Code School bought by PluralSight for $36 million

Pluralsight, one of the enormous online learning platforms has purchased Code School for $36 million in a deal that will see Pluralsight begin to compete with mightier online learning websites like and Skillsoft. Code School started in 2011. The founder, Gregg Pollack had for long tried to develop educational content for developers to be accessed online eight years earlier before the official launch of Code School.

What gave Gregg the firepower to push through the success  of Code School was his initial interests in Ruby on Rails, a programming language that was then very new. When he started to write and blog about it, and even speak about the new framework in conferences as well as making videos for tutoring purposes, he realized that there was a potential business in teaching people how to code, online.

Code School has now grown to feature over 40 courses on several topics related to developers. Beginners and professional developers alike continue to expand their skills using the Code School platform. Some of the languages that you learn on the site include JavaScript, HTML/CSS, iOS, Git and Ruby. The lessons combine with screen casts to illustrate most steps.

Code School boasts around 40,000 users currently despite having over 1 million sign-ups. Code School recently launched a mobile app that has helped several users learn on the go and even re-watch videos from previous lessons, etc. According to the site, 40% of people who have studied on Code School have ended up landing new jobs or promotions.

Pluralsight continues to foot-stamp their presence in the market with this purchase. The company has been on a shopping spree in the last few months. The company had recently purchased another platform Smarterer for $75 million and Oklahoma City-based Digital-Tutors for $45 million. After the Code School acquisition, Pluralsight now has a catalogue of upto 4,000 online courses.


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