Cyrpto ICO Services

Do you need PR and marketing services for cryptocurrency? And do you find regular
press and PR agencies don’t have the expertise you need?

Pressfarm is excited to offer PR and marketing services for clients in the cryptocurrency, ICO and blockchain industry.

Our experts have deep industry knowledge and proven results helping ICOs and other blockchain projects meet their fundraising goals.

We understand that timing is critical when launching your project – and offer competitive turnaround times. Don’t wait to get started!

Our services

  • Whitepaper creation
  • Press release writing
  • PR outreach
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Think pieces
  • Guest posts
  • Copywriting
  • Community management
  • Growth marketing
    …and many more.

“When launching a new business or product you need to tell the world about it. Pressfarm takes care of the How: by creating content worth communicating; and to Who: by targeting to the right audience.”

Santiago Stacey

- Co-Founder & CEO at Livekuna

Marketing for ICOs and

cryptocurrency is important.

If you’re launching an ICO or building a new product
in the cryptocurrency industry, then you need a
trusted marketing partner.

Raising awareness of your project and connecting and engaging your customers
and potential investors is essential to build interest, credibility As an inventor and entrepreneur, you’re focused on developing your project. and confidence.

So let us use our skills, expertise, passion, and experience to amplify it.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have

How Pressfarm Can Assist ICO Startups

We can help develop and execute marketing strategies to promote your ICO.

An ICO company entering a market has to raise funding for its project.

Investors are usually invited to purchase coin offerings using Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Naturally, the workload involved in launching a new cryptocurrency leaves little time for creating a marketing strategy – let alone implementing it.

We can help.

From media outreach and guest post articles to interviews, speaking engagements and social media content, we can promote your new cryptocurrency and help it get the exposure and investment that it needs.

Whitepaper Services

Whitepapers are essential for an ICO to raise investment and achieve success.

A strong whitepaper attracts interest, stakeholders and investment, by outlining your goals, plans, strategies and investor benefits.

We offer deep industry knowledge (backed by proven results) and can develop a whitepaper that will help your project meet its fundraising goals.

Social media and digital platform presence

ICOs and cryptocurrencies use a wide range of online platforms and social media channels to raise their profile and attract investment.

Facebook may have restricted the use of cryptocurrency in advertisements, but an online strategy is still essential for raising your profile and chances of going viral.

Naturally, the workload involved in launching a new cryptocurrency leaves little time for creating a marketing strategy – let alone implementing it.

• Sponsored posts on websites including Coindesk and Cointelegraph can be effective.
• Reddit and Steemit can help you increase awareness and promote your project.

We can develop and execute an effective digital strategy for these channels and more, to support your ICO’s launch.

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