Blockchain and crypto PR has become the most important form of stock marketing available for this industry. To better understand how to do this form of PR, companies need to understand what public relations entails. PR can be split into traditional and digital PR.

In the past, conventional PR focused more on TV, radio, and print publications. Now, we’ve witnessed the rise of technology and companies like Google and Facebook. In the midst of these changes, digital PR has come to the forefront to become the most common marketing channel. This is because it focuses on different forms of social media, blogs, online news sites, influencer marketing, and beyond. The popularity of initial coin offerings has led to the use of creative PR strategies to build brand awareness around a blockchain or cryptocurrency project.

What is blockchain technology? 

To the average person, blockchain technology can seem quite complicated. Other people assume that it’s only relevant to those working in the technology industry. On the contrary, blockchain technology can be used to enhance operations in many different industries beyond finance and technology. By providing an increased level of transparency, security, and auditability, blockchain technology can deliver several benefits to many industries.

Along with that, blockchain technology has also been used to establish a decentralized identity framework. It’s also been used to remove control of personal data from private entities and the government, ultimately placing control of digital identity back in the individual’s hands. From a business standpoint, blockchain has been used to boost data security. This means that data can only be viewed and used when it is relevant.

How blockchain and cryptocurrency are using PR 

At the moment, blockchain PR can be considered as a subset of digital PR since they are both quite similar. Some key differences include the cost involved and avenues available to companies looking to promote their content. Since cryptocurrency has been categorized as a new technology, cryptocurrency firms use disruptive PR tactics to stand out from their competitors. These firms have also had to adopt less formal methods of communicating with clients. They are seeking more simple and more authentic means of engagement.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain-related advertisements have been banned on many platforms. This is happening on Google and other social media sites. To get around these bans, the founders of projects need to look to crypto-friendly sites like Reddit and Steemit to get their message out there. In addition to joining crypto-friendly sites, these projects rely on using different types of content like guest post articles to generate backlinks and build a reputation. Submitting PR articles to crypto communities gives a company a higher chance to broaden its reach.

However, with over 5,000 cryptocurrencies in the market these days, gaining media attention can make or break your blockchain company. While the industry is still young and needs to be globally regulated and adapted, we have seen blockchain technology being used in healthcare, automotive, government, retail consumer goods, and more.

Since there are so many competitors in the industry, some companies fall short of their PR efforts because they have either not created the right message or have stock targeted the wrong audience. Sometimes, companies fail to push their content to crypto communities, making it even more challenging when trying to run a blockchain PR campaign. While all industries have their own merits and gain a level of respect, blockchain and cryptocurrency has always been a respect-based economy. This can be a source of great benefit because a practical project can earn the community’s support and gain excellent media coverage for the brand.

How Pressfarm can help

Since mastering blockchain PR can require a lot of time and patience, many people struggle to understand everything that they need to do by the time they need to launch their campaign. For this reason, PR agencies like Pressfarm help companies create content for their brand. Beyond that, the experts at Pressfarm provide expert advice and insight into the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

Pressfarm helps companies of all sizes to create newsworthy content from press releases to guest posts and press kits. All of this content is then distributed to media professionals, bloggers, influencers, and the general public. Since finding the perfect journalist to cover a story can be a tedious task, this team of PR professionals also provides access to their database of over 1 million journalists across different industries. Additionally, the Account Executive personally builds a customized list of the best journalists in each client’s niche. These media lists are designed to help clients achieve the best media coverage.

Digital PR is a part of every company’s overall business strategy and an important part of Pressfarm. The team at Pressfarm demonstrates this by helping companies to achieve online visibility and feature in relevant search results across various search engines.

How PR can help blockchain and cryptocurrency projects

1) Develop a reputation of transparency 

No matter what industry your company is in, credibility is the most important contributor to higher sales and customer loyalty. Changing consumer values have made consumers think twice about what companies they choose. They want to know beforehand whether they can trust the organization they are working with. By using PR, you can create transparency. PR gives you the unique opportunity to show consumers what makes your currency so valuable to their needs compared to others.

2) Create a marketing strategy 

To stand out against your competition, you need to have a clear and customized plan based on your exact expectations and needs. Public relations helps businesses create suitable campaigns that combine multiple techniques like influencer marketing, white papers, etc., to gain media attention.

3) Provide expert insights & establish authority 

In a world of tech-savvy individuals, companies that set themselves apart from the competition are those that establish themselves as thought-leaders and experts in their industry. Through PR, you can create high-quality content and establish a thought leadership strategy that highlights your brand authority and presents you as a powerful resource for those looking for more information about blockchain and cryptocurrency. This demonstrates expertise among audiences, but it also gives investors and media professionals the incentive to look at the brands that seem to understand the possibility of blockchain technology and the opportunities presented by crypto.

4) Maintain constant communication 

In a market that is constantly changing, consumers and investors want to feel like they have all the necessary information before it “goes live.” Public relations provides a way for you to create content continuously. This ensures that your community is always informed on what is going on within the industry and the company.

Blockchain & crypto PR techniques 

1) Build a real community 

Every company’s intention is to be taken seriously from the get-go. This has now led many companies and global influencers in the crypto community to buy followers. This strategy is supposed to make brands look more credible. While buying followers might initially seem like a good idea, these fake accounts will not engage with the available content, resulting in low web traffic.

Since blockchain and cryptocurrency are already questioned by people who don’t understand them, buying followers can hurt your company’s reputation irreversibly.

We know that building a social following from scratch can be a very long process. If you want to do this, you need to start by attracting a handful of fans and encouraging them to spread the word. With a solid base of core supporters, you can lower the marketing costs for your blockchain company.  With this strategy, you can also reach a growing number of people. This strategy is not unique to cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, with those projects, you need to go one step further and maintain a genuine sense of community.

2) Use SEO 

Since most blockchain PR campaigns have a short period to generate media attention before fundraising, many blockchain brands do not use Search Engine Optimization to its full capability. SEO can help your company improve both the volume and quality of traffic to your website using various techniques. However, in this case, it is better late than never. If you have not used SEO to its full potential, you can use it as part of your long-term marketing strategy.

When you decide to start writing content, you need to consider whether the content will rank high in relevant search results. Ideally, to properly use and understand SEO, you should generate long posts with relevant keywords which get more backlinks than short posts. This can help you gain online visibility. Before beginning any SEO campaign, you need to do your keyword research to understand the right keywords to use.

3) Make use of performance metrics 

As with keyword research, you should research and evaluate your key performance indicators (KPIs) – metrics used to assess the success of a business by “identifying its conformity to expected standards for several different tasks.” The metrics that you need to consider are website traffic, brand awareness, and SEO effectiveness.

Website traffic may not always be the most accurate reflection of PR quality. Having a high traffic volume does not necessarily mean that people are engaging with your company or like what you have to offer. What it does show, however, is a rough estimate of how many people are viewing the website as well as their habits on the site. Another analysis that you should consider is brand awareness. This is a little bit more challenging to measure since it is not a quantifiable statistic like traffic. However, through brand awareness, you can see whether your business is easily recognizable or whether you need to go through rebranding.

Finally, as mentioned previously, you should measure your SEO campaign’s effectiveness by checking keywords and backlinks. This will help boost your Google ranking and increase your website traffic.

4) Be aware of campaign costs 

Blockchain PR campaigns can be pretty costly depending on several factors; It’s easy to blow your budget on paying to write guest posts on massive publications with no results. To avoid this, you need to be aware of everything you spend on your PR campaigns. You should start by creating quality organic content that will generate high-quality and high-volume traffic to your site. From there, you can engage with more extensive publications to build your reputation. Smaller and more niche publications will bring in the same engagement at a lower cost.

5) Give real value and don’t be too self-promotional 

To the general public, blockchain is still a poorly understood field because it can be challenging to understand the technology. To be receptive to blockchain and crypto product offerings, audiences need to feel comfortable with the technology. By creating content with real value, you give skeptics a way of understanding the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries.

If you have a company in this industry, then you should back up your high opinion of yourself with content. You need content that is valuable and educational rather than promotional. Given that people are still struggling to understand the blockchain and crypto industries, brands that are invested in promoting themselves are met with suspicion. By creating content that is valuable and informative, you position yourself as a trusted expert.


It doesn’t matter what type of company you’ve launched and what products and services you are selling. Public relations is one of the main strategies you should use to increase visibility and be relevant to your target audience. While there is no cut-and-dry way to perform PR, there are things that you always need to consider in today’s digital age. Since blockchain and cryptocurrency are predominantly digital industries, you need to know what is going on within the market. With the help of PR professionals or on your own, you need to figure out precisely what you want to achieve with your PR campaign so that you have a clear path for your overall business strategy.