If you are a business owner of a small, medium or large and thriving business, you may see little sense in investing in having a criminal lawyer on retainer and there is a general misconception that criminal lawyers are only needed for isolated unfortunate incidents.

Businesses of any size need preemptive systems in place for the many issues and misunderstandings that can arise in the day to day running of the enterprise from employee lawsuits, financial crime, cybercrime, criminal negligence, worker rights abuses, harassment cases and so forth. As a business owner there is a lot of value in investing in the future safety of the business’s money, reputation and operations.


Every criminal lawyer may not be well versed on the workings of the type of business you have. While a general criterion should exist such as requiring the lawyer to be adequately qualified, with a reasonable number of years in practice and he/she should be a holder of all required licenses and permits by the state and area where they are operating, you need one more factor to be in place.

The lawyer needs to have a degree of familiarity with the business you own and a lot of knowledge also about the possible challenges that can be faced by that type of business for example an import business or a fast food chain. If the lawyer has represented a similar firm or business before, that should ideally count as a bonus.

Depending on the size and scale of your business you will have faced a few cases that typically fall within a single category such as employee negligence, unjustified laying off, breach of contract and so forth. Choose a lawyer who has a background in these types of cases and has studied precedent so they can better craft a defense and be on retainer when such legal issues arise within the business.

On Beck And Call

Hiring a sought after large legal firm or very well-known criminal lawyer is counter-productive if they are routinely too busy to appear for you or take your calls. Go local in your search and choose a lawyer from a small to medium firm so they simply have more time to attend to the concerns of your business in a more comprehensive manner. At the same time you want to ensure they have a qualified team of junior attorneys and that they have a system of managing clients that is beyond reproach.

A market secret is that lawyers only take as many clients as they can do justice to, at any given time. If the lawyer you have approached seems to take everyone’s case on, they may be public prosecutors overburdened with cases and you will likely not get the service you require so consider it a red flag if a lawyer is too eager and too available.

For Criminal Charges

While good all-rounder criminal defense lawyers Orlando should have the expertise to deal with non-criminal charges as well, you want to go for a slightly larger legal firm when faced with criminal charges. Criminal charges particularly those that can result in imprisonment require an advanced degree of specialization on the behalf of the lawyer. Furthermore, the best criminal lawyers will be completely up to date on state-specific laws about certain types of criminal behavior that may vary between different cities and areas.

Only As Good As Your Team

As mentioned earlier, it is a challenge to find a committed and available lawyer to either be on your retainer or make time for you when issues at work arise but the skill and experience of their team matters almost as much.

An attorney’s legal team that usually consists of law school interns, junior lawyers, paralegals and so forth needs to be formidable as they carry out all the research, document drafts, and even formulating the defense or prosecution itself. It is up to the senior criminal lawyer to provide guidance every now and then and to look over everything at its completion. Find out as much as you can about the team behind the name.

Negotiate Fee

A major component on whether or not you can hire someone who you consider particularly competent is the small matter of the fee. Work out the allowance in the business’s budget for the legal fees that are sure to accumulate and remember that the reputation of the business and its continued success often warrants a financial investment like an experienced criminal lawyer.