digital marketing services.

  • Experts in community building

The crypto community is a solid base for a triumphant crypto campaign. Crypto marketing agencies have expertise in building crypto communities. Furthermore, they can create one that solely focuses on your project. Thanks to their community-building efforts, the product launch will be successful.

Cryptocurrency agencies also have direct contact with top niche influencers. Influencers are prominent figures in the crypto space, so they’ll acquire relevant traffic for your project. In addition, a project will also benefit from exposure to its massive following.

Of course, digital marketing can play a part in promoting your project. Digital marketers will leverage general marketing tactics to boost your project online. However, the impact will not be as effective as that of a crypto marketing agency.

Key platforms for marketing crypto

  • YouTube

We all know about YouTube, and most of us spend a significant amount of time streaming various videos on this platform. This channel is perfectly designed for project developers who want to run an effective product education session. That’s because users can consume more content in video format than in text form.

  • Reddit

If you are venturing into DeFi, your campaigns are not complete until you connect with the crypto community on Reddit. For starters, this platform has a significant number of crypto users. More importantly, the streaming volume of crypto fans is massive, especially in subreddits.

  • Social media

Social media is among the vital crypto marketing tools that marketing agencies in this space leverage. It’s effective in promoting your project and turning it into a success. Unfortunately, choosing the right channel is often a challenge, especially for a newbie. There are several easily accessible options like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but you need to know how to use them for a crypto project.

Top advertising techniques for a cryptocurrency project

1) Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing will give your business a significant boost in earning user trust. Meanwhile, your venture will gain more visibility due to exposure to thousands or millions of crypto enthusiasts.

2) SEO

Many people use online platforms as a library of information and a marketplace for services and products. Therefore, if you want crypto enthusiasts to discover your project, you’ll need to leverage SEO tactics. A crypto marketing agency will help you to implement SEO tactics for your project.

3) Crypto PR

There’s more to crypto PR than meets the eye. As you leverage various marketing strategies, you should include crypto PR as well. It’s a powerful tool that will grow your company. In fact, crypto PR is so effective that it’s been known to help established companies expand their reach.

4) Website development

Your project will need a professional site that users can use to reach you. The same site can also serve as a source of information about your project. You also need a high-quality website and if you have no time to control the development process, you should find a technical co-founder that will help you with the website, as you can publish the whitepaper here, and even include FAQs about your business, which is needed.

5) Email marketing

In the digital space, email marketing is still a powerful tool for direct marketing. It allows you to target prospective investors who might have an interest in your venture. With this technique, you can provide other services besides product promotion. For instance, you can inform your audience about token offerings or product launch dates.

6) Podcasts

Due to their busy schedule, some crypto audiences prefer consuming audio content. Podcasts provide a wonderful opportunity to deliver detailed project information to these people. In this case, you can hire podcast services or create your own podcast.

How to choose the best crypto marketing agencies

Blockchain marketing agencies are essential in boosting brand visibility and developing awareness. A competent marketing agency can help you expand your reach in the market and capture the attention of new users.

While the blockchain industry has been around for a while now, it’s still too complex for many people to understand. Therefore, you’ll need a marketing agency with comprehensive knowledge, tools, and expertise. When deciding which agency to choose, the following guiding factors will help you:

  • Case studies

Case studies highlight the company’s areas of expertise and its previous success. Therefore, you should review the company based on its case studies. When choosing an agency, you need one that has been in the industry for a while. If they say they’ve been around for a while, they must have a track record to prove that. Most agencies use case studies to share their track record.

To find the case studies of a company, check out its official site. Most agencies will use their site as a platform to share their case studies. After all, case studies are a potential marketing tool that helps convert potential leads into paying customers.

Why should you look for case studies? Well, they’re in-depth and reveal more information about the companies you’re looking into. They also highlight successful marketing strategies the company uses and showcase its expertise in this industry.

If you want to dig deeper, you can retrieve contacts of previous clients and have a conversation with them. From their perspective, you’ll uncover more details about the company, especially the customer relationship aspect.

  • Customer reviews

Customer reviews are eye-openers when you’re trying to choose a reliable marketing agency. Reviews will reveal to you the experience the previous clients have had with the company. Review sites and social media platforms are the best places to find customer reviews for various companies. In these places, clients share their worst and best experiences with various companies.

  • Company publications

Publishing marketing content that promotes your venture is very critical for visibility, branding, and sales.

As such, it’s important to seek details on previous work and publication sites of a marketing firm before hiring them. If an agency has publications on reputable platforms like Forbes and Business Insider, then that’s a good sign and they are worth considering.

  • Experience in the Industry

If crypto marketing were that simple, anyone with crypto skills (including you!) could market a crypto project successfully. Unfortunately, both crypto marketing skills and experience are vital to pulling this off. And since the crypto market is dynamic, marketing techniques that were powerful earlier on are now outdated and ineffective. For example, platforms like Facebook, Google, and some social network no longer support crypto ads.

These prohibitions are a result of the credibility issue that’s facing the blockchain industry. A professional marketing agency often keeps up with this kind of market evolution. Therefore, they’re aware of what’s working at the moment and what’s obsolete. Thus, if you want to boost your startup, you’re better off relying on their PR services.

  • Have they worked with crypto clients before?

While a company may have an excellent track record to show, it may not be relevant to your project. By reviewing their list of clients, you can tell if they are the right team for your venture.

A good marketing agency often displays a list of previous clients on their site for potential clients to access. When reviewing the list, confirm whether these clients were seeking services similar to yours. If so, this is proof that you’re on the right track.

On the other hand, a company that doesn’t reveal its client list is a red flag. While some may not publish this list, if you ask for it, they’ll provide it. However, some agencies will not present it even after inquiring about this list – these are the agencies you should be wary of.

Start marketing your cryptocurrency project today

Want to hire a crypto marketing agency and don’t know where to start? You can now use the above guide to choose a reliable company. Given how critical crypto marketing is to your business growth, taking a gamble on just any agency isn’t an option. Instead, you should look for an agency with a positive performance record in the industry.

Pressfarm is a leading PR and marketing agency with a variety of services designed specifically for crypto projects. Whether your crypto project is just starting out or is already established, the Pressfarm team can offer you PR and marketing services designed to boost your project profile and earn public trust.

Pressfarm has been working with crypto developers for years now – as a client, you can benefit from proven strategies and industry experience.

The company has a massive database with a vast collection of different crypto media. Additionally, they have a wide network of partners and community members who can give your business a powerful start. They provide press release writing, email pitching, press kit design, targeted pitching, and content marketing services.

Pressfarm’s goal is effective PR outreach that’s affordable to their clients. So far, Pressfarm has helped dozens of crypto startups develop into major projects. If you’re wondering how Pressfarm can help a crypto project like yours, check out their case studies.

How does Pressfarm work?

Getting started with Pressfarm is very simple. Just follow these simple steps:

1) Choose a package

The first step is to pick one of their packages. They offer the Launch package at $180, the Campaign plan at $480, and the Enterprise plan for projects launching multi-faceted campaigns at $980.  

2) Fill out a form

Once you’ve signed up, a member of the Pressfarm team will send you a questionnaire to fill with information that gives them an idea of which PR services your project needs. With the help of this questionnaire, the experts at Pressfarm can design ultimate marketing strategies for your project.

3) Develop a PR and marketing campaign

Once you fill out and submit the questionnaire, the PR specialists at Pressfarm will develop a quality PR and marketing campaign based on your needs.

4) Create content

The Pressfarm team will assign a team of expert writers and certified designers to write your press releases and guest posts as well as design a press kit for your business.

5) Build a media list

The Pressfarm team will then pull from their database to create a custom media list to help you connect with the most relevant journalists, bloggers, and influencers in your niche.

6) Distribute your content

The team at Pressfarm will then use targeted pitching to distribute your content to the relevant media channels.

7) Earn media outreach

Once Pressfarm has distributed your content to media outlets in your niche, those who are interested in what you’re doing will publish your story. Other media outlets that see the story might then create secondary stories based on the first one. At the end of the targeted outreach, your account manager sends you a report highlighting all the media outlets that picked up the story.

If you’re looking for a way to boost the online profile of your crypto project, one of Pressfarm’s packages could be exactly what you need.