As far as the locksmith profession is concerned, so many myths have gained a stronghold in the minds of many that are not just true. The locksmith profession is one of the oldest professions in the world, dating back to the time when the first locks were created centuries ago.

Locksmithing is still a viable career today, but it is not as popular as it used to be, which is why some of these myths have gained traction.

Regardless of whether you have hired a locksmith before, you will most definitely need their services, and it will be in your best interest to know a thing or two about them.

Below, we expose some common myths many have about auto locksmiths and explain why they are untrue.

Busting Car Locksmith Myths

1. Car Locksmiths Only Cut Keys

When people hear of car locksmiths, they assume that key cutting is the only service they render, but this is untrue. Although it is true that locksmiths cut keys, this is only one of the numerous services they offer. Locksmiths render a host of services depending on the need of the customer according to the pro at Locksmith in Aventura.

They can install new locks, remove old ones, duplicate keys, and add security fixtures to your car. They can even install control systems to give you control over who can access your car when you are not around.

So contrary to popular opinion, a car locksmith is more than a key-cutting professional.

2. All Locksmith Offer Customers The Same Service Quality

Many car owners believe that there is no service differentiation among locksmiths because they offer the same service quality. This is why they do not see the need to hire based on experience and skill set. Why bother when they all offer you the same service anyway?

The truth is that all locksmiths are not the same; some locksmiths are more experienced and competent than others. Furthermore, they don’t offer the same services. While some only work with locks and keys, others expand their expertise into security technology. So as the client, the services you need should determine the locksmith, you hire.

3. Locksmiths Have Master Keys

The third myth we want to look at is the “Master Kay” myth.  This one has been around for hundreds of years and is one of the major reasons why many look at locksmiths with an air of suspicion. The truth is that locksmiths don’t have master keys that can open every car door. They don’t have a machine or device for crafting such a key because locks come in different shapes, sizes and designs, so they need different keys.

So forget what you heard about a locksmith owning a master key.

4. Their Services Are Very Expensive

The cost of their services is one thing that has refused to go away. Many car owners believe that it will cost a leg and an arm to hire a car locksmith emergency service, but this is not the case.  While it is true that a locksmith may charge you an extra fee for late night calls, the fee is not as expensive as many would have you think. Secondly, the type of service you want is what determines how much you pay. To ensure that you are not charged a fee you can’t afford, you can get a free quote online or over the phone before you hire the locksmith.

5. All Car Locksmiths Have Certification

Not all locksmiths are certified to practice. In fact, not all states and counties expect locksmiths operating in the area to have certification. So, therefore, assuming that all locksmiths are certified is far from the truth. Hiring a certified locksmith is advisable as you will be sure of the service you are about to get. Certified locksmiths have the training and work experience to practice their craft.  They also have criminal background checks run on them to ensure they are who they say they are.

Services Offered By Car Locksmiths

The services offered by car locksmiths are numerous because their approach to service delivery is to provide the customer with all that they need. A car locksmith can:

  • Replace your car locks
  • Duplicate keys
  • Remove broken pieces of metal from the ignition
  • Upgrades security installation
  • Install advanced auto security technology
  • Lock maintenance service

These and more are some of the services a car locksmith can offer. Furthermore, they offer consultancy services to car owners looking for recommendations.  In light of the crime wave sweeping many big cities today, you can’t afford to be careless with your car security.

Only trained locksmiths can secure your vehicle, so disregard the common myths you hear and contact a professional today. The professional is in the best position to secure your vehicle by upgrading the existing security features and replacing your keys and fobs.

To be on the safe side, consider having a car locksmith who you trust on speed dial so you can contact him when the occasion arises.