Press release experts employ various copywriting techniques to craft effective press releases. While following a standard press release guide is a good start, it takes more than that to create exceptional releases. In addition to learning copywriting strategies, it’s crucial to develop copy-editing skills for press releases.

A press release serves as a valuable tool for businesses to share important information with the public. It allows companies to make newsworthy announcements and communicate developments within their organization. However, writing a great press release requires more than simply listing facts. Considering that your competitors are also sending press releases to the same journalists you’re targeting, it’s essential to go the extra mile to ensure your press release captures attention in a journalist’s crowded inbox.

Writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but when the success of your business is at stake, it becomes necessary to improve your writing skills. That’s why we encourage business owners to make an effort to learn how to write better press releases. To make the process easier, we’ve compiled a list of copywriting tips and tricks to help you create exceptional press releases:

1. Use impactful language

Press release writing may initially seem bland, but by utilizing powerful language, you can transform it into engaging content that captivates your readers. Effective use of language involves several factors. Firstly, use emotive words to evoke emotions in your readers. Instead of describing your brand as “good,” opt for terms like “best.” Additionally, employ colorful and descriptive language that paints a vivid picture. However, it’s important to remain straightforward and avoid exaggeration.

2. Highlight selling points

A press release provides multiple opportunities to grab the audience’s attention. Take full advantage of these chances by focusing on the most important aspects of your announcement. Use the inverted pyramid structure to ensure these key points are presented at the beginning of your story. To identify the selling points, put yourself in the readers’ shoes and consider what aspects would be most significant to them. Why should they be interested in your announcement or your business as a whole? Effectively highlighting these points will make them stand out from the rest of the press release and prevent readers from getting distracted.

3. Infuse personality into your press release

Press releases often consist of announcements and can become a monotonous list of achievements. To avoid boring your readers, incorporate personality into your writing. The type of personality you add depends on your industry or niche. For example, if you operate a cybersecurity company, a humorous tone may not be suitable, as online security is a serious matter. Instead, a more professional and serious corporate personality is likely more effective. Conversely, if you run an entertainment agency, there’s room for a lighthearted and humorous tone.

4. Create a compelling hook

Readers generally have a short attention span, so it’s crucial to find a way to hook their attention and keep them engaged throughout your press release. One effective approach is to include a captivating hook in the headline. Since most readers start with the headline, grabbing their attention from the beginning increases the likelihood that they will read the entire press release. Look for inspiration from attention-grabbing news and articles online, as they often contain elements of a strong hook.

5. Avoid excessive rambling

Recognize that readers have limited time and attention spans. Although you may have a lot to share as an industry expert, it’s essential to keep your press release concise to avoid losing your audience. Most reporters prefer shorter press releases, and a length of about 400-500 words is ideal. Less is more when it comes to word count. However, it’s important to consider your industry and the complexity of the information you’re conveying. Certain concepts may require more than 300 words to explain adequately.

6. Keep it simple

In your effort to avoid wordiness, simplicity can be a valuable asset. Remember that not all readers are experts in your industry. Avoid overwhelming them with paragraphs filled with jargon. Your content should be simple and easily digestible for the average reader or reporter. They should be able to comprehend it without struggling to decipher complex words or phrases. Moreover, journalists should be able to break down the content and create a story from it.

7. Eliminate errors

Producing an error-free press release is crucial for showcasing your expertise and credibility, and to build trust with your readers. Prior to distribution, thoroughly copy-edit your press release and have a few people within your organization review it. Even the best press release writers make mistakes, so take the time to carefully review it multiple times. Once a release is published, it cannot be withdrawn, and any errors found can harm your chances of success and raise doubts about your credibility.

8. Avoid fluff

To craft exceptional press releases, avoid unnecessary words and extravagant statements that aim to impress rather than inform the reader. Such fluff includes non-essential information that may confuse or distract the reader from the main point of the press release. While expressive language can be employed, it’s important not to overdo it. Filling your press release with fluff can cause readers to lose interest and fail to understand the core message you’re trying to convey.

9. Appeal to emotions

Creating an emotional connection with readers is a skill that only a few press release writers master. When you engage readers’ emotions, you can be sure you have their undivided attention. By employing the right strategies, you can evoke curiosity and foster a genuine interest in your content. Establishing an emotional connection also increases the likelihood of readers remembering your release for a longer period. Incorporating anecdotes and quotes is an effective way to engage readers emotionally and make your press release more relatable.

By applying these copywriting tips and tricks, you can elevate your press releases to new heights. However, if you’re unsure about your writing abilities, there are resources available to help. Professional press release writers, like those at Pressfarm, have extensive experience crafting engaging releases. They can not only write but also optimize your press release to capture the attention of both readers and search engines.

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