Despite today’s digital tools and powerful cameras, the vast majority of videos still need to be edited. The available light, weather conditions, and the type of recording device all play a role in the overall quality of a video. Even in high-budget Hollywood projects, the best video quality enhancer is used to ensure that the end output looks and sounds great.

You can improve the quality of your video clip by using a video enhancer, which allows you to change the colors, contrast, and sharpness. However, choosing which video enhancer software suits your editing experience and specific needs can take time and effort.

In this article, we’ll look at 10 of the most effective video editors available for both Mac and Windows computers. We also offer tips you can use to improve the quality of your social media or home video content.

What is a Video Quality Enhancer?

Best Video Quality Enhancer to Improve Low-Quality Videos

A video quality enhancer is any tool that allows users to increase the video’s resolution. Using such programs, you can modify video brightness, saturation, and contrast. In addition, it allows you to modify and zoom in on videos as well as crop them. You can also use several of these programs to edit 360-degree videos easily.

There are a lot of video quality enhancers that claim to be able to make your videos look better, but you should know how to spot the genuine ones.

Here is a selection of the best video quality boosters, along with summaries of their most appealing qualities and online locations. It includes both free and paid options.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Why Adobe Premiere Pro is the Best Video Quality Enhancer

If you want to quickly and easily raise the standard of your video productions, Adobe Premiere is the program for you. This video editor is great for professionals because it supports a wide variety of video formats and can be used to modify virtually any type of video.

Premiere Pro has many features that can improve the quality of your videos. Using the integrated Lumetri Color Tool and its nonlinear editing platform, it’s possible to make any color adjustments imaginable. The video’s exposure, contrast, shadows, and white balance can all be modified with this tool.

The Sensei AI technology on the platform allows for the best changes. However, you can only use this AI model on one video at a time. In addition, you can export videos in a number of different formats, including AVI (Audio-Video Interleaved) and MXF (Material Exchange Format).


  • Change the format of your videos automatically
  • Eases the stress of adjusting curves
  • Improve your editing environment
  • You may combine audio and video using this video editing program
  • It provides you with all the tools and features you need to create and share stories


  • Complex interface

2. HitPaw Video Enhancer AI

Why HitPaw is the Best Video Quality Enhancer

The HitPaw Video Enhancer AI uses three different artificial intelligence models to enhance video quality: the Denoise Model, the Animation Model, and the Face Model. Since it’s powered by artificial intelligence, it can also correct issues like blown-out highlights, muted colors, and fuzzy edges.

Videos shot with low-quality, low-light cameras will benefit from the Denoise Model, which can illuminate each pixel for a crisp, clear outcome. Likewise, the Animation Model will sharpen and add colors to the old, dull, and colorless anime videos to make the anime characters appear more realistic and colorful on a high-quality screen.


  • Automatic improvement
  • With just one click, trained AI can upscale your video.
  • Support for 30+ formats
  • Bulk processing
  • Video resolution enhancement to 8K


  • A bit pricey

3. PowerDirector

Why PowerDirector is the Best Video Quality Enhancer

PowerDirector provides all the functionality required to make the best-looking and -sounding videos, from basic to expert color correction and audio editing to powerful AI restoration tools. In addition, there is a simple way to instantly enhance the look and quality of your videos, regardless of your familiarity with video editing software.

PowerDirector does more than just improve video quality. It provides the tools and effects necessary to edit and create professional-looking videos. You can improve it with effects, color adjustments, titles, and transitions.

Alternatively, upgrade your films by adding an HDR effect or use AI Sky Replacement to improve the dull skies. In addition, it supports all popular video formats and allows you to post videos straight to platforms like Facebook and YouTube.


  • Professional video editing and enhancement software
  • Simple, straightforward, and easy-to-master interface
  • Ultra HD 4K and 360-Degree video editing


  • A CPU-intensive platform

4. Wondershare Filmora

Why Wondershare Filmora is the Best Video Quality Enhancer

Wondershare Filmora is a user-friendly video enhancement program for Windows and Mac. There are a number of audio and video effects. In addition, the program can edit videos in 4K resolution and more than fifty other formats. You will also get access to powerful video editing tools and Filmstock video effects.

Small businesses, educational institutions, and established content producers can all benefit greatly from the use of video editing software. In addition, anyone from amateurs to semi-professionals can benefit from using this program to make high-quality videos. The app has an AI portrait tool that can quickly identify people in videos.


  • Presets and effects in plenty
  • Online tutorials
  • Simple UI


  • Playback and rendering of videos need to be improved
  • Slow in applying color and audio adjustments

5. Pinnacle Studio

Why Pinnacle Studio is the Best Video Quality Enhancer

Pinnacles Studio is a powerful video editing program with advanced color grading options. You’ll find over 2000 unique effects here. Your shaky videos will be smooth and steady with the help of this program.

You can’t deny that there is a cost associated with using this Windows-based 4K video enhancer. No sophisticated features will ever come with free video quality enhancer. The fact is that experts, not beginners, are the ones who typically use video-enhancing software.


  • Great price
  • Customized editing
  • You can edit both 4K and HD footage well between tracks
  • It offers 360-degree video editing
  • You can split a video into multiple screens


  • Occasional lag spikes

6. HitFilm Express

Why Hitfilm Express is the Best Video Quality Enhancer

You can improve the quality of your videos without spending a dime by downloading HitFilms Express. The software provides access to high-quality visual effects tools, letting you make movies with professional polish. Those interested in filmmaking, making videos for YouTube, or playing video games will find it helpful.

Making watermark-free 4K videos is a breeze with the free video-editing tool. The program allows you to make montages, cinematic videos, and other types of imaginative videos. Additionally, it enables GPU acceleration, enabling optimum performance.


  • Lens flares and keying effects
  • Quick 3D effects produce beautiful, high-quality videos
  • Pre-built motion tracking tools
  • Industry-grade color adjustment


  • Few VFX options

7. AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI

Why AVCLabs is the Best Video Quality Enhancer

AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI is a wonderful choice if you want premium software that enhances videos with little work from you. There is a free (but limited) download option, and the complete edition for Windows devices costs $499.95 for a lifetime license or $39.95 a month if you choose the monthly payment option.

This program employs a wide variety of AI methods to improve video quality. This entails smart deblurring and resolution improvement, among other things. So, for instance, you can upscale your 1080p films to 4K. As a result, it works better at home and for people who wish to make their home recordings, including holiday and event footage.


  • Can enhance videos from 1080p to 4K
  • Features minimalistic tools and interfaces


  • Lacks advanced features

8. iMovie

Why iMovie is the Best Video Quality Enhancer

Beginners should try out iMovie as their first video editing program. You can edit videos even without much experience. You can include audio narration and subtitles using the app. Videos can also have simple green screen effects added.

This software is much quicker than other video editing programs. The application allows for simple video editing and does not require a powerful computer. The program’s user-friendliness makes it ideal for beginners who need only the most fundamental video-editing capabilities.


  • Integrates with YouTube and Facebook
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Quick video sharing
  • Easy to include voiceovers in video clips
  • Compatible with iPhoto, iTunes, Photo Booth, GaraBand & iLife


  • Features for professional video editing are missing
  • No video compression

9. Lightworks

Why Lightworks is the Best Video Quality Enhancer

When it comes to video editing, Lightworks is hard to beat. It has a wide range of high-end video editing tools, including 10-bit export, advanced tilting, and motion graphics. Moreover, the program is compatible with the NewBlue and TotalFX plugins.

The free version allows for basic video editing that is sufficient for personal use. However, professionals like video game streamers, filmmakers, and content producers should use the pro version.


  • Superior constant/variable bitrate transmission
  • Support for audio and video effect plugins
  • Timeline visualization at a high resolution


  • Paid Price plans are somewhat pricey
  • You can upload only 720p MP4 files to YouTube or Vimeo

10. Topaz Video Enhance AI

Why Topaz is the Best Video Quality Enhancer

The Topaz Lab Video Enhance AI software provides an excellent balance between usability and quality. It features an intuitive design that makes it simple for anyone to use and streamlines a lot of the enhancement process through automation. This implies that you don’t need to be an expert in video editing techniques.

The settings are simple, allowing you to choose between low, medium, and high initial video quality levels, which aid the AI technology’s ability to enhance the video. However, you can add a watermark to any videos that have been enhanced using the trial version.


  • Detects the original video quality
  • Great for Mac and Windows
  • Excellent enhancement quality
  • Automated process


  • Relatively pricey

What to Consider When Purchasing the Best Video Quality Enhancer

1. Easy Use

Additionally, we have included video enhancers for users of all experience levels, from beginners to experts in video editing. Some of our options provide one-click fixes for people who wish to improve their videos but don’t understand concepts like white balance or frame rate.

Others allow you to make manual tweaks to improve video quality exactly how you want it. Some of our video quality boosters even have both manual and automated modes for your convenience.

2. Price

When deciding on a video quality enhancer, it’s important to keep your budget in mind. We have options in our list to fit a variety of budgets, so you can get what you need whether your employer is paying for it or you are.

3. Features

The Best Video Quality Enhancer Features

What problems do you encounter most frequently with your videos? If you frequently record video with an action camera while on the road, you should invest in a video enhancer that offers stabilization and lens adjustments.

Consider purchasing a video quality enhancer with a denoise function if you frequently shoot in low light. Choose a program with color correction and color grading features if your videos’ colors tend to look off or if you want them to look more saturated.

Last but not least, look for a tool with audio upgrades if you plan to record outside and find that background noise is a problem.

4. Video Editing Tools

Not all video enhancers are created equal; some are full-fledged editors, while others are limited to upscale functionality. Nevertheless, it makes sense to invest in a powerful video editor if you are an influencer, content creator, or filmmaker who wants to improve the quality of your output.

How Do You Enhance Video Quality?

How Do you Use the Best Video Quality Enhancer

If you’re a fan of videos, you should consider these recommendations seriously to improve video quality.

  • Boost the quality of the video by making it 1080p or even 4K.
  • Modify the levels of saturation and contrast.
  • Split, trim, cut, reverse, flip, and rotate
  • Add effects, transitions, filters, and overlays.
  • Change file types, for example, from MOV to MP4.
  • Change the bitrate, aspect ratio, codec, and frame rate
  • Eliminate or lessen noise
  • Add watermarks, subtitles, sound, and music
  • Correct shaky videos


Hopefully, you have a better idea of how to navigate the world of video editing programs for desktop PCs, mobile devices, and even web browsers. Whatever you choose, you should prioritize your needs over any features that will help you accomplish your goal.

If you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to video quality, there’s little use in using these programs to increase it. In any case, before diving into these programs, it’s a great idea to learn more about certain video editing tools and approaches.