ClearQuery’s augmented intelligence platform provides a solution for gaining insight from your extensive data holdings

Computing and information technology provides many solutions to common problems that people face every day. With the emergence of this technology, there is now an abundance of information which is sometimes difficult to exploit.

With that in mind, many are trying to find new tools to organize their information and build data-driven technical solutions. It is important for companies across different industries to manage their information efficiently and effectively.

The team at Night Shift Development understands the need for data management systems and is on a mission to democratize data analytics. With decades of experience working in support of the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense. Night Shift Development founders wanted to fill the gap left by current tools. Which organizations rely on to make sense of their data. With their expertise in building solutions that enable operators and analysts to collect, triage, and exploit multi-domain data collected from a wide variety of technical and human enabled platforms, the founders wanted to engage in every aspect of the Intelligence life cycle, from planning and collection to analysis and dissemination. Their research found four industries that can benefit from a tool to help them exploit data more efficiently; core analytics, information retrieval, cybersecurity, and national defense.

ClearQuery an augmented intelligence and analytics platform designed by Night Shift Development to enable users of any technical skill level to get value from their data without having to learn complex query languages or tools. End-users can rapidly search, explore, and analyze their data through an intuitive interface that enables precise visual, conversational, and traditional search and analytics. ClearQuery goes beyond this to produce automated insights allowing users to explore their data at a whole new level.

What separates ClearQuery from other tools?

On the market, its intuitive nature and ability to provide value in under 60 seconds make it different from others. ClearQuery designed with one goal in mind, to make analytics simple for everyone. ClearQuery removes the technical barriers by giving every user the ability to have an analytics conversation with their data. This means cutting the time it takes to get the answers companies need to drive their business forward. It provides users with more tech and less fluff while also creating a positive, user-friendly environment.

ClearQuery takes this input and converts it into a query run against a company’s data to deliver the desired results. ClearQuery then determines the best way to display the results for easy consumption.

By targeting four primary industries, Night Shift Development can target and expand. Its reach to any company that needs search-driven data analytics solutions. ClearQuery’s core analytics works out of the box with structured datasets whether companies import data or connect their own Elasticsearch cluster. The documents are run through a set of processors that extract keywords, metadata, and other entities to add structure that can be analyzed and tagged. Once this is done, users, through an intuitive interface, can search the stored documents and view them in their original format.


Cybersecurity is also an essential technology solution that companies are interested in. ClearQuery’s cybersecurity designed for practitioners and observability engineers who need an easier way to drill into the billions of cybersecurity. Also, Application monitoring events collected through various platforms and logs across a company’s infrastructure. When coupled with ElasticSearch, ClearQuery simplifies threat hunting and identifies root causes of application performance issues. Finally, when it comes to National Security and Defense, Night Shift Development understands unique use cases, scale, and security challenges. The platform also designed to help government organizations respond to mission-critical challenges and maintain real-time situational awareness.

All in all, by leveraging their deep backgrounds and experience. Founders Tim Tutt and Drew Hayes have applied their skills to multiple industries. Also, Tim and Drew have built a thriving company committed to helping organizations democratize data analytics by creating core solutions that enable users of any technical skill level to get value from their data.