Recruiters spend 6 to 8 seconds reviewing each resume. With these figures in mind, you want your resume to make a stellar first impression on a potential employer. And, if writing isn’t your biggest strength, there’s always an option to hire an experienced resume writer. A resume consultant can polish your career history and draw attention to your achievements and skills, helping you look like a perfect fit for the role.

On the flip side, to get a resume that really helps in your job search, you need to choose the writer with the right qualifications and industry expertise. In this article, we are going to share some tips on choosing a resume writing service that will benefit your career.

What to pay attention to when choosing an accounting resume writing service?

A resume has a major impact on getting you shortlisted for an interview. Thus, it is best to spend some time researching and comparing different companies. Here’s what to pay attention to when considering a resume service:

Look for a specialized resume writing agency

There are plenty of writing companies that are willing to help you with everything, from website content and social media posts to academic essays and resumes. Yet, experienced and skilled resume writers rarely work for such content mills. Look for a specialized accounting resume writing service that has the best professional accounting industry resume writers.

For example, the website at the link specializes in resumes and career documents only. In such companies, you can find skilled writers who are aware of the hiring practices and can present your work history well.

Prices and packages

The rule of thumb is to avoid suspiciously cheap services that charge $50 or $70 per resume. In this case, you get what you pay for. With such a price tag, your resume is likely to be done by an inexperienced freelancer or an overseas contractor. As a result, you won’t get a resume that would give you a competitive edge.

Look for accounting resume services with average prices – $150-$300 per resume. Also, see if they offer supplementing documents for your job application – a cover letter, LinkedIn profile, professional bio, follow-up notes, etc.

ATS optimization

As nearly 99% of Fortune 500 companies use applicant tracking systems, your resume has to be keyword-optimized. The simplest way to optimize a resume is to copy and paste keywords from the job posting, but there are other tricks to keep in mind.

Before buying a resume service, ask if they optimize resumes for popular ATS systems in the accounting field. Opt for a company that is willing to customize your resume for a particular position or company.

Resume samples or free review

The fastest way to evaluate the quality of service is to review samples of their previous work. Ask the company to share sample resumes they’ve prepared for other clients in the accounting or finance industry. Pay attention to resume layout, structure, content, and the overall impression the samples make.

Some agencies also offer a free initial resume review – take advantage of this feature, if possible. A resume writer will point out the strengths and weaknesses in your current resume, and explain what exactly they plan to make to strengthen it.


Trustworthy resume services always offer guarantees to their clients. Check if they guarantee your satisfaction with the final product, and what they offer if you’re not happy with the document. Also, good companies offer refunds if they delivered your resume later than agreed or didn’t deliver it at all. If you see no guarantees, it’s best not to work with such a writer.

On the flip side, beware of the unrealistic guarantees. No resume writer can promise you an interview or the job. A resume writer only prepares your documents and doesn’t influence the hiring process. Thus, if you see such promises, the company is most likely a scam.

Contact your writer

Talk to customer support before the purchase and ask if you’ll be able to talk to your writer during the process. Some resume agencies will simply forward your messages to the writer and all communication will go through customer support. Such communication is slow and inefficient.

Hire a resume service that allows direct contact with the writer. In this case, you can discuss your expectations in detail, clarify something or discuss your concerns with the writer. When you have personalized attention from your writer, you have every chance to get a resume that exceeds your expectations.

Revisions and edits

Good resume companies usually offer free revisions to make sure you are satisfied with the final documents. Expect to get at least 2-3 rounds of revisions from a good company. Some agencies even offer unlimited revisions for 7 days or more. Thus, you can forward your comments to the writer and they will adjust the first draft until you are satisfied.

If the writing service doesn’t allow any revisions, it is best not to work with them as there’s no guarantee that the first draft will meet all your expectations.

Customer support

Large resume writing companies typically have a customer support team. Reach out to them on the phone or via live chat, and talk to a real person before you order. Do they sound friendly and supportive, or only try to upsell? Are they willing to consult you about packages, and recommend what will work best for your career situation? Most likely, a company with a good support team will deliver a well-written resume.

If the company doesn’t provide live support and only has an email, there’s a chance that communication with them will be slow and inefficient.

Beware of resume builders

Many job-seekers in the finance industry turn to online resume builders. These builders let you choose a fancy template and add pre-written text to your resume. Yet, such a service won’t help you stand out from the competition as a professional resume writer is not involved in the process.

Look for a custom resume writing company, where a writer will gather information about your work history and accomplishments, and prepare a document with your professional goals in mind. The writer will emphasize your unique strengths, which will help you get noticed by recruiters.

A qualified resume writer can help you get noticed in a competitive accounting field. By focusing on skills and experiences that matter most to hiring managers, the writer will position you as a perfectly qualified candidate. Yet, to achieve this, follow the tips above to select a reputable writing agency that can give you a competitive edge.