Cisco to invest $100 million in French start-ups over the coming years

Cisco will be partnering with France to invest in start-ups for the next coming years. The step by the tech Company comes when Cisco has been considering efforts to ramp up investing in French start-ups for a while now. It will kick off with a deal $100 million over the next few years.

Cisco will also invest part of the money to educate 200,000 people in France about network infrastructure and related jobs. France has also signed a deal with Cisco to collaborate on cyber-security, smart networks and smart cities.

While announcing the move, France’s Prime Minister Manuel Valls said the agreement was not only about supporting start-ups but will go along way in providing funding for various technology projects around the country.

France’s start-up image seems to be improving otherwise Cisco wouldn’t venture into the scene. Hopefully, Cisco will change the tech ecosystem in France along with ensuring that start-ups and people with great ideas and products are funded to reach their goals.


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