Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, people had already been shifting to working and learning online. What’s more, people who have embraced a nomadic lifestyle are always raving about the benefits of working online. However, there is still skepticism among the more traditional establishments whether this method of work and study is a good thing.

Working from home, however, is a viable option for many people now. While working from home, the hassles of coming to work, such as getting dressed up and commuting are eliminated. Additionally, social interaction and other unnecessary distractions at work are reduced. Depending on your optimal work style, working from home could either be the best thing that happened to you or your idea of hell.

People who want to pick up new skills are also increasingly turning to online learning tools. The COVID-19 pandemic has further prompted innovative approaches to education. Educational institutions all across the world are now turning to online learning platforms to continue their operations seamlessly.

There are pros and cons to working and studying online:

Pros of Working and Studying Online 

1) Flexibility 

When it comes to working online, a lot can be done remotely on a flexible schedule. For example, if you’re a content creator or coder, you can most likely do it whenever it works for you. That is, as long as you meet your deadlines. If you need to work specific hours, you can still use your break time to do whatever you want. That is, as long as you return to your work schedule on time.

Online learning is slightly different because classes are usually scheduled at specific times. Even so, they are often asynchronous. While you need to follow the prescribed timing, often you can fit that timing into your schedule.  Thanks to the flexibility offered, you don’t have to worry about classes that don’t interest you.

2) Own work/learning environment 

Unless you are a digital nomad and plan to travel while working, you will most likely be working from home. That does not mean that you need to buy office furniture to create a “work environment.” Rather, you can fit your office into wherever it fits in your life. Moreover, you are not tied to your home either. You can work at a coffee shop, outdoors, and pretty much anywhere else as long as you have an internet connection.

From an educational perspective, online learning permits students to take lessons from wherever they wish. It also enables schools to reach out to a more extensive network of students beyond geographical limits. Online lectures can also record, preserved, and shared for later viewing. This allows students to access the instructional materials whenever it is convenient for them. As a result, online learning provides students with the flexibility of time and location.

3) More affordable 

Working online or from home can reduce the number of daily expenses, including the money you would normally spend on commuting, your wardrobe, and your meals. When you no longer have to pay for commuting, you will see an instant difference in your bank account. You won’t have to squeeze yourself into a suit and polished shoes if you don’t want to. Additionally, if you work from home, you can save money on food because you can quickly prepare your lunch and coffee.

When compared to physical learning, online learning is significantly more affordable. This is because online learning reduces the cost of student transportation and lunches. Furthermore, all course or study materials are available online, resulting in a paperless learning environment that is more economical and environmentally friendly.

Cons of Working and Studying Online 

Now that we have looked at the advantages of working and learning online, let us look at some disadvantages.

1) Willpower and possible lack of focus

It’s no wonder that employers are concerned about their employees’ work productivity outside of the office, given the temptation of a couch, mid-day naps, Netflix, virtual reality games, drum lessons, social media notifications, and whatever other tiny diversions there are in a day. Online workers are helpless in the face of looming responsibilities. There’s plenty to eat in the pantry. A “quick” stroll to the park and a plethora of other activities can all serve to divert their attention away from their work responsibilities. It’s easy to understand how things could easily take longer. A piece of work that would take an hour in an office could easily take five hours if there are distractions.

On a related note, one of the most challenging aspects of online learning for many students is the inability to focus on a screen for lengthy periods. With online learning, pupils are more likely to become quickly sidetracked by social media or other websites. As a result, teachers must keep their online lessons concise, engaging, and interactive to keep students focused on the topic.

2) Increased isolation 

You can become relatively isolated if you spend most of your time working alone. If you’re a remote worker, you should schedule outings and events with friends and family to avoid loneliness and isolation. To enhance sociability, several remote organizations hold frequent team events.  Being in the company of peers can teach students a lot. In an online class, students and teachers have minimal physical encounters. The students often feel alone as a result of this. Some educators plan in-person events or assign team projects to encourage students to mingle, thus generating a more social atmosphere.

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