Brand Policy

Pressfarm Trademarks and Brand Usage Policy 

This document (the Policy) is meant to outline the conditions under which individuals can use the registered and unregistered trademarks, service marks, logotypes, trade dress, trade names, product names, images, and other content that belongs to Pressfarm and its affiliates for promotional, advertising, instructional, or reference purposes. 

Pressfarm is a media communication company that enables communicators to manage their media programs effectively. As used in this Privacy Policy, the terms “Pressfarm,” “we,” and “us” refer to Pressfarm and its departments and affiliates.

This Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use, protect and share information about you that we obtain when individuals use our services or otherwise communicate with us.

Note to Journalists, Experts, and PR Professionals: News and journalism are public activities. Your name, business contact details, and professional interests and affiliations may already be publicly available. This is especially the case if you are a journalist, a recognized expert, or a PR professional. We have created this Privacy Policy to highlight what we can reasonably do in our power to keep your identity and interests anonymous or private in a business context. 

The Intent of Policy 

Our Privacy Policy intends to provide clarity on how we collect information from individuals. Pressfarm highly values the trust of its customers, potential customers, vendors, and partners, and we protect our rights to ensure those expectations can be met reliably. On the other hand, we would like to ensure that everyone has the freedom to use our trademarks in a reasonable way, with appropriate guidance on what acceptable use does and doesn’t entail

Pressfarm may review this Policy from time to time and updates its provisions. 

What are the Pressfarm Marks? 

Both registered and unregistered trademarks and service marks owned or used by Pressfarm. These include logos, logotypes, trade dress, trade names, product names, photographs, and slogans. Please keep in mind that registration of Pressfarm’s Marks is not always needed for ownership, and Pressfarm retains ownership of its Marks regardless of registration status.

To find out more about Pressfarm’s registered Marks as well as Pressfarm’s rights regarding these marks, contact us directly with your questions through our chat feature or Contact Us section.

Principles of Use for Pressfarm Marks 

Without authorization, no usage of Pressfarm Marks is permitted. You can not use Pressfarm Marks except for cases expressly permitted by this Policy or with Presfarm’s written permission. More specifically, you may not use Pressfarm Marks:

● In the title of a business, product, service, app, or another service
● In domain names, social media accounts, and community names 
● On promotional merchandise being sold or distributed 
● In any creative, digital, social, PPC, and other advertising 
● In any metatags or any other “hidden text” that mentions or references any Pressfarm Marks 

Pressfarm’s Marks should be used in their complete, precise, and most up-to-date type and color at all times.

Individuals cannot modify the color, font, proportions, or any other element of our graphic Marks, or combine them with their trademarks or any other symbols, phrases, pictures, or designs, or integrate them into a tagline or slogan. 

Appreciation for the proper use of registered Marks. 

We appreciate it if the first and most important mention of Pressfarm is easily distinguishable from surrounding text, either by capitalization, italicization, bold text, or underline. 

The use of Marks provides no room for misconception. 

Any use of Pressfarm Marks should not be used to confuse, deceive or mislead consumers. Examples of this include using Marks to falsely imply an endorsement or sponsorship, partnership, or affiliation with Pressfarm where no such relationship exists. 

Marks cannot be used in a manner that will harm, diminish, or damage the reputation of Pressfarm.

Other Provisions 

By using Pressfarm’s Marks, individuals acknowledge that Pressfarm is the sole owner of the Marks and promise that they will not interfere with Pressfarm’s rights to the Marks. This can include challenging the use of Marks, registering or attempting to register the Marks, and harming, misusing, or bringing into dispute any of Pressfarm’s Marks. 

Pressfarm reserves all rights not explicitly granted within.
Pressfarm farm may revoke the permissions generally or as applied to an individual’s use at any time at its sole discretion.

Abuse of the Marks 

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation with Pressfarm in any legal action to prevent any unauthorized activity when it comes to the use of our Marks. Please report any misuse to us via our chat feature or Contact Us section and provide us with as much information as possible regarding the infringement. With that information, we will investigate the matter and take appropriate action. 


If you would like to use our Marks in a way that is not covered by this Policy or have any questions regarding the Policy, please contact us via chat or through our Contact Us section.