Several startups launched on a daily basis target the local market. In the internet age, it is impossible to ignore the power that online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) can do. Startups and local small businesses have been built based on the internet. However, SEO is not as easy as it might sound. Business on the internet takes proper targeting and expertise to reach your target market online. It takes even more expertise to know what kind of keywords to target. One word keywords are the hardest to rank. It gets easier to rank as the length of the keyword increases. However, the struggle to get rank includes looking for guest posts, trying to content market, publishing and sharing infographics, doing press releases, directory submissions, and building links among other efforts.

The right research in as far as keywords are concerned can be very beneficial in making the process easier and accelerated. For local businesses, the competition is even higher on Google if you are trying to get the coveted top 3 spots. Even the top featured google ads based off keywords are very expensive to secure depending on the niche.

Tools for the Right Keywords Research 

Tools like Google Keyword Planner help you to know what you need to research and what keywords to target. Targeting broad and competitive terms like “florist” or “food” might be expensive and difficult but if you do manage to rank locally,your business is well set.

If you would like to pick the right local keywords to start your campaign off with, leverage industry keywords. Find out what other competitors in the same niche and locale are ranking for. You can then tweak this with modifiers like best, top, ultimate, etc. However, before pushing for the keyword research, start by doing the basic things like setting up a Google My Business page, creating content with local focus, building citations, asking for local based reviews and monitoring your results with these efforts. For a more elaborate article read: Where & How to Find the Right Local Keywords